HASAN, Mohammad Rakibul. "Climate genocide is already begun ..." - shocking images of coastal Bangladesh

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan is a professional photographer, independent journalist, short film maker and cinematographer based in Bangladesh who studied in Film & Video Production at UBS Film School, Australia. He is very focused on human rights, social and environmental issues (see: http://www.mrhasanphotography.com/bio.php ).


1. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan  video entitled “The Climate Genocide” with shocking images on storm-wracked coastal parts of Bangladesh (2010):  “Climate genocide is already begun in Bangladesh...." [1].

2. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan photographs of storm-wracked coastal areas of Bangladesh (2010): "Climate genocide is already begun in Bangladesh. The populations in the South and South-East Asia coastline extending from the east coast of India to the coast of Myanmar have tasted the salt taste of annual cyclones from the Bay of Bengal with ever increasing tidal floods. Due to its existence in the middle of the coastline, Bangladesh is either the worst or the common victim irrespective of the locations where the cyclones make the landfall. Cyclones are not only resulting in human casualties and destruction of properties but also leaving behind perpetual tidal floods.

Around one million people have been rendered homeless due to river erosion in the mainland river basins over the last three decades as the mighty River Brahmaputra-Jamuna continues to widen due to decrease in its depth for heavy rush of sediments from the upstream and poor erosion management in the downstream.

Climate change is likely to lead to increasing rates of generation of climate refugees, and it is vital that evolving frameworks for climate change adaptation address issues for compliance by national and international communities to peacefully resettle those climate refugees. The whole World should work together on this issue to prevent climate genocide and ensure environmental sustainability." [2].


[1]. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan video entitled “The Climate Genocide”, You-Tube, 16 August 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgLPkkd1pEY .

[2]. Mohammad Rakibul Hasan photgraphs on Flickr “Climate Genocide (on-going project)”, Flickr (2010): http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrhasan/5276195063/.