GLIKSON, Andrew. "Death of billions and likely demise of civilization"

Dr Andrew Glikson is a paleo-climate and earth scientist at the Australian National University (ANU). The Western Australian Glikson Crater is named in his honor (see: ).


Dr Andrew Glikson on climate sceptics and the likely death of billions and end of civilization (April 2009):  “As indicated by Clive Hamilton in New Matilda ( ) there is little evidence the “climate change skeptics” worry their misunderstanding of climate science may lead to the death of billions and the likely demise of civilization.  The legal status of disinformation campaigns aimed at the promotion of substances of proven fatal consequences, such as ozone-destroying CFCs, or the release of CO2 to levels over 350 ppm ( 20080407.pdf ), may yet prove to be the Achilles heel of global civilization “ [1].


[1]. Andrew Glikson, ”Earth’s atmosphere tracking toward a mid-Pliocene-like state”, Countercurrents, 3 April 2009: .