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Club Awards

There are a number of intra-club competitions and awards presented to members (usually at the Club Awards Dinner in January).

1. Club Championships:
  • Male 'Open Championship' (based on first past the post)
  • Female 'Open Championship' (based on first past the post)
  • Male 'Age Graded Championship'
  • Female 'Age Graded Championship'

Usually the first 7 men and 5 ladies in each category are awarded a prize - this varies depending on the number taking part and the club championship co-ordinator's policy. The winners in each championship receive a perpetual shield and a trophy. Those in 2nd and 3rd places also receive a trophy. In addition, all members who complete at least 7 championship races receive a memento.

To see the club champions in previous year, visit the club championship archive page (here)

2. Fell series

Trophies are awarded to the 1st male and 1st female in the 'fell series'. Further prizes are awarded in age categories.

3. Cross Country

Male and female cross country champions are awarded a trophy. This is based on the 6 best positions out of the 10 races in the year.

4. George Wilkinson Trophy

George was the club's founder in 1986 and a very popular member.  After he died, Eric Bailey (life member)who was a great friend and workmate of George, suggested we had a trophy to be presented annually in his memory. George was a keen Marathon runner and in particular the Snowdonia Marathon which he had run many times. The club decided therefore to present it to a member who had achieved a special Marathon or Ultra type performance that year. This is not always possible so other achievements are used in some years.

5. Chairman's Award

The Chairman is able to present an award each year to an individual that he/she feel needs special recognition for their running related efforts/achievements in the year.

6. Most Improved Runner

This award is presented to a club member who has improved the most in the year  - a small committee sub group is set up to make the decision.

7. Team Commitment Award

During the course of the year the club takes part in many 'team' running events: cross country, road races and relays. The member who attends the most receives this award.

8. Runners' Runner

Nominations are sought from the membership. The criteria is wide ranging - it may be that members vote for someone they regard as an inspiration, has helped them at some stage, has overcome adversity, supports others  etc etc. When a short list has been made all members are then able to cast their vote - voting is via an online private poll (survey monkey). 

9. Best Newcomer

Awards Archive

  George Wilkinson Trophy
 Fell Series
 Most Improved Runner
Team Commitment Award
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 Chairmans Award



 Brett Regulski
 Karie Atkins
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 Martyn Winser

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 Jen Harding
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 Paul Dodd

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 Neil Grant/Matt Stott
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 Karen Elvers
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Niki Morgan
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 Jane Horler
 Matthew Lawson
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 Jackie Webb
 Eric Bailey
 Paul Murrin
Niki Morgan
 Niki Morgan
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 Marianne Gittoes
 Gerry Ashton
  Sian Griffith
 Kath Matthews
  Andy Ost
 Stuart Penny
  Dave Somersall
 Dick Finch
  Helen Duffield
 Syd Wheeler
  Sue Hough (Ost)

 Lorna Shaw
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 Sian Stroud
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