Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club

Scholarship Policy

as of:  Feb 2, 2020 

    Eligible applicants for the $500.00 Scholarship offered each year by the BFA&GC should include applicants who will attend a 2 year program, a 4 year program, trade schools (related to horticulture, the environment, sustainability and related fields), the Stone Trust, and other educational organizations. The recipient does not need to be a high school student; adults may also apply. The Scholarship Committee Chair will publicize the the availability of the Scholarships through the website, local newspaper publications, and maintain contact with other education organizations (ex.  The Stone Trust) that might not be known at the present.  

Additionally the Scholarship Chair will collect all applications, review them, and report to the BFA&GC at a regular meeting to formalize announcing the successful applicant.  The Scholarship Chair will also be responsible for requesting the funds from the treasurer and making sure the Educational Provider receives the scholarship funds.  

Successful applicants will provide proof of success and attendance in order to receive the money. Every effort will be made to pay the educational institution directly. If an applicant requests the money in advance of the course to pay for a course, the request will be taken under advisement and discussed with the Officers of the Club. At this time, it is suggested that applicants be residents of Brattleboro and its surrounding areas, W. Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Vernon, and Putney.

Recipients are chosen in this order for the Yearly Scholarship of $500.00. 
     1. Horticulture/Agriculture Program or Pathway
     2. Forestry & Natural Resource Program or Pathway
     3. People who have a Horticulture/Agriculture/Forestry/Natural Resources/Environmental Studies background or family background
     4. If none of the above is met then ... 
         a previous Scholarship Recipient who is still attending an accredited program - is eligible to apply.  
  • The person must be planning to attend an educational organization which could include:
    • accredited college/trade school/certification at the time they apply for the scholarship.
  • OR - An institution or Educational Provider :  Ex.  and The Stone Trust also has their own Scholarships that an individual can also pursue in addition to ours.
  • The person must complete the Scholarship_Application.doc (attached below) and send it into the Garden Club.
  • The Garden Club will review all Applications and may verify the application submitted. 
The "Scholarship Award Letter" is presented to the person, which could be by Mail, eMail, Phone or at an Awards Ceremony.
The letter outlines who is receiving the scholarship and the Garden Club's contact information.

To receive the scholarship:
  • The student has to successfully completed their first semester of their accredited College/Trade School and be enrolled for the second semester.  
  • OR
  • The person has to be signed up for the class/certification.
The check is sent directly to:
  • The college/trade school/educational provider: at the beginning of the second semester/course.  It is the student's responsibility to notify the Treasurer of the Club with their school's information.  This is outlined in the "Scholarship Award Letter" - a sample is provided below.
  • OR
  • Paid directly to the Organization
NOTE:  See bottom of this page for MORE Scholarships available from National Garden Clubs

YEARAmount     Scholarship Recipient
   2018     $500 Mariah Nichols
 4 yr. college in NH and majoring in ag
 2017 $500
not awarded
Troy Feliska 
Troy Feliska - 2017 Scholarship Receiptant

 Wilmington VT At WRCC Troy studied Forestry and Green House Hydroponics Pathways
He will be attending SUNY at Cobleskill studying Beef Livestock/Agriculture

 2017 $300     Jeremy Lackey 
Jeremy Lackey Scholarship Recipient

 Brattleboro VT At WRCC Jeremy completed Horticulture and Landscaping along with Machine Operation and Safety Classes.  He will be attending Lincoln Tech in East Windsor, CT for the Certificate in Diesel Mechanics a 30 credit curriculum.
Sara Forrett
Sarah Forrett-Brattleboro Garden Club Scholarship 2016

 Southern New Hampshire University
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
 Parker Waite
Parker Waite 2015 Scholareship Receiptant
 Brattleboro, VT
Stockbridge School of Agriculture
University of Massachusetts Amherst
                Sam Rushton
Sam Rushton of Grafton, VT 2014 $500 Brattleboro Garden Club Scholarship
 Grafton, VT        Vermont Technical College
Agriculture Degree
         No Qualifing Sudent
2012 $500
Jessica D. Lyon 

Vernon Vermont Technical College, Landscape Design & Sustainable Horticulture  
Joshua M. Fontaine
Brookline SUNY Cobleskill 
Turfgrass Management (A.A.S.). 
2010$500Brittny Anne Tyler   DummerstonVermont Technical College, Landscape Dev & Ornamental Horticulture  
2009$500Brittny Anne Tyler   DummerstonVermont Technical College, Landscape Dev & Ornamental Horticulture 
 2008 $0 No Qualifying Student  
 2007 $0 No Qualifying Student  
2006$300Michaela R. Kendall BrattleboroVermont Technical College, Landscape Dev & Ornamental Horticulture 
2005$300Lylah Jo Bailey NewfaneVermont Technical College, Landscape Dev & Ornamental Horticulture 
 2004 $0 No Qualifying Student  
2003$300Charlotte Moeller VT Academy of Floral Design - Waterbury, VT  
2002$300Kassandra NuenoonBellows FallsStockbridge School of Agriculture, U-Mass, Amherst
2001$300Nichole Muelrath  SUNY Cobleskill or UMass, Stockbridge
2000$200D.J. Boyd Stockbridge School of Agriculture, U-Mass Amherst
1999$200Tasha Toby Vermont Technical College 
1998$200Janelle BoothBellows FallsU-Mass (University of Massachusetts)-Amherst
 1997$200Heather Reynolds U-Mass-Amherst Call Valedictorian, VT-Tech Honor Society,
Majoring in Arboriculture (study of Trees)
 1996$200Daniel Ritchie Greenfield Community College - Business

Total Scholarships Awarded since 1996
17 students over the past 20 years have received scholarships!

Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont, Inc.  "Mabel Mayforth" Vermont Scholarship Application
  • A one-year scholarship of $1,000 is available to juniors, seniors and graduate students pursuing a Master’s Degree.
  • Deadline March 1st
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Jil MacMenamin,
Apr 7, 2014, 3:00 AM
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Apr 11, 2011, 5:52 AM
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