========2017 Meetings ============================================================

Date: Saturday January 28, 2017

Location: American Legion Post #5, Brattleboro,

Time: 5:30-7:30 PM

Please join our president Judy Wagenbach at the STONE SOUP SOCIAL, where we can "talk up" the Garden Club.

Soup will be provided. Judy will be manning a Garden Club Table and would love some company.


Date: Monday, March 13, 2017

Location: Green Mountain Chapel

Time: 6 - 8 pm

Program: Wildflowers in Vermont- Ramona Lawrence, Presenter. Question & Answer Session.

Ramona Lawrence has extensive first-hand experience walking through the woods and spotting wildflowers. She has been instrumental in taking adults and children on nature walks through the School Forest in Putney, as well as walks through other woods in the Putney area. Although technically her house is in Dummerston, in her heart she is a true resident of Putney; she is a past “Putney Person of the Year.”

Hostesses: Lynn Kuralt, Melissa Kuralt


Date: Monday, April 10, 2017

Location: Chesterfield Inn, Rt. 9, 20 Cross Road, West Chesterfield, NH 03466

Time: Cocktails: 5:30 PM, 6:00 PM Dinner, Cost: $25.00 with Cash Bar

Program: Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting at the Chesterfield Inn, Program “One Beautiful Thing Each Day”, Jill Stahl-Tyler, Presenter.

Congregate with the members of the Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club to enjoy a lovely meal as well as a wonderful program presented by member Jill Stahl-Tyler. One day Jill decided that it was wise to find and enjoy one beautiful thing each day. Her program reflects her efforts to achieve that goal.

Hostesses: Judy Wagenbach and Carlene McCarty


2017 - Annual Dues are only $30 for the year!!


May 8- Organic Gardening/ Preparing your garden Presenter: Cassie Freese, Activity: Garden Lights, Carlene McCarty

Yes, we all have prepared our gardens for the growing season. Whether we focus on vegetable gardens or flowers gardens we are faced with the challenge of “getting it right” . When factoring in a desire to be as organically-minded as possible and as kind to the environment as possible, we can benefit from new tips, guidelines, and information. Club member Cassie Freese will share with us her insight on organic gardening. Following Cassie’s program, club member Carlene Mc Carty will lead those who are interested in making garden lights. Supplies will be provided.

Hostesses: Fran Jerard, Libby Lafland

Place/Time: Green Mountain Chapel 6PM


May 20 - Plant Sale


June 12- Miniatures- Jil MacMenamin and Karen Davis

Club members Jil MacMenamin and Karen Davis will share with the club their enthusiasm for miniature plants. As part of their informational program on miniatures, Jil and Karen will instruct club members on how to make their own mini-greenhouse.

Place/Time: Green Mountain Chapel 6 PM

Hostesses: Frankie Knibb, Ann Wright-Parsons


July 10- Garden Tours !

The annual July garden tour is always a popular event. It is always a joy to see the gardens that have been created by our members. In a way, these tours should be called “secret garden tours” because these gardens are frequently hidden from public view, and each tour is opened only to club members. After touring each garden the club will enjoy refreshments in one garden’s setting. This year Ann Newsmith and Cheryl Wilfong have volunteered to share their gardens! Refreshments will be served following the tour at one of the gardens.

Hostesses: Rene Brewer- Durkee, Lynn Billington

Place/ Time: Meet at the Green Mountain Chapel at 5:30 to carpool.


August 14- Trip to Bridge of Flowers, MA. NOTE TIME CHANGE- AFTERNOON MEETING!

Often the heat of August hints that it is too hot, humid, or tiring to enjoy a garden. The solution to that problem is a trip to the renowned Bridge of Flowers. Club members will meet in the afternoon ( time TBD) at the Green Mountain Chapel to carpool to The Bridge of Flowers. Get ready to be impressed!

Trip Leaders: Lynn Kuralt and Cassie Freese

Place/ Time: Meet at Green Mountain Chapel to carpool, time: TBA


September 11- Scott Farm,

Date: Monday, September 11, 2017

Location: Scott Farm http://scottfarmvermont.com 707 Kipling Road, Brattleboro, VT

Time: 1:30am

What is more symbolic of Vermont in September than visions of a beautiful apple orchard? Not only will club members get to visit the orchards at Scott Farm, apple tasting will be available! Various varieties of apples will be discussed and sampled. Additionally, Scott Farm personnel will explain and illustrate different techniques used in creating dry stone walls- another Vermont landscape icon. Kelly Carlin of Scott Farm will be the instructor. Picnic facilities are available for our refreshment time. Reservations are a must for this special program. There will be a fee attached to this program. Time- TBD

Hostesses: Judy Wagenbach, Carlene McCarty, Nancy Long

Place/ Time: 11:00 am Meet at Green Mountain Chapel to carpool.


October 9- Souper Supper Organizers: Carlene McCarty and Lynne Kennedy. Program Presenter: Mary Heninger

The annual Souper Supper is a time to enjoy autumnal themed food, especially soups. The meeting room will be set with table cloths and participants are asked to bring their own place setting for the table plate/bowl/cup/glass/silverware) and a small flower arrangement for her place setting. The hostesses will contact participants to co-ordinate the food. Following the great food and great conversation club member Mary Heninger will present her program on “The sex lives of ferns and mosses.” Mary promises that the program will be” like nothing we have heard before.”

Place/Time: Green Mountain Chapel 6PM

Hostesses: Carlene McCarty, Lynne Kennedy


November 13- Greens Galore - Organizers: Judy Wagenbach and Carlene McCarty

This popular evening is the ideal way to expand creativity and get in a wintry, holiday mood. Fresh greens will be provided for club members to use in the creation of wreaths, swags, and centerpieces. Participants should bring gloves, clippers, and a paddle of green wire. Wreath forms will be available at the meeting.

Hostesses: Meg Harriman, Rene Brewer-Durkee

Place/Time: Green Mountain Chapel 6PM


December 11- Double Play! Presenters: Cheryl Wilfong and Jill Stahl-Tyler

Club member Cheryl Wilfong will present a program on the ever popular Christmas Cactus and Cyclamen. Then, club member Jill Stahl-Tyler will present the 2017 version of the popular “Whose garden is this?” Jil will present slides showing gardens of club members, Guessing to whom the garden belongs is part of the fun! Questions about certain plants, growing conditions, problems and solutions frequently arise which all help to make this program instructional as well as aesthetically pleasing!

Place/Time: Green Mountain Chapel 6 PM

Hostesses: Ann Wright- Parsons, Grace Amidon

Holiday Party TBD