2019 Pictures of the Scott Farm "Plant America" Garden:

The second year! 2019 Scott Farm - Plant America Garden Pictures

National Garden Clubs "Plant America" Grant

Another big cost $329 was amending the soil. We were able to combine Testing and Analyzing the soil into our May Meeting by Mary Heninger who has her degree in Biology/Chemistry. She studied the results and was able to explain the soil amendments needed. We added Plant Tone, Bone Meal, Lime, Potassium and 4 yards of compost and on a no wind day in late May. JilMac and Mary hand turned all 350 sq ft of garden.

The fun part, of course, was choosing plants that would be in sun or shade depending on the time of day and season, to withstand large show loads that came off the roof, be deer resistant, and always keep in mind this is a working farm. We also had to be creative acquiring plants, seeking donations, filling in with annuals while the perennials were taking root. Watering & weeding to keep all the precious new seedlings and plants well hydrated and plenty of room to grow. Please visit our web site for lots more detail

The Brattleboro Garden Club was the recipient of one of the 2018 Plant America Grants. The grant was used to upgrade an eyesore at our beloved Scott Farm home to 125+ varieties of Ecologically Grown Heirloom Apples & Other Fine Fruits. The Stone Trust’s home is also on the Scott Farm, but most of the stone walls are far from the visitors' view. Creating the hardscaping for the new garden, allowed The Stone Trust to introduce people to their work and welcome guests coming to the Scott Farm store and classrooms where community workshops are held. The Brattleboro Garden Club partnered with The Stone Trust and the Scott Farm to transform a pile of stones into a new perennial garden. The new Garden is now the showcase of the Scott Farm Stand and Meeting Room Entry. It is the first area seen after community members park their cars to attend a meeting, class or event. The perennial garden’s hardscaping showcases the capabilities and varieties of stone and slate designs.

There was a wonderful article on The Stone Trust’s web site, with pictures and video of the Feature Wall being built. We received literally TONS of donations. $500 of the grant was applied to other donations to transport the Slate and prepare the site:

Download the Plant America Scott Farm plant pictures - Click Here

Scott Farm Feature Wall by The Stone Trust - Garden at the end of its 1st Summer

Submitted NE Garden Club - Written by: Jil MacMenamin Plant America Grant Contact for the Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club

Brattleboro GardenClub Pl...t the Scott Farm, Vermont

Planting the Garden - Download the pictures - Click Here

Plant List and Expenses

Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club - Plant America Grant - Progress Update!!

This picture is of the completed wall, and a photoshopped picture of the NEW LOGO ... that is because later this summer, the logo will be updated!

So we are tweaking the plant list a bit! to accommodate the new Logo Colors! LOL Never a dull moment!

WEEK OF MAY 1st - May 7th, 2018

We have completed the HardScaping for the Plant America Project!!!

The Stone Trust constructed the Wall for the Scott Farm Perennial Garden.

WEEK of May 8th - May 14th, 2018

We received the soil test back from Vermont University Soil Testing - it's depleted in everything! Imagine!

Mary reviewed the results and determined we needed 3 cubic yards of compost, 70 lbs of Lime, 5 lbs of bone meal and 15 lbs of Planttone 5.3.3

Jil purchased from Agway - got the club no tax price. Jil ordered Compost from Reneau 802-257-0567

On Friday May 11th - Jil spread Lyme (pellets, because it was windy), notified Scott Farm compost would be delivered May 14, 15, or 16th.

Reneau can work directly with Kelly Carlin 802-254-6868 of the Landmark Trust owners of the Scott Farm, to unload the compost.

May 14th - Mary will present to Brattleboro Garden Club a soil presentation using the Scott Farm's new Plant America Project soil test!

It will be a busy week - and the weeks in May getting the plants planted (that we currently have) and ordering the remainder (Still to early in Vermont to plant everything!!)

FYI: Bulbs and some Shrubs will not be planted until the fall.


APRIL 2018

This "Grants Webpage" provides you with the links and examples of how Mary & JilMac are filling out the Soil Test Submission Form from UVM Extension for the Scott Farm’s new Perennial garden.

Mary & JilMac are filling out the Soil Test Submission Form from UVM Extension for the Scott Farm’s new Perennial Garden funded through National Garden Clubs “Plant America”

2020 UVM Soil Test FORM

UVM Extensions Soil Test FORM that was used:

Filling out the Soil Test Form.docx

Getting a good sample

Plants ordered from Windham County Conservation District:

    • 1 Chinese Astilbe - Maggie Daley ............ 5 pk @ $20 = $20

    • 2 Globe Thistle - Vetch's Blue ................... 5 pk @ $20 = $40

    • 2 Crain's Bill Geranium - Johnson Blue ... 5 pk @ $18 = $36

    • 1 Siberian Iris - Concord Crush ................. 5 pk @ $20 = $40

    • 2 Garden Phlox - Hercules (deer resistant) 5 pk @ $25 = $25

    • TOTAL ............................................................................$141