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Bake Sale

    Bake Sale - Fund Raisers

    • Bake Sale at Vermont Welcome Center:
      ..Chairperson: ________  ________
      .................... Phone:  ___--___--____
      .................... eMail: 
    • .................... Date: Day of Week = Month  DD, YYYY 

      To all garden club members:
    • We are looking for people to donate veggies from their gardens, bags of lettuce, cucumbers, swiss chard etc. 
    • We also can use small bunches of flowers tied together with a rubber band.
    • Crackers and cheese would be nice probably or anything different like that.  Not everyone wants sweets when they stop in.
    • Fruit & healthy snacks go really well!!
    • Sandwiches are a big hit~

    • We need SHIFT workers. We need at least 2 or 3 people each shift
      • 07:30 – 09:30 ________
      • 09:30 – 11:30 ________
      • 11:30 – 01:30 ________
      • 01:30 – 03:30 ________
      • 03:30 – 07:00 ________
      • 07:00--Cleanup ______
Sandwich Makers - We Need Bread & ColdCuts

We need People to bring Fruit
      • _______________________   
      • _______________________
      • _______________________

      Bakers so far that have signed up are:
      • _______________________
      • _______________________
      • _______________________

    • I can be reached at ___-___-____ or by email  __________@___.___ 
    • ======================================================

    • Previous Years bake sales were Late July to Late August. We had a wonderful success which helped raise money for the garden club fund at the Welcome Center on 1-91.

      We will be in the process of getting a list of people who are willing to bake and also help sell items at the sale. We will need volunteers for all times of the day and early evening. starting at 7:30am until 7:30pm. Duties will include: setting up and again in the evening to help break down but I need to work that day.

      We did very well last year and hope to have this years sale at the Welcome Center and raise $700 - $1000. So we have potential to raise a lot of money providing we get enough items to sell.

      If you are interested in baking, making calls for donations such as cups, napkins, coffee, sugar, creamer, baggies etc, and or working please let me know as soon as possible. Someone suggested to me that they would always bake an extra portion of cookies, bars, etc and freeze some for the sale. I thought that was a great idea and will be doing the same.

      We need lots and lots of delicious, delectable, delightful, yummy baked items. It is amazing how fast things can sell at the center, we want enough to make it look good and not to sell out to fast. Items need to be individually wrapped, an attractive wrapping makes an easy sale. I found out that we can also make sandwiches if we have a proper way to keep things cool a,pd safe. We also need baskets to arrange the items in. Items are sold by donation only so no need to put price tags on items.

      I have already sent out some letters and made some phone calls for donated items so check with me before contacting a business for a donation so we don't ask them twice.

      I can be reached at ____--____--_____ or by email ___________@___.___

      I do check my email at least once a day for my work so I will be sure to get any emails that are sent to me. Contact me with any questions or suggestions that you have.


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