Umobix Parental Control App Review

Keep Your Kid's Online Activities Under Control With Umobix

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Looking for the best parental control app can be very time-consuming. There are plenty of options on the market and you might find yourself easily overwhelmed. However, we found Umobix, which is one of the best parental control apps that you can try. This app has plenty of features to use and it is very easy to install.

You can use Umobix to stay on top of the risks that your kids might be exposed to on a daily basis. The online world offers many advantages and impressive access to information from various domains. But along with these benefits, there are also risks that come, especially for young children and teenagers. To help you understand how this app works, we put together a very complex review. So, keep on reading to find out how you can make the best out of Umobix.

What Is Umobix?

Umobix is a parental control app that will give you important information regarding your child’s activities online and even offline.

Like any other app of this kind, you will have to install Umobix on the target device and follow the instructions in order to get the type of data you are interested in.

Even though it was designed as a parental control app to help parents protect their kids better, considering the risks that are present nowadays., you can still monitor other people as well, not only your children.

As a parental control it can bring a lot of peace of mind to any parent and it also increases the safety that all kids need.

The Best Umobix Features

Before we dive into more technical specifications, let’s take a look at the best features you can expect to find by using this parental control app.

Call logs

With Umobix, you can monitor the call logs on the target device easily. This feature gives you access to the most common calls your kid makes from their phone as well as the calls they receive. You don’t just see the call logs but also all the additional information attached to each phone call. By simply logging into your Umobix account, you will see each phone call, the contacts involved, their phone numbers as well as the time, date and call duration. You will also see what type of call it was, is it a voice call or a video call.

Contact list

Another great feature that you will easily find in your control panel is the Contact list. You will know all the contacts your child saved in their phone memory as well as all the information that goes with these contacts. If your kid saved an email address for some of these contacts, you will have access to it as well. This is one of the most popular features as it gives you access to your child’s friends and everyone they interact with by using their phone.

GPS location tracker

We mentioned that Umobix helps you keep your child safe. This is possible thanks to the GPS location tracking feature. This feature gives you information about the location of the target device in real-time. You will also know the history of locations so if you are wondering where your child was a week ago, you will find the answer in seconds. All the locations that your kid will visit as they are having their device with them, will be displayed on a map that is easy to read.

Text messages

Sometimes, important information is stored in text messages. This is why it is important to be able to read these text messages and see if your child is a victim of any scam, bullying or harassment. With Umobix you are able to see received and sent text messages but also the ones that were deleted. As a matter of fact, you receive a notification with each message in real time so, even if your child deletes them afterward, you will still have them. You also get the entire chat history as well as the phone number and other contact details.

Browsing history

What your child is browsing online is just as important as all the other details. This monitoring app gives you the option to check their browser history easily. By doing so, you will know what website they visited and if there is any risk in any of those sites regarding their safety. You will also be informed about the frequency with which they visit a certain website as well as how much time they spend on it. Not many monitoring apps give you access to the browser history so you should make the most out of this feature. Besides monitoring the browser history, you also get to see the bookmarks saved on your child's device.

Social media

We know that kids and teenagers tend to spend a lot of time on social media,. the most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram. With Umobix, you can check the direct messages on Instagram as well as the chats on Facebook Messenger. They will not know anything about this and you can count on the fact that if there is any inappropriate conversation that takes place, you will be aware of it. An interesting aspect of this is that you can also get the media files sent between your child and other social media accounts.


Another popular application nowadays is WhatsApp. This platform is designed exclusively for chats so you definitely want to track it. If your kid uses a smartphone, they most likely use WhatsApp too. With Umobix you can read send messages, receives messages but also those that were deleted. You can also see the media files that were exchanged on this popular chat platform. The deleted messages are not accessible on many other monitoring apps which makes this control app that much better than the rest.

How To Use Umobix

Using Umobix is fairly easy as well.

You don’t need any special skills to make the most out of this parental control app.

All you have to do is install the app and the information on the target device will be uploaded to the cloud storage. You will be able to access all the logs and other data in real-time which is a great advantage of this app.

Once you install Umobix, you have access to all the information in the User Space cloud. Here you will find different sections for a different type of data. There will be a map for the location tracker and folders with each chat stream you might be interested in following. Plus, you can get into the User Space by logging into your Umobix account from any type of browser.

Installing Umobix

You will discover that setting up this app is not complicated at all. It can easily be installed on both devices that use Android as well as those that use iOS.

Before anything else, you will have to create your personal account on Umobix. To do so, you will have to use a valid email address and set up a password that you will not forget. If you lose access to this email or to the account you set up with it, you will find it difficult to access the data that is stored on your cloud.

Once you created your account, you will have to install Umobix the app on the target device that your child uses. If the target device uses an Android system, you will need to get a hold of it in order to install this app manually. But once you installed this control app, you will not have to worry about using their phone again. Everything else can be controlled remotely. However, if the device uses an iOS system, you can use iCloud credentials. If you are not familiar with using iCloud credentials, there is no reason for concern either. You will find all the information and the steps you need to follow on the registration email. For smartphones or tablets that use an iOS system you don't need access to the target device in order to download and install this app. You can complete the installation process remotely.

If you still have questions regarding the installation process, you don’t have to worry. You will receive an email with detailed instructions once you purchased your Umobix subscription. A great aspect to consider is that you don't need physical access to the target device when you have to uninstall the Umobix app either. Choose from the subscription plans available in order to finish the set up process and you are good to start using Umobix.

Price And Available Plans

Now that you are aware of the main features of Umobix and the steps you need to follow to install it, you might wonder how much this parental control app will cost you. The good news is that there is a plan and a cost for everyone. You will not have to look very far to identify what works best for you. As soon as you download this app, you will have to decide between the available plans it offers.

The basic plan for one month will cost you $29.99 while the Full plan for one month will cost you $59.99. Unfortunately, the basic plan is only available for a one-month subscription but when it comes to the Full plan, you can choose it with a three-month subscription or a yearly subscription. For a Full plan for three months you will have to pay $33.33 while if you choose the same plan for an entire year, the price will go down to $14.99. As you can see, the longer your subscription is, the better the cost will get.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that one subscription gives you tracking tools for one target device. So, if you want to track more than one device, you will have to invest in two different subscriptions. However, there is still a family plan that you might be interested to access which gives you the option to track more than one device from one account.

The fact that you get to choose between more subscription plans is definitely an advantage of using Umobix. If you want to change your subscription along the way you can do that without having physical access to the target device either. Simply go into the settings of your User Space and adjust your plan as you are comfortable.


Even if Umobix is one of the newer parental control apps that appeared on the market, you will not regret using it. It is ideal for tracking your kids’ activity online and in certain cases even offline considering that it monitors their location as well. With Umobix you get to enjoy unique and useful features every time you need to monitor your kid. The browser history is one of the best functions of Umobix and it is updated in real-time. You don't need to have physical access to your target device in order to use this app, beyond the installation process for Android.