How To Track Browsing History

Keeping your kids safe is a priority for each parent and there are several approaches you can take in this respect. If you are concerned about the dangers they could come across online as they are using their phone, tablet, or computer, you should know that there are solutions to count on.

Tracking the phone or computer of your kid can be one of the most efficient ways to keep them out of danger before it is too late. In this guide you will know everything you need to do to stay informed regarding the browsing history on their devices.

Why Would You Want To Track Someone’s Browsing History

You might be interested in looking at someone’s browsing history for a variety of different reasons. First of all, know that you could feel the need to track this history not only when it comes to your kids but also to your employees and even your spouse. And the reasons you have might be different according to who you want to monitor, to begin with!

Monitoring Your Kid’s Browsing History

If your child develops an interest in a type of content that is not appropriated for their age, most likely you will be able to identify it by checking their browsing history. By monitoring their browsing history, you will know ahead of time if you need to take further action regarding their online activities.

Monitoring Your Employee’s Browsing History

If you want to know whether or not your employees have other interests during working hours but the ones linked to your business, tracking their browsing history could also be a great starting point. Spending time watching pornographic content or other types of content that is not work-related, during work hours, will affect the yield of your company and the profit you make since your people will work less. If you notice that your team has such online interests during their work hours, you can take action to stop it and even restructure your team before it is too late.

Monitoring Your Spouse’s Browsing History

You might even be interested to discover what are the interests of your spouse while they use their phone or computer. Knowing that could reveal to you if you can trust them or some changes need to be made for the well-being of your relationship. You might discover in this way if your partner is cheating on you or if they suffer from depression that could lead to self-harm. With such information, you can take the proper action to avoid further harm.

Best Spy Apps To Use

One of the best ways to know the browsing history of your child, employee or spouse, is by using a control app. There are several parental control apps you can count on and we chose the best ones to consider! Plus, you can track a lot more activities than browsing history with these apps!


One of the best apps you can use is mSpy and you will find it extremely easy to set up and you can use it to track anyone’s device. As soon as you install mSpy on the device you want to track, it will give you access not only to the browsing history but also to their social media platforms, text messages, phone calls as well as location. Plus, this app offers you a keylogger feature so you will be aware of the passwords used on the target phone or computer.

Installation and Compatibility

In order to install mSpy you will not need to go through any jailbreaking or rooting process. This app will work great on both iOS and Android phones. The entire installation process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes from the moment you create your account. You will need to install this app on an iOS phone version 7.1-9 or an Android phone with a comparable set of features.

First of all, you will need to create an account on the mSpy website and choose your payment plan. Once you make the payment you will receive an email of confirmation that will also contain your login information. You will also receive access to your control panel, where you will get all the tracking information regarding your targeted device.

Next, you will need to install mSpy on the device you want to track is it iOS or Android. You can download and install mSpy from the official website of this app in just a matter of minutes.

Once your mSpy app is installed you will have to open it and set it up according to your preferences. You will accept the license agreement and you can get the chance to set the icon of this app to be invisible if you so want. If the owner of the target phone is not aware of you monitoring the device it is recommended to hide the icon. Also, you will have to introduce a registration code that you have in your confirmation email.

Now you are ready to track all the activities you are interested in on the target phone from your control panel.


You will be glad to know that you can try mSpy for free thanks to the seven-day trial option it has. If you enjoy this app and you want to use it further you can choose a monthly plan for $71.11 per month, a 3-month plan for $39.92 per month or a yearly plan that costs $16.97 per month. As you can see, the yearly plan is the most advantageous if you are going to use this app in the long run.


Another very efficient tracking app that will give you access to browsing history but many other things as well is Spyic. This app will also allow you to see the location of the phone as well as the other chats, texts, and phone calls that are made from that phone. You can track pictures and videos and you can get access to a control panel to save all the information you want regarding the activity you are interested in, on the target phone.

Installation and Compatibility

It should take you about ten minutes to set up this app and start using it the way you want. You can use this app on both Android and iOS devices so you will not have to worry about compatibility.

Just like in the previous case, you will have to create an account on the Spyic website by using your email and a chosen password. Furthermore, you will receive installation instructions on your email so you will be guided step by step in this process.

You will have to purchase the plan you want from the options you find on the website. You can choose a plan to track a single device or one to track more devices at once.

If you install Spyic on an iOS device you can do it remotely by using iCloud. So, there will be no need to download anything in this case. You will need to add the iCloud details and Spyic will start syncing with the device.

To install Spyic on an Android phone or tablet you will need to get physical access to the phone and download the app. It takes about three minutes to download and install the app and it will sync with your account instantly. If you want to track more Android devices you will need to repeat the installation for all of them.


The prices for this app differ from Android to iOS. For Android devices, you will pay $9.99/ month for one device in the premium plan and $69.99/month for three devices in the family plan. At the same time, for iOS users, you will pay $10.83/month for premium and $399.99/month for the family which covers 25 devices.

So, if you want to use Spyic to track your employees’ devices, you might want to look at the family plan since it covers so many devices.


Cocospy is one of the most popular tracking apps for many reasons. It is often used to track browsing history but once you start using it, you will discover many other functions that can help you. You can use this app to track your kid’s location, text messages, incoming and outgoing phone calls as well as all their activities on the social networks they use from the targeted device. And you can use Cocospy to monitor your spouse or your employees as well.

Installation and Compatibility

Installing Cocospy is not difficult even if you are not technology savvy. It should take you only a few minutes to get this tracking app set and going. You can use it on all kinds of devices and it is very easy to set it up according to your needs.

Just like with the majority of tracking apps, you will need to first create an account on the Cocospy website. The email address you use to create your account should be one that you can easily access since you will get important notifications on it.

When you are done creating your account, you will be able to download the app on the device you want to track and start installing it. Cocospy comes with an invisible feature which means that you can hide the icon so the user of the device will not discover it.

You will be able to get the information you need by using the control panel via the username and password you established.


In terms of costs, this app comes at a price that is comparable with other tracking software apps. Therefore, you will have to pay $39.99 per month for a basic plan that covers one device, $49.99 per month for a premium plan that also covers one device, and $69.99 per month for the family plan which will help you track three devices.

The monthly cost will be reduced significantly if you choose a yearly subscription.


In spite of the name of this app, you can count on it for tracking more than your kids' devices. It is just as efficient in tracking your partner’s phone or your employees as long as you use it correctly. You can use Kidsguard to track browsing history as well as the location of the device, phone calls made and received on the target phone but also texts and activity on other apps, including the pictures and videos in the gallery.

Installation and Compatibility

Installing Kidsguard is not complicated and you can do this with minimal experience in terms of tracking apps. You will need to get to visit Clevguard website and click on the download link.

Once your app is downloaded you will be able to properly install it. The installation is completely guided so you will know what to do each step of the way. When all is installed you will have to open it and create an account. This app will also ask you to enter the age and the name of the person you are tracking.

Keep in mind that you will have to hit the “allow” button several times so you give this app permission to track not only browsing history but also messages, phone calls, gallery, and other activities on the target phone.

You can follow this installation process for both Android and iOS devices. However, you can also install it remotely on an iOS device if you have the iCloud credentials of that device.


There are several pricing plans for Kidsguard app as there are more versions of this app too.

Using this app on Android devices will offer you three different plans options. If you choose to try this app for a month you will pay $29.95 per month, however, if you choose to try it for three months you can pay $16.95 per month and if you get the yearly package you will pay $8.32 per month.

If you choose to install Kidsguard on iOS devices you will also have three plans but at slightly pricier costs. In this case, a monthly subscription will cost $39.95, if you get a three months plan you will pay $19.98 per month and if you choose a yearly plan you will pay $9.16 per month.


The last but not the least tracking app that you can use to track the browsing history on a certain device is Umobix. Using Umobix will help you track everything on a target device so you don’t have to limit to just check the browsing history. This app gives you access to phone calls, messages, social media apps, location, gallery, and also bookmarks and mailbox. If the user of the target phone deletes messages, you can still have access to them and you will also know if they rename contacts or erase contacts from the phone’s agenda.

Installation And Compatibility

You can install this app on both Android and iOS devices with no struggle and it should take you less than ten minutes.

You can install it remotely on iOS by using the iCloud credentials of the device you want to track, without having physical access to the phone. However, when it comes to Android devices you will have to download and install the app.

The installation process will be similar to the other spying apps in this guide. You will be asked to create an account and you will have a dashboard to use in order to get all the data you want. If you install Ymobix on an Android device you will have to go on the website of this app and download it before you start installing it. All the steps are properly guided so all you have to do is follow instructions.


Umobix offers four different plans to choose from such as one month, three months, six months, and 12 months subscriptions.

The iOS costs of this app are slightly higher than the Android ones. For a one-month subscription, you will have to pay $39.99 while if you choose the three-month plan you will pay $14.99 per month, for the six-month plan you will pay $8.33 per month and for a 12 month plan you will pay $7.49 per month. This makes the yearly subscription the most affordable as it comes at the best prices in terms of monthly costs.

For Android phones, you will pay $29.99 for one basic month plan, $59.99 for a full month plan and if you choose the three-month plan you will pay $33.33 per month. For 12 month plan with full options on an Android device, you will end up paying $14.99 per month.

Final thoughts

Tracking the browsing history of the device your child uses might be necessary but not sufficient all the time. If you want to keep your kids out of danger you will need to keep track of more activities they engage in on their phones. And the spying apps in this guide give you the chance to do just that. So, choose the app you are interested in and use it for your kids, spouse or employees as you need.