Best iPhone Spy Apps Without Jailbreak

When you want to install a new spy app on a target phone, jailbreaking it or not will be an important aspect. This is why it is important to choose a tracking app that will not require you to jailbreak your phone. You can jailbreak phones if needed but chances are that you will spend more money and you might come across several issues on the way.

Here is a complete guide regarding iPhone spy apps and why you should consider installing them. While you will find a wide variety of apps on the market, it is important to realize that not all of them will help you find all the features you need.

Disclaimer: The right way to use such a spy app is by telling the user of the iPhone about its existence on their device. You will want them to be aware of the presence of the spy app that you are using as it is the ethical thing to do.

Why Do You Need A No Jailbreak Spy App?

First of all, it is important to understand how the concept of jailbreaking a phone works. phones come with default settings according to their manufacturer and provider. For this reason they are restricted in terms of how they can be used and at times even where they can be used. Jailbreaking a phone in general and an iPhone in particular means eliminating these factory restrictions so that it can be used almost limitless.

This means that you will have to get rid of the restrictions that come with the mobile carrier of the phone as well. Both Android and iOS phones might need to go through the process of jailbreaking in order to function outside their factory limits. Luckily, this is not an impossible process, even if it can be a challenging one.

One of the main downfalls of jailbreaking your iPhone for instance resides in the fact that you will not be able to use the warranty of this device. So, if you encounter any malfunctions with your phone you will not have the option of fixing it. This is why it is best to avoid jailbreaking the phone altogether.

There are spy apps that might require you to jailbreak your iPhone in order to be able to use them. If you want to use such an app so you can protect your child from outside risks they might encounter on the virtual world, jailbreaking might be in order. But there are also spy apps that allow you to track an iPhone without jailbreaking it.

Best No Jailbreak Spy Apps To Use

The following tracking apps don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone and they are extremely easy to use. On top of that, they offer you all the options you need to track the activity of your child as they are using their favorite device.

#1 Spyic

The first spy app that you might want to consider using as a parental app is Spyic. This app was made to be both efficient and very user friendly. You can make the most out of this spy app regardless to the type of phone you want to track. It is useful for keeping an eye on your kid but also your partner and even your coworkers as you please.

Compatibility of Spyic

You will be pleased to discover that this app is perfectly compatible with any Android and iOS cell phone. Even better than being just compatible, you will not have to jailbreak your iPhone before installing it. It is fast and easy to setup so you can start using it in just a few minutes once you start the process.

Why should you choose Spyic

The reasons to use Spyic are multiple but its incredible features are always a top reason to do that. Spyic offers great assistance in terms of tracking the user of any cell phone and it is very accessible to almost any user. You can make the most out of this monitoring app even if you are not an expert in this field.

Track messages and call logs

One of the main features you want your spy app to have is tracking the messages and the calls on the iPhone you try to monitor. This means that your tracking app should give you all the information you need about sent and received texts but also outgoing and incoming calls regarding the target cell phone. You will know the content as well as the time and date of these phone calls.

This useful feature will not only tell you important information about the conversations you are interested in but also the contact details that your kid is interacting with most often. Spyic even puts together a list of top five contacts that are used most often as your kid uses their iPhone.

Keep an eye on all social media activity

Children start using social media networks nowadays from young ages and these networks are very common among teenagers. This is why it can only be in your advantage to stay on top of the risks that your kid might be exposed through social media accounts. They could get in touch with strangers that don’t have their best interest in mind, for instance. Or they could be spammed to take certain actions that they wouldn’t normally take.

Spyic shows you all the chats from these social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp and many others. It even tracks social networks that are not so popular. So, you can count on the fact that your child will be monitored in their virtual environment. Besides that, this spy app will give you priceless information regarding the contacts and profiles they follow online.

Location tracker

Losing your phone or having your child lose their phone can be frustrating. But if you use Spyic this might not be as much of a risk. This app allows you to track the location of the iPhone by using a GPS system. You will know exactly where the phone is and in real time so you will not have to worry about losing it or misplacing it. Likewise, if someone steals your child’s iPhone, you will be able to locate it in no time.

Other features

Besides these very useful features that you will encounter in Spyic, you also have others to use such as tracking the browser history. You can have access to all the website visited by your child through the target phone and check how much time they spent on each platform. This app also has a stealth mode so the user of the target device will not be able to identify it on their phone. It uses very little battery and it is almost impossible to discover. Can install it and uninstall it remotely on iPhones as all you need is the iCloud to do that. However, keep in mind that you will need to grab a hold of the target cell phone in order to install this app on an Android device.

Is Spyic legit?

Spyic is not only legit but one of the most secure spy apps you will find. It is legal to use it as long as you respect the instructions and the local legislation in your country regarding the privacy of an individual and their right to it.

#2 Cocospy

Another tracking app that doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone is Cocospy. This app is one of the most efficient and useful apps you will find on the market. Not only that it will work just fine by using the iCloud service of your iPhone or the iPhone you want to track but it will bring you very handy features to use.

Compatibility of Cocospy

Cocospy is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and you don’t need to modify the factory settings in order to use this tracking app. It is going to work great with any type of device as long as the operating system is compatible with the version of Cocospy you go for.

Why should you choose Cocospy

The features of Cocospy are very catchy and useful as well. So, on top of the fact that it is a highly compatible spy app to use with almost any kind of iOS phone and Android phone, it is also very handy. Here are the main features that you can expect to find in Cocospy, but be ready to discover even more of them!

Check texts and call logs easily

Just as you would expect, Cocospy is using basic options to help you track text messages and phone calls on the target device. If your kid is receiving or making suspicious calls or sending inappropriate texts, you will be aware of that. Knowing such things will help you take action before things get out of hands so you can be proactive in protecting your child.

Find the location of the iPhone

Loosing your iPhone or the iPhone your child is using can be very stressful. Not to mention that such a phone is also an investment that you’d expect to enjoy for a decent amount of time. But if you use Cocoispy on the target device you can check the location of the iPhone at all times. By doing so, you will not have to worry about misplacing your phone but you will also know where your child is every time.

See the activity of all social media accounts

Social media activity is also an important thing to check. You will have access to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsap,. Snapchat and others without having to jailbreak your iPhone. Many of the risks that appear in the online environment happen on social networks. So, knowing who your child is interacting with on such platforms, will help you protect them at all times.

Other features

Among other features of Cocospy you will find browsing history as well as screen restriction and different alerts you can easily set. You can see the websites that your child checks from the target phone as well as the media files they choose to share. There is also a keylogger option to know the password they use to log into different accounts that they use.

Is Cocospy safe?

Cocospy is not only safe but also one of the most trustworthy spy apps you can find on the market. It is discreet and will get into stealth mode as soon as you install it. So, your child will not be aware of this app unless you let them know about it. It is not going to consume the battery of the target device and you can uninstall it remotely when you don’t want to use it anymore. Plus, all the information and data gathered by Cocospy will be stored only on your control panel and no other third party will have access to it.


The last spy app that will help you monitor your child without having to jailbreak their iPhone is Spyzie. It works great for both iOS and Android devices but you might need to adjust the installation process accordingly. Overall, you will love the features that come along with this app as well as how easy it is to use it on a daily basis.

Compatibility of Spyzie

Spyzie is the type of tracking app that will work on all iPhones and Android devices as well without having to modify their basic settings. It is fairly easy to install this monitoring app on the target device and you will not have to worry about discretion. Spyzie is easy to uninstall as well since you don’t have to grab a hold of the target phone to remove this app.

Why should you choose Spyzie

Spyzie offers you more than the common features you would expect to find in a spy app. You have all the tools you need to know if your child is facing any danger or if they are not being truthful to you in terms of how they are spending their time.

Access to basic phone data

Spyzie offers you access to text messages and phone calls as you need, in a real time manner. Even if your child deletes a text, you will still be notified about it in your Spyzie dashboard. You will receive important data such as the time, date and duration of each phone call, made or received on the target device. At the same time, you will know the contacts your child interacts with and have the possibility to notice if there is anything unsafe with them.

Social media tracker

Just like you would most likely expect from a tracking app like Spyzie, this one also gives you access to all social networks that your kid is using. If they have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other networks you will be aware of the information they share and receive on it. Also, you will know the chats and the data they come across so you can decide if something is a hazard before it is too late.

Block other apps

An interesting feature of Spyzie is that you will be able to block the access to any app on the target phone. This is an useful feature not only for monitoring your kids but also your partner or employees. You can block dating apps as well as social media apps as you see fit. Once an app is blocked, the user of the target device will not be able to open it or even install it.

Other features

Spyzie will also give you the chance to limit screen time for your kids. This feature can be very handy especially for young children that shouldn’t spend hours of screen time. But you can use it if your teenager seems to skip sleep in order to chat with friends on their social media. Among other features, you will have access to their browsing history and you will know what they are spending most of their time on. By checking the browsing history, you will also be aware of their interests.

Is Spyzie safe?

Spyzie is easy to hide as soon as you start using it. Since it doesn’t require you to jailbreak the iPhone in order to install it, you will not have to get the target phone at all. Once you decide that you don’t want to use this spy app anymore you can simply remove it from the target device remotely. No one will know you even used it and no one will be able to access the data you received from Spyzie.

Final thoughts

As you can see, not all spy apps require jailbreaking your iPhone but you need to know which ones work without going through this process. It is always best to keep your iPhone intact in order to have access to services that you might need. The spy apps in this guide work completely on any type of iPhone and Android devices as well, without having to modify the factory settings of the target device. They are recognized as some of the best tracking apps that allow you to keep a close eye on your kid’s virtual activity.