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Refog Keylogger Reviews

Before we dive into our Refog review, here's what we want you to know:

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You might have many reasons to use keylogger software. But regardless of what your motivation is, you should invest in a high-quality one. You might be interested in a keylogger if you want to track your child, spouse, or coworker.

One of the best things about Refog is that it is free software. Yes, you read that right. Among many pricey tracking apps, this keylogger managed to remain free, for the delight of users. Let’s check the features and other important aspects of Refog, so you can decide if it is the software you need.

What is Refog?

Refog is a spy app that allows you to track everything on a certain device. It is ideal to use if you want to keep an eye on your employees, spouse or your kids. This personal monitor software will record all the programs that run on a certain computer. It comes in a free and premium version so you can choose which one you want according to the features you get. And it is very safe to use as long as you hide it well so that the user of the device will not discover it.

Refog Features:

Before we dive into the features of this app, we have to tell you that some of them are included in the free version while others are only for the premium version. Here are the best features you can enjoy with Refog keylogger that ensure you get the results you want!

It is a very discreet app

You will not have to worry about anyone discovering Refog on the target device. But it is not invisible by default, as you might be used from other spy apps. You will have to go through the visibility settings and set up a word of your choice. This word will be your key to the app and no one else will be able to access you unless they know the word you chose. It is quite a unique way of setting up the invisible mode but a very efficient one.

Strong password protection

All keylogger software types use a password but this one allows you to count on your password at all times. Assuming someone else wants to open this app, especially if you didn’t make it invisible, the password protection feature will stop them. As you insert the password, you will not see the letters, numbers, or signs of it. And no one who is not having an authorization will be able to break it. Choose your password wise for the best experience with this Refog free keylogger program!

Track keystrokes

One of the most important features of Refog is the keystroke tracker. You will have access to the keystrokes the user of the target device types. This app records keystrokes in programs, documents, any website or browser as well. You also have the option to track deleted keystrokes. Thanks to this keyboard logger feature, you will know what the user is typing at all times.;

Take screenshots

Another great feature is the screenshots one. You can take pictures of the display you monitor any time you want. All you have to do is use the screenshots function and click on them so you see the clear image. By using this feature you can see everything the user is doing on their display, without them knowing.

If you want, you can use some advanced settings to take screenshots at set up times. If you don’t want to waste your time to find the right moment for a screenshot, the advanced settings will help you tremendously. You can also choose the size and quality of the screenshots.

Browsing history is no longer a mystery

With Refog, you can check all the websites that the use you monitor was visiting. You will have access to a list of websites and even more than that, the list will be in chronological order. This list will look just like the browsing history tab on the actual laptop. Not only that you will know the hour and minute when the user accessed certain websites but you will also know how much time they spent on these websites.

Track the programs that are running

As soon as the user you track will open a program on their laptop, Refog will record it. You will have information regarding the name of the program as well as the actions the user took on it. Besides that, you will know how long a certain program was running and when it was installed or uninstalled.

Track all the files on a certain computer

With Refog, you can have access and track all the documents, pictures, audio or video files on the device you choose to monitor. It is easy and you can even export them in a PDF form if you so choose to do. You will even have access to deleted files or those files that have a different name than the original one.

Export your reports

All the reports you obtain through Refog, are very easy to export. You can convert them in PDF, or sent them via email. This can be very useful if you want to involve a third party in this investigation and support your point. Plus, it only takes a few seconds to export the reports.

Is Refog safe?

Refog is safe and easy to use for everyone. You do need a minimum computer knowledge as you will have to install it on the device you want. But once you do that, it is important to set up the invisible mode so you can count on the safety of this app. User the power protection function as well so you can have an unbreakable cover for your keylogger account.

How To Install Refog

Installing Refog is not necessarily a hassle but it is a bit more complex than other spy apps. You will first need to choose a preferred language from, English, French, German or Spanish.

After you decided on the language you will have to go through the license checkup, considering you are using a premium version. Installing your program will come next. You will have the option to choose between invisible options and set up your password as well.

When the entire app is installed properly, you can click finish and launch it to check out how it works. You can use this app with Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unfortunately, this keylogger is not compatible with MAC operating systems.

This software comes with all rights reserved and it tracks everything from websites visited to a variety of other activities. The user will not be aware of you tracking their personal monitor once you install this keylogger properly.

Can Refog keylogger be installed remotely?

Unfortunately, Refog can't be installed from a distance, without getting physical access to the device you want to monitor. You will have to add this app to the system of a computer in order to have it track the data you are interested in. But you only have to install it one time and not worry about any other updates. Refog will update in the stealth mode and never ask for permission so it will never be discovered.

Is it legal to use a keylogger?

The legal aspect of using Refog depends significantly on the purpose you have for using it. if you use this software to track your child or employees, you shouldn't have to worry about its legality. Your child's device is most likely on your name so you would be tracking your own property, even if you are not the actual user. The same goes for your employees as you own their working equipment. Either way, this app is very discreet and if you choose to set it up in the invisible mode, no one will discover it.


If you are looking for a keylogger that is free and fairly easy to use, Refog is definitely a good choice. It is safe enough to allow you to track any computer without the user being aware of it. Keep in mind that this software is recommended only for computers, tablets, and PCs with the versions of Windows mentioned above. It will not work on other devices. Get the best experience by using this key log software and track all the activities you are interested about.