Spyzie Review

Internet and phone-related threats are more severe than ever before. As a parent, you need to protect your child. As an employer, you need to know how efficient your employees are and as a spouse, you may have a need to see that is the partner honest and does he or she love you. If the answer to all of these issues is yes, you will need to take a moment and read our Spyzie review. This is one of the most popular apps of this kind and it is considered as one of the most advanced developments ever created.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie app is a spy app as you may know already. Basically, you will have to install it on the targeted device and within seconds you will get all the data associated with that device. The app is developed by SuperSoft Limited and offers outstanding features, a lot of possibilities and it is extremely easy to use. As you shall see, later on, there is no need to have access to a targeted device (for iOS devices only) and you can get a complete control panel as soon as possible. In a nutshell, this is one of the simplest apps to use but also the most powerful.

Here's how it looks like:
All the information you need, one monitoring solution.

All spy apps are designed to help you gain access to another device. It can be used for Android and iOS smartphones and even tablets. The primary goal is to protect your loved one or to protect yourself. Yes, the app can be used to track and monitor literally anyone but this isn’t the main goal. Usually, parents are the ones who will use an app to track their children. They will obtain the precise location, messages, internet activity, and phone calls.

Spyzie app download can be performed on the official website. It isn’t available on App Store and Google Play due to the fact these stores do not support apps of this kind. Downloading is still safe and there are no issues related to this matter. It takes just a second and after that, you are ready to use it as soon as possible. Below, we will guide you through the process and we will help you understand all the facts and points you are interested in.

Spyzie is based on the latest technology and it isn’t developed like conventional apps. For instance, the app will be installed in a separate partition on the storage memory and it will bind itself to the operating system. Thanks to this feature, it cannot be detected and it is safe to use on all devices. We also liked the fact conventional software such as antiviruses and malware scanners won’t be able to find the app nor to affect its performance. In other words, there is no way a person or owner of the targeted device can find and detect the app. Obviously, there is no risk of deleting the app either. You are the only person who can control the app and who can remove it if or when needed. Yes, you can install the app on multiple devices and still use it as long as you like.

All of the data obtained by the app is stored in the cloud server and you can use any internet-capable device to gain access. Most of you will use a computer, but some will use their personal smartphone. You have to log in to the account and you will be taken to the control panel or your own page. From there, you can see and control all the features of the app and therefore control the targeted device. In addition, you can also enjoy the modern and simple user interface. The control panel is designed for average users who have basic computer and app knowledge. Be free to try it once and you will see how easy it is. You will literally need 5 minutes of your time.

How does it work?

Probably a more important question is, how does Spyzie work? The simplest answer is yes it does work and it works wonderfully. The app is compatible with all modern smartphones and it doesn’t need a lot of resources meaning, it will even work on older devices with 512MB of RAM or even less. The only thing you will have to do is to get the app on the targeted device. A targeted device is a smartphone you want to spy and to obtain data from. It can be a smartphone of your child, spouse, employee or anyone else.

The app can be installed on all iPhones remotely by confirming the iCloud account linked to that device. This means that you don’t have to get physical access to the device. On the other hand, you will have to install it manually on Android devices. After installation, you will have to confirm it and then you are ready. There are no additional steps you need to take. Overall, the app is easy to use and developed for users with average skills and knowledge about apps and phones. There is no hacking, codding or anything similar involved. But, you still want to know how does Spyzie work?

The app is installed on the memory of the smartphone but in a different partition, where the system is. Thanks to this, the app can bind to the main processes such as messages, other apps, phone calls (all of them are basically stock apps that are used by Android and iOS). When the app binds to them, it uses an internet connection to send the data scanned and located on the phone. In simple words, when a person receives a text message, it will be stored on the phone in the text messaging app. Spyzie will detect that message and copy it. It will send it to the control panel from where you can see it. This is the basic way how the app works and it is very effective.

Because Spyzie is installed on a different partition than all other apps, a user is unable to detect it. He can use any antivirus or malware software and the device will be ‘’clean’’ every single time. That software won’t detect the app nor does it have any characteristics of malware, therefore, it won’t trigger an alarm. Probably a more important benefit is the fact the app won’t be visible in the list of installed apps. There is no single trace that this app is installed and activated on the device. There are countless Spyzie reviews of the users who agree with our claim and we confirmed the claim on our tests.

The bottom line here is simple. The app is easy to use and it will simply obtain all the information from a targeted device and send them to a secure server. Once this is done, a user can log in to the user account and check all the data that is sent from the targeted device. However, there are a lot of additional features you can use. 

What devices are supported by Spyzie?

As you may know, already Spyzie is compatible with two main operating systems. The first one is iOS and the second is Android. There are no differences in the functionality nor the available features. This means that all the features are available on both operating systems and therefore allow you to use the app on any device that is common these days. In addition, the app will run on old and new devices and the installation process is the same.

We must repeat that Spyzie can be installed on iOS devices remotely, using the iCloud account. All you have to do is to confirm the account and the app will be installed immediately. As such, you can install the app while the targeted device is far away from your reach.

The situation is slightly different when it comes to Android devices. Most of the Spyzie customer reviews will agree that the process is still relatively simple and easy but a bit more demanding than in the first case scenario. Basically, you will need to gain access to a targeted device and to install the app manually. This is the only time when you need access to a targeted device. After that, you can use any other device to monitor the data. Keep in mind that you should activate the app once it is installed. All controls will be presented and activated in the control panel which is linked to your personal account.

It is important to mention that Spyzie doesn’t require from you to jailbreak or to root your device. These actions were mandatory in the first versions but now they are completely irrelevant. As stated this refers to the ability to install the app on the stock smartphones that are still under warranty. How to remove Spyzie? Remotely so you don’t need access to the device where it was installed.


Still, want to know what is Spyzie? Take a closer look at available features. Spyzie has over 50 different features. It is known as one of the most appealing and the most advanced apps of this type and as such, it deserves special attention. We cannot list all the features but we will list the main ones that are the most popular among the users and the ones that deserve your full attention.

  • Monitoring phone calls
  • The first feature on the list allows you to monitor phone calls that occur between a targeted device and any other phone. You will see the callers, their names and the phone numbers. In the control panel, you will also see 5 top callers who called the targeted device. This is mandatory if you want to see who calls your child or a loved one. Yes, you can record the phone calls and you can activate the feature when a specific contact calls.

  • Monitoring the chat apps
  • Spyzie also allows you to monitor all other apps used for chatting. For instance, you can monitor Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, WeChat and many others. After Spyzie download you will log to the control panel and from there you will see all the chat apps and all the messages that were exchanged. In addition, you can download the attachments that were sent to a targeted device or from it.

  • SMS monitoring
  • Spyzie obviously tracks all SMS messages that are sent and received to the targeted device. Spyzie iPhone or Android support is absolute in this case and you can see the senders, details of each message and so much more.

  • GPS tracking
  • The app allows you to see all the locations that are linked to the targeted device. This feature is used when you want to track your child and to see where he is going. The app can use GPS module on a device and send the precise position at any given moment. All you will need to know is how to install Spyzie and how to login to the control panel.

  • Monitoring internet activity
  • Spyzie for Android and iPhone allows you to monitor the internet activity. You will see all the sites that a user visited, you can bookmark or even set an additional ban to visiting them. You will also see the duration and the internet activity to the smallest detail.

  • Keystroke monitoring
  • Here is one more interesting feature and a more advanced one. Basically, you can monitor the keystrokes on a targeted device. You will see passwords, messages and so much more instantly and in real-time. Spyzie cost is low but it allows you to gain access to all the elements of targeted phone. You can see the passwords or you can see the messages that were deleted from the targeted device.

  • Media access
  • You want to know which photos are in the memory of the targeted device. Spyzie allows you to do that as well. As you can see in numerous Spyzie customer reviews, the app will give you access to all the media files on the targeted device. This refers to the photos taken by a camera, videos, other files, and even music.

  • Notification when the SIM card is changed
  • You can see at the spyzie.com or here that the app sends you notifications as soon as the user changes the SIM card. This is needed in order to prevent hidden calls or messages to and from the targeted device. Also, some users will change the SIM card in order to hide their activity. But, the app is installed on the device itself so it will monitor the SIM activity and changes at any given moment.

  • Contact information
  • The app can help you by revealing all the contacts that are present or added to the targeted device. You have total control over them and you can see the name, phone number, photo and so much more. As we have mentioned earlier, the top 5 most frequent contacts are displayed at all times in the control panel.

Is it legal?

Is Spyzie legit? The shortest answer we can give is yes it is perfectly legal. The app is developed for protecting children and minors from online threats. You can read the terms of usage if you like but the end opinion will stay the same. Just in case, you can check with local authorities about the legality of the app.

There are no special terms or additional requirements you need to meet. Additionally, you may want to know is Spyzie detectable? It is not. There is no way a person can detect the app. You can use it on all smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems and only you will know that the app has been installed on that device. It is a simple yet safe and effective method you can use all the time to spy on anyone. When you want, you can remove the app remotely and there won’t be any traces that it was installed on a device.

Spyzie vs mspy

What we can say about Spyzie vs mspy? Both apps are above average and considered to be some of the best spy apps out there. There are some minor differences. For example, Spyzie doesn’t require access to an iPhone to be installed. Mspy requires access. Both apps can be used on any Android phone and you will have to manually install each one. In terms of features, both apps offer GPS, text and call access, control of the apps and so much more. Mspy has a few features more but the Spyzie is more affordable. Spyzie also offers volume package for iOS devices.

The bottom line is that both apps are an excellent choice. Spyzie is slightly more affordable in some offers and easier to use on iOS devices. They are identical in performance when it comes to Android phones. We prefer Spyzie simply due to the better user interface, easier installation and some packages that are not offered by the second app in question. In mspy vs Spyzie comparison, we must say that Spyzie is a slightly more appealing choice.

Spyzie vs Flexispy

Flexispy is one of the most advanced apps of this kind. Spyzie vs Flexispy comparison is probably something you have encountered multiple times. There are a few main things to consider. The first one is a list of features. They are almost identical and you will get the full control over a targeted device regardless of which app you choose. However, Spyzie is considered to be a more affordable alternative. It also has all the main features as the first app but the cost of using the app is much lower.

Honestly, Flexispy is one of the most expensive spy apps you can find. Yes the customer support is excellent and the services are reliable, but many people cannot afford the app. You will need significant investment to get access to the app and to start using it. In addition, you get the same level of safety and confidentiality as with Spyzie.

In the end, all we can say is that both apps are excellent, but Flexispy is far more expensive. Spyzie is far more affordable and offers similar performance. Be free to choose anyone you like. The same benefits are guaranteed. Which app in flexispy vs Spyzie you prefer?

Spyzie vs iKeymonitor

iKeymonitor is the third app today that is a rival to Spyzie. The app itself is designed to help parents protect their children, for employers and for spouses. We liked the overall list of features. The app allows you to gain total control over the targeted device at any given moment. Safety and confidentiality are both excellent. There are some drawbacks though. The app might require you to remove it and then install it again. This occurs in a few cases per month and developers are working to sort it out, but the issue is present at the moment! Sadly, this is a huge drawback for all of us. If you have to reinstall the app, it defeats the purpose of having the app of this type.

The second downside is the cost. iKeymonitor is far more expensive than Spyzie and it has to be mentioned right here. The list of features is almost identical and you get the same benefits except for slightly better customer support. The best answer we can give you regarding this comparison is that Spyzie is a slightly better alternative and it should be considered as your first choice. We know it is ours.

The final word

Spyzie is one of the best and the most appealing app of this kind and it deserves your full attention. We liked the sophistication, the attention to detail and also the overall safety which is guaranteed. In our Spyzie review, we presented you with all the pros, cons and all the elements you need to know. Now is your time to download the app and start using it. It is easy and the best possible method you can use to protect your loved ones.