iKeymonitor Review - Is It The Best Spy App For Android And iOS?

In the sea of modern spy apps, it is always a pleasure being able to try out new development. Well, this isn’t about new apps. This is iKeymonitor review and you may know that this app has been with us for a long period of time. It is one of the most popular apps for protecting your loved ones and it is more than just popular at the moment. In the lack of a better word, the app is complex and it has a lot to offer. All of that will be explained below.

What is iKeymonitor?

IKeymonitor is an advanced spy app. It is primarily designed for parents to protect their children from all threats that are present online. The app can be installed on any device running Android or iOS and it is immediately transferred into stealth mode.

This simply means that the app cannot be detected nor deleted by the owner of the phone. On your side, this is an extremely easy task that you can complete within minutes. Once installed on a targeted device, the app won’t require additional customization nor anything similar. It will stay online as long as you need it and when you want, you can remove it remotely.

Although the app is developed for parents, it can be used by everyone who wants to check another person. For instance, employers can use the app on official smartphones of the company and check for the productivity and efficiency of their employees. Another, a common group of users is the married couples who believe that their spouse is unfaithful. The app is proven to prevent severe issues and problems and it is more than just trustworthy.

iKeymonitor is originally developed to save the keystrokes of a targeted device. Every single time when a user types something, it will be saved in the memory of the phone and transferred to the official server. You have the total control over the content and you can track it from anywhere. When you register, you will get your profile page which is basically a control panel. From there, you can see all the messages, files, keystrokes, locations and so much more that are obtained from the targeted device. Just to clarify a targeted device is a smartphone on which the app will be installed and which you want to track.

In order to see the data all you have to do is to log in to the official page and you will be taken to your personal control panel. Besides the aforementioned facts and features, you can also monitor basic functions of the smartphone such as battery level, Wi-Fi and so much more. Try to remember that you can use your computer or your own smartphone to log in to the just mentioned control panel and check for the data.

All iKeymonitor reviews of the current users suggest that the app is simple and intuitive to use although packed with powerful features that will deserve your attention. We agree with that claim and we believe there are no major issues when it comes to using the app.

How does it work?

One of the biggest questions is how ikey monitor app works and how it is undetectable. The first reason is in the design of the app. It is made in a different way than all other apps and it is specifically made for just one purpose. When a user installs an app, it will be transferred into a system app. This means that there is no way you can remove the app. Software such as antiviruses and malware scanners are unable to locate the app nor to affect its functionality. Regardless of which software is used, the same result is guaranteed.

In order to use the app, you will have to install it on the targeted device. You need to gain access to the device one time. During that time, you will have to jailbreak or root the smartphone. Using the simple web tools, you can achieve this task within 4 minutes. You need another minute to install the app we are referring to and you will be ready to start using it. The app requires jailbreaking or rooting the device in order to operate. Luckily many smartphones used these days are already jailbroken or rooted and you only have to install the app. If you don’t like this activity you can use a version for non-rooted or jailbroken devices.

iKeymonitor spy app will stay in the background of the phone and it won’t be seen when a user closes the apps, uses a specific app or etc. As a matter of fact, a user is unable to find the app even if he wants to. The app, on the other hand, will continue to operate at all times. This refers to the fact iKeymonitor will work even when there is no network connection. It will also work on EDGE and slower internet connections. During the use, the app will set a high priority to the services that are linked to it and all others will be used as secondary processes.

One of the most important things to consider is the fact the app will bind or connect to the operating system. It is irrelevant are you using the app on iOS or Android smartphone. In both cases, the app will bind to the OS and gain access to all the apps. For example, iKeymonitor can spy on phone calls and record them. Phone app is nothing more than an application for the specific operating system. iKeymonitor will obtain access to the phone app and therefore be able to obtain the phone number, duration of a call and even to record the phone call. On your end, this simply means that the phone calls will be recorded and you can know who and why is calling your child, spouse or employee.

The app will stay active as long as needed. When or if you don’t want to use it anymore, simply remove it remotely and there won’t be any traces that a specific device has been connected to the iKeymonitor app. It is so simple yet so advanced app that is a stunning development. For all of this, you need an average knowledge. The app doesn’t require from you to hack a phone or to use additional tools. It requires a few minutes of your time and an internet connection.

What devices are supported by iKeymonitor?

The next big question you may have is which devices are compatible with the iKeymonitor. The answer is Android and iOS smartphones. Almost all devices are capable of running the app. It works with Android 4 or iOS 4 and newer versions of the operating systems. When it comes to the resources the app uses, it will run without a problem on smartphones of older generations, with a dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM or equivalent.

One, important thing we must repeat is the jailbreaking or rooting the device. This is mandatory for the first version in order for the app to gain the administration privilege of the phone and to obtain all the details and all the data stored on that particular device. Both, jailbreaking and rooting a device is extremely simple these days and you have to connect a smartphone with a computer and run a specific software. The system will do all the rest. If you download the second version which is designed for non-rooted or jailbroken devices you get most of the features but don’t have to jailbreak or root a device.

To summarize, iKeymonitor can be installed and used on all devices running the Android or iOS operating system. The version of the OS is irrelevant. It can be installed on newer and older smartphones and the same features will be available. You also get 3 days free trial so you can test the app and see for yourself. If you are satisfied, you can choose one of the available packages and start using the app for that period of time.


By now you probably know that ikeymonitor app is a powerful tool. But, you still don’t know which features are available and which ones deserve your attention. Below we will list the most important features of the app in question and as shall see, there are a lot of them. An interesting trivia is that iKeymonitor was designed to track keystrokes only, but over time it got countless features more.

At this moment, we should add that all the features are available for a version of the app that can be installed on rooted and jailbroken devices. The version that can be installed on stock OS of a smartphone does have a few limits. It is unable to spy on Facebook, Instagram and social media in general and cannot take screenshots. All other features are available as well and there are no additional differences we can mention at the moment. Of course, you can switch between versions whenever you want. After all, the app is designed to be as simple as possible.

  • GPS positioning

Here we have one standard feature that is implemented into all apps of this type. GPS positioning means that the app will use the GPS module on a smartphone and detect the exact location at any given moment. You may need to know where your child is right now or which places he visited today. The feature is standard and probably one of the main reasons why iKeymonitor is so popular today.

  • Keystroke monitor

The original feature of the app in question. The app itself will measure and record all the keystrokes a user provides all the time. You get a data file with the keywords, messages and literally everything else that was recorded.

  • Digital fence

A digital fence is a system which uses GPS. Basically, you will set a fence or an area in which your child should stay. The simplest example is an area around his school. If or when a child moves across the specified area, you will be notified. The digital fence can be set over any terrain and literally anywhere in the world. You choose the size and boundaries.

  • Message monitoring

iKeymonitor is capable of tracking all messages that come or go from a targeted device. This refers to SMS messages, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and all other services. In a nutshell, all possible messages will be available for you to read them in the control panel. A nice addition is the ability of the app to monitor the messages of Tinder and similar apps. If your child or a spouse plans on dating, you will be the first to know. Keep in mind that if a user installs a new app for chatting or exchanging messages the iKeymonitor will detect it and include it in the control panel.

  • Call monitoring

All the calls that are performed using the targeted device can be recorded. You will also have the ability to see the phone numbers, names and profile pictures of the users who called or were called. It is nice knowing who has been calling your loved one. It is important to add that you should manually activate a phone call recording feature.

  • Media files access

All users have countless photos, videos and other files stored on their phone. iKeymonitor allows you to get access to those files. You can delete them if you want or you can copy them to a computer. The goal here is to prevent dangerous and violent media files. Those files are usually associated with dangerous behavior and possible threats. By keeping your loved ones safe from those files, you keep them safe. The main idea behind the feature was to ensure that a child doesn’t share or interact with prohibited content.

  • Internet activity monitoring

Yes, you can monitor internet activity. This feature is relatively new and very desirable. It does precisely as you may believe. The app will detect internet activity at any given moment and store URLs of all the websites visited. As a father or a husband, you can check the addresses and even block them if needed. In most cases, you will encounter strange and dangerous URLs that need your attention.

  • Screenshots

It is one of the main features of the app and the one that made it so popular even today. Basically, the app itself will take screenshots at a specific time frame or when you want it. The screenshots are then stored on the phone and you can control them over the control panel. There is no limit on how many screenshots you can capture. The best part is the fact you can take a screenshot even while a user is using his phone. This is a stealth feature that has no traces nor does it slow down a targeted device.

  • Clipboard monitoring

All the data stored in the clipboard of the smartphone will be at your disposal. You can monitor for copied content and you can control it. The feature in question is usually considered as an addition to other features and it is popular among parents. Even if the messages are deleted you will have the ability to see the last copied content. It will be a message, a website address or something similar. If it is a phone number you can check it with the contacts from the targeted device phonebook.

  • Installed apps

Now you can check the installed apps as well. The feature works well with all phones and can be considered as one of the main advantages the app offers. All the apps that are installed, removed or used will be displayed here. The feature allows you to see the dating apps, chatting apps and similar applications that may have a negative effect. Once again we can add that you can see the messages sent and received by all of those apps. The best example is a dating app like Badoo or Tinder. You can check for the activity your kid had with the users of the app.

  • App blocking

As you can see this special feature is more than just important. The main advantage is the fact you can block any app you don’t like. If you don’t like a dating app or your child has been using Instagram for unauthorized activities, you can block access. The app will stop working immediately and even if the user reinstalls it, it will still stay unusable. The only way for that app to work is to unblock it or to replace a smartphone. This feature is available on Android and iOS versions of iKeymonitor.

  • Screen time limiter

Limit the time of screen usage. You can set up any time frame after which the screen will go dark. The user won’t be able to use the phone. Ideally, you would use this service when a child is at school or when he is attending some important situation. The best part is the fact the owner of the phone won’t know what the main cause of dark screen is. You two can even make an agreement of some kind in order to solve the main issue.

  • Calendar and memos monitoring

Here we have a simple feature. Basically, it allows you to keep your eyes on the memos and calendar inputs of the targeted device. In a nutshell, the feature is specifically designed to check for the important dates and memos that are stored by the owner and to confirm their activity. Probably the feature is more effective for tracking your spouse or employees but can be used for countless purposes.

  • Account deletion

Now you can delete an account remotely. The feature is a combination of several other features and it works in 99% cases. Using it is extremely simple and rewarding. You will already have the passwords and the emails that are associated with that phone. All you have to do is to delete the account remotely within seconds and you are done.

  • Email monitoring

The app is beneficial in one case more. As the owner of iKeymonitor app, you can check, read and delete emails that are stored on the targeted device. This is a simple task that has countless benefits and can be the most important feature for the highest number of you. You can even download iKeymonitor for free (using trial mode) and test this feature.

  • Multiple languages

The app is available in all languages you can think of. You can pick one you like and all the features and the entire control panel will be translated immediately. This is a mandatory feature for all users who don’t understand the English language and who need an app on their native language. Keep in mind that there are no issues regardless of which language do you choose and you get the same features and the same functionality.

  • Contact info

The app allows you to check the contacts on the targeted device remotely. You will get the same details as if you are using the actual smartphone. As such, you can see the contact’s name, phone number, home address, photo and so much more. It is one of the most common and the most popular features and it is specifically designed to help you check with whom a user of the targeted device has been talking to.

  • Microphone activation

The feature we have here is known as surrounding recording. What this means is that you will get the ability to activate the mic on the device and listen to the conversations or surroundings. It is more than just important if you want to spy on a business partner, to know where your child is or what he is planning to do.  The service is available on both versions of the device for non-jailbroken and rooted devices. Once the recording is completed the app will download it and you will have the ability to listen to the recording from your control panel.

  • Logs

It is one of the simplest features the app has and the one that we especially like. You have a long section in the control panel of the app. From there you can check all the logs on the targeted device. For example, you will see the recent calls, messages and etc.

Is it legal?

Is iKeymonitor for android or iOS legal to use? Yes, it is. As you should know by now the app is developed to help the parents protect their children and to prevent cyberbullying or online threats in general. Add the fact you will basically use the app on the smartphone you own (it is on your name) and you can see that there are no legal issues to worry about. The last thing we should add here is that the app is legal to use in different states and countries.

If you are still worried about legality to be free to check with your local authorities. iKeymonitor android or iOS versions are both the same and the same rules apply to both of them. Once you are certain that the app is safe to use and there are no legal issues, you can start a free trial and eventually purchase a complete version. Almost 99% of users who tested it have been using it ever since.

The next reason why you can be positive that the app is legal to use is the fact it is completely stealth. What this means is that there are no traces of it nor anything similar that may reveal the presence of the app. You can install it and use it all the time if you like and it won’t reveal its presence. When nobody knows that the app is present, there is no reason to worry about legality. In addition, you can also remove the app remotely and it will delete the traces of the entire code. In other words, there won’t be any traces that prove the app was installed and used on the targeted device. If you are worried at some point, you can simply delete it and you are done. According to user iKeymonitor reviews, this is one of the main features and the main advantages of the app.

iKeymonitor vs mSpy

Both iKeymonitor iPhone and Android versions have the same codding but they are designed for different operating systems. This means that they have the same functionality. mSpy is a similar app that has almost identical features and also works on both platforms. There are a few differences. mSpy doesn’t require from a device to be jailbroken or rooted. This is the main advantage and honestly the main difference. However, this is available only with the high-end version of the app which is more expensive than iKeymonitor version. New version of iKeymonitor is also able to be installed on stock operating systems of a smartphone. The app is a bit more complicated to use and it comes without a free plan. On the other hand, we have 3 days of free trial plan iKeymonitor offers to all new, potential users.

There are a few additional differences. MSpy is unable to take screenshots and it won’t be able to obtain messages from some, rare apps such as Hike and etc. iKeymonitor can help you read all the messages that are loaded on the phone. Other than that there are no major differences and both apps work well on most devices and they are easy to use. Legality is the same and the customer support is outstanding. You can contact customer support agents at any given moment and they will help you with any issue you may have. In this short iKeymonitor vs mSpy comparison, which app did you like more?

iKeymonitor vs Spyzie

Spyzie is an alternative. iKeymonitor vs Spyzie comparison is a bit more complicated than previous comparison. First of all, their features are almost the same and you get the same level of confidentiality. Both apps are developed for the same reason and they are simple to use and install. However, Spyzie can be installed on stock operating systems. In other words, you don’t have to jailbreak or root a device.

Some of the major differences are the price and the keystroke option. Spyzie is a basic app that comes at a lower price but without some of the advanced features. iKeymonitor is more expensive but it comes with all the apps you can think of. Also, you can use the keystroke feature which is the best possible of all the apps. There is no need to mention that iKeymonitor offers 3 days free trial and it is available in various plans. On the other side, all of the plans are more expensive than Spyzie.

At the end of the day, it is up to you which app is more suitable for you. Both apps cannot be detected and they are made for protecting your loved ones. Millions of people have been using them for years and they will continue to use them in the future. Ideally, you would test both apps and you will find the one that matches your criteria just right.

iKeymonitor free trial has been one of the main benefits and the one we liked a lot. In general, users get the ability to test the app and see how it actually works. In the trial mode, you have activated only the most basic features but you will still get an idea on how the app works and it is the best option for you.

The final word

Our iKeymonitor review has come to the end and now you know all about the app in question and you are ready to start a free trial or to choose a plan and get a full version. All you have to remember is that the app is easy to use, effective in 100% cases and it cannot be detected. You can use it at any given moment and you can use it as long as you like. When you are done, simply delete the app from the targeted device and you are done.