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How Does Bark App Work? Is It Legit?

Before we dive into our Bark App review, here's what we want you to know:

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If you are looking for the best parental control app, Bark should definitely make it on your shortlist. Among so many other spy apps that you might be tempted to invest in, chances are that Bark will charm you the most. It is quite different than other parental control apps too so get ready to discover a new world of features!

Bark is one of those monitoring apps that are both easy to use and highly efficient. You can use it even if your experience with the Internet and computers is limited. The friendly interface of Barks remains one of its main qualities. We put together one of the most complex reviews of this software that you will find online. But let’s dive deeper into the features of this parental control app and see what you can make out of it should you decide to use it!

Why should you use Bark?

Do you want to know what your kids are up to on their phone, laptop or tablet? Maybe you are concerned that your children are missing school or exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. Either way, Bark will help you make sure that your children are safe and they stay away from digital temptations. We know that it is hard to keep kids and teenagers away from technology and if you use a parental control app like Bark, you don’t even need to do that. Use this app to track all their activities on their phone or any other devices and you will stay on top of any potential problems. You need to know if your child is a victim of any threats, cyberbullying, or other hazards that are so common in the online environment. And Bark allows you to have access to such information to protect your kids.

It is important, however, to understand that Bark is not similar to other parental control apps you might find on the market. You will see that its features are unique and they allow you to control your kids’ in a more holistic way so to speak. Keep reading to unveil the secrets of this app as we lined them all up for you in the following sections!

The Most Attractive Bark Features:

Before you decide if this is one of the control apps that you should try, you should be aware of the features of Bark. This is not one of the control apps that give you access to all the data on a certain target device. However, only because you can’t use it to access all your kids’ accounts, doesn’t mean that is not an efficient software. As soon as you get familiar with its features, you will understand its benefits as well as why this is one of the best parental control programs.

Complete monitoring of the online activity on a certain device

Bark will monitor all your child’s activity from their emails, social networks, and texts. You will not have to spend hours going through all the daily data of your kid’s phone so you will save a significant amount of time. Chances are that most of the conversations and pictures on your child’s phone are perfectly safe so you would be wasting a lot of hours going through them. With Bark, however, you can skip all this research and trust the algorithm of this software for identifying the exact trouble messages that require your attention.

Sends you alerts only when there is a worrisome activity

Bark will only send you an alert on your email address when it identifies an inappropriate activity on the target phone. You will have the possibility to set up the kind of alerts you want to receive. From the main problems, Bark identifies based on set keywords we mention essential ones like cyberbullying, violence, sexual content, depressions, suicidal content or self-harm, profanity, weapons or ammunition and others. Each type of risk comes with certain keywords that get used in texts or calls. Bark identifies these signs and alerts you so you can take the appropriate measures.

Monitors up to 24 social media platforms

We know that children and teens are fans of social networks. There are so many social networks nowadays that it might seem impossible to track them all. But with Barks, this is not only possible but even fairly easy. Bark helps you track not less than 24 social media platforms in a short period of time. It scans all the chats, comments and messages exchanged between different accounts and the account of your kid and alerts you when an inappropriate activity takes place. You can rely on Bark for tracing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Kik, as well as other apps that your child might use. Use this monitoring Bark app to control all the social media accounts your child might have.

Compatible with Android and iOS

The compatibility of Bark is an interesting feature as it differs from Android to iOS. While this spy app is compatible with both these operating systems, it is more difficult to install it on an iPhone device because you need to contact Apple and let them know so they can assist you. For Android however, the installation process is quite simple so if your child uses an Android device you shouldn’t have any problems.

The check-in feature

Bark doesn’t give you the possibility to set up screen time limit or to block access to certain websites. However, it does offer you a check-in feature that you can set up. If you activate this feature, the user of the target device will have to check in every time they get online with their phone or computer. Over time, you might discover that this feature is a lot more useful than screen time limit, or at least a very good alternative to it. The only downside compared to the screen time feature is that the check in feature requires your child to collaborate and actually introduce their check in data.

How Does The Bark App Work?

Using the Bark app is not complicated at all. As a matter of fact, once you are done installing it, you don’t have to worry about many aspects. So, let’s start with the installation steps as these are the most important.

You will have to download the Bark app on the target device that you need to monitor remotely. Keep in mind that you can use this parental control app on as many devices as you want, without having to cover any extra fees. If you need to install it on an Apple device, you will have to talk to one of the Apple representatives and allow them to guide you towards the best installation method. However, if you want to install it on an Android device, chances are that you can do that with no assistance. You should be ready for this process to take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Create an account and download the software

Before anything else, create a personal account on the Bark website. Make sure to use an email address and password that you will easily remember later on because you might want to access this account quite often. This email will turn out to be very useful if you lose your password as well as if you need customer support.

Once you have an active and verified account you can move forward and actually download the Bark app. Get the app version that is compatible with the target device you need to track, as there will be more options to choose from when you download it. The easiest version to install remains the Android one.

Install Bark and set it up

Run the installation process and follow the instructions of the Bark software. You will get all the assistance you need as you go through this phase. Once your software is successfully installed on the target device, you will have to establish the settings you want.

Chose the social media platforms you want to monitor, email addresses and types of text messages. Parents are particularly interested in text messages as they are very common and easy tools for hazardous activities like threats of violence. When you connect these apps to the Bark’s interface, all you have to do is return the device to your child and wait for potential notifications.

Bark will send you an alert every time they identify an activity that is putting your child in danger by using keywords and slang as well as acronyms scans. You will not have access to all the logs on your kid’s phone but you don’t need it either. This software acts like a virtual guardian on the device that your child uses.

What Apps Can Bark See?

Barks can see an impressive number of apps as well as different kinds. You can set it up to connect to 24 social media platforms of all kinds but also to Google docs which is not a concern for many parents. However, many inappropriate documents get exchanged through this Google platform and you should definitely monitor them as well.

You can use this app to track texts, messages of all types, emails and even browsing history. Children are curious so sometimes bullying is not the main problem but their curiosity to access certain websites might be an issue. You get a notification every time your child is accessing an inappropriate website as well which is why you should connect their browser to the app’s interface as well.

How Much Does Bark App Cost?

As great as this software seems to be, it doesn’t come for free. But its prices are relatively budget friendly so there is no need to worry either. The good news is that Bark only comes with one version that allows you to monitor how many devices you want. This is very useful if you have more than one child or if your child uses more than one device.

You can pay for this control app as a monthly plan or a yearly plan. The monthly plan costs $14 for as many devices as you want to track. Similarly, the yearly plan comes at a cost of $99 which is a much better option if you want to save some money for your investment in the long term. As you sign in and choose a plan, you also get a seven days trial with this software which, again, in a very good advantage. You can change your plan at any time from a monthly payment plan to a yearly one.

A more limited version of Bark is Bark Jr. You can use this successfully if your kids are young but it will not offer you enough control for teens for instance. Bark Jr allows you to track screen time, browsing history and location check-ins but it doesn’t come with any other features. This simplified version of Bark comes at a price of $5 per month and $49 per year which is also significantly cheaper than the full-option version of the same control app.

Can Bark see deleted messages?

Bark will track all the activity on a certain device. It will also monitor those messages that get deleted as you will receive real time alerts in case there is any form of cyberbullying. After a certain message gets deleted, you will still be able to see the notification coming from a specific keyword in the message. If the deleted message didn't contain any dangerous keyword, you will not be able to see it, though. This app doesn't show you all the messages like other monitoring apps. But it notifies you every time a sensitive chat comes up on the target device.

Can Bark block apps?

Unfortunately, bark doesn't give you the possibility to block websites or apps as you can't actively control the device you monitor. But it offers you so many other features that will improve your experience. You will not have to waste time going through all the apps and chats on a certain phone. This software will just take you exactly where the problems are!

Can Bark see SnapChat pictures?

Yes, Bark can see SnapChat pictures as well as other pictures on the social apps that run on the target device. However, unlike other monitoring apps, this software will not allow you to take screenshots or save these media files. It works on an algorithm of keywords so it will identify hazardous words. Due to this algorithm, the fact that it does check the media files too will not be of much use for you. But if there are any sensitive messages on SnapChat, you can count on receiving the alerts you need from Bark.

Is Bark A Safe App?

Bark is one of the safest softwares you can use to keep your child safe. Because it runs on a holistic algorithm, you will only be notified if your child receives or sends any sensitive content. Unless you activate the check-in function, they will not even know that you are running Bark on their phone. This app is small in size and it is not easy to detect!


Even if it might take you a bit to get used to this new way of monitoring your kid, you will fall in love with Bark pretty soon. It saves you plenty of research time and keeps you on top of any potential risks that your child might be exposed to. The fact that you can set this app to notify you only when your kid is in any virtual trouble, gives you the possibility to fix the issue as soon as it appears so you will not have to deal with dangerous consequences later on.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly control app, Bark might be just what you need! This parental control app comers with all rights reserved and you can check the policy it uses right when you install it.