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mSpy Review - How To Install & Use mSpy

Choosing a good monitoring app to keep an eye on your child can be challenging. You need an app that will offer you all the options you want at a very accessible level. The interface of such an app is also very important because it should be both efficient and user-friendly. Assuming that you are not an expert in terms of spy apps or technology, you should consider software that you can rely on.

MSpy is one of the best spying apps that you can invest in. But in order to understand fully how mSpy works we should let you in the details of this software. We covered all the aspects you might be interested in, from that features of mSpy to the most important questions you might have. Without further due, let’s get into the details you need to know before investing in mSpy as well as what you could expect from this parental control software.

Why Use mSpy

You might have many reasons for using mSpy but the most common one is to protect your child from potential risks. In nowadays society, the temptations that kids come across can be dangerous and expose them to significant consequences. If your kid is a victim of online harassment or cyberbullying, you will be aware of this from the beginning. That way, as a parent, you can take the appropriate measures and keep your kid away from such hazards.

But mSpy is not just a very good parental control app. You can also use it to monitor your spouse. Since it allows you to monitor everything from GPS location, text messages, call logs to social media accounts and media files, you will find out if your partner is not faithful. If your spouse is cheating on you or hiding things from you, most likely the proof of such behavior would be on their cell phone. By using the mSpy app, you can count on the fact that you will know what your spouse is up to and decide the future of your relationship in a much better way.

Besides using mSpy as a parental control option or a monitoring app for your partner, you can also use it to track your employees. We know that your employees should increase the productivity of your company and this is not possible if they waste time during working hours. With mSpy, you can track their activity on their devices and see if they work in the interest of your company or another interest. This app will help you put together a trustworthy team that you can rely on at all times.

Benefits Of Using mSpy

The following benefits might be more or less obvious but you can definitely use them to better your life. These advantages will be different depending on whom you use this spy app on as it will bring different ones if you use it for your spouse or your coworkers and child.

You can use it to keep your child away from online bullying which is very common nowadays. Since this app allows you to monitor all their social media accounts as well as other apps they might have on their phone, you will be aware of all their interactions.

Also, you can be aware of any threats your child might be a victim of in both online and offline environments. These threats could be extremely dangerous and they can even result in real risks. However, if you know about them ahead of time, you will have the opportunity to protect your child better.

If your kid is a teenager, you know that missing school for more fun activities can be a constant temptation at this age frame. But mSpy offers you a GPS location feature so you know at all times where your kids are.

As we mentioned, you can use this spy app to check if your spouse is cheating on you. Finding weird text messages or inappropriate social media chats can be all you need to end or fix your relationship. If your partner is cheating on you and you have the proof, you can confront them in a much efficient way.

Using mSpy to track your coworkers will also help you see if they are talking about you behind your back. It will help you identify the trust issues you have in your team and fix them in the best way possible.

And finally, you can use this mSpy on your own devices. If for no other reason than the GPS location can turn out very efficient if you are losing your phone or if someone steals it. There is no need to panic every time you can’t find your phone because one simple click on the mSpy control panel will tell you the location of your device.

Most Important Features

Even if you might have guessed some of the features that mSpy has to offer, we should address each one of them for a much better understanding. Knowing what each feature can do for you, will help you make the most out of this monitoring software! The following features will be available on most cell phones and if one of them is not available for you, there is great tech support to help you!

GPS tracking

GPS tracking is one of the most important features of mSpy and the reason why many people choose this app over others. GPS location comes in more versions. You can use it to check the past location of the user and current location on a map. The current location will show you where the device is in real-time. This feature can be very efficient if you track your child or if you lost your own device. You can access the GPS map right from your control panel by simply signing into your mSpy account.

Track all the text messages you want

You might think that most spy apps allow you to track text messages such as SMS ones or MMS ones. But mSpy takes this feature a level higher. Not only that you can track the incoming and outgoing text messages but you can also read the ones that the user deleted. We know that text messages with sensitive information might get deleted fast especially to not allow any tracking activities. But if you use mSpy, you can see all types of messages with no problem. You will also know when or if a certain text message was erased from the target device.

Stay aware of all the call history

Since you will use mSpy on a target phone, tracking call logs is one of the musty have features you might be looking for in this software. It is important to know who is calling your child or spouse as well as the calls they initiate. Most often than not, important information is exchanged through phone calls rather than text as it doesn’t leave any trace like that. This is why it is important to notice if there is a certain number that pups up more often than others. You can check the hours at which the conversations took place as well as the complete duration of each phone call.

Check out all the chats

We established that you can check out text messages both incoming and outgoing ones but what about other types of chats. With so many social media apps available nowadays, your child might use other platforms to keep in touch with people. This spy software gives you access to any type of chat on the target phone. You can track Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram DMs, Whatsapp, Kik, or any other online chat app. To access complete conversations, all you have to do is log into the mSpy account and see each chat on your control panel.

The keylogger feature

If you install mSpy on an Android cell phone you get access to the keylogger feature. This is a bonus feature that is only available on Android phones. To enjoy the keylogger, the Android version has to be a minimum 4.0 one. By using this feature you see everything the user types on the target device. MSpy records all the keystrokes on the phone so you will be aware of sensitive information such as passwords, emails, or any other important information the user types.

Access to all emails

For those who want to track their coworkers, employees but even if you track your family members, checking their emails can be a very efficient feature. You will see the incoming and outgoing emails from the target device and by doing so, you can be aware of more aspects of the user’s life. This feature is available for all email platforms including the famous Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. You have the key to any email you are interested in reading right in the control panel of your mSpy account.

See all media files

Sometimes a picture can make more than a thousand words. With mSpy you can track all the photos, videos or audio files on the target cell phone. You can even see the ones that the user deleted and you can save them into your control panel. This is a feature that can give you a proof of cheating or dishonest behavior in a blink of an eye and with no additional effort. And it is available on all versions of mSpy app.

Browsing history

Checking the browsing history of a user can tell you a lot of things about that person. You will find out some of their interests and also how they spend the majority of their time. MSpy helps you check the browsing history on a target phone. You will see what previous websites the user visited as well as how much time they spent on each website. And this feature will work just as well on each browser they might be using.

Contact list and calendar

Having access to the contacts on the target phone is very efficient. You can check out the contacts your child ore spouse saved on their phone and easily notice which ones they use more frequently. At the same time, mSpy gives you the possibility to check any planner application they might be using. You will see their schedule as well as the to-do lists and other notes they might be saving on their device. If you use mSpy to track your child, checking their schedule can help you correct any time they might waste with activities that are not in their benefit.

Keywords notifications

They keywords notification feature is very useful for busy parents that still want to stay on top of any online risks when it comes to their children. It is a very easy to use feature. All you have to do is set up some keywords and the mSpy app will notify you every time those words appear in a chat conversation, a text or an online search. This will save you from plenty of hours of reading through chats and archives. You will have to set up the keywords in a wise way. For instance, make a list that would be representative of cyberbullying chats or online threats. You can also use words like “drugs”, “weapons” or “sex” and you will receive an alert every time your child comes across one of these keywords.

Control the apps and websites you allow on the phone

A very original feature of mSpy that you might not find in many other similar apps is the fact that you can block any app or website you want on the target phone. First, you will have to check the apps that are already installed on the target device and you can decide which one of these apps might not be appropriate for your child. Once you identified the app you can use the control panel of your mSpy account to block it. From the moment you block it, the user will not be able to access that app. The same technique goes for websites of all kinds.

Block calls and texts

Similarly, with blocking the apps or websites, mSpy allows you to block any call log or texts from certain accounts as well. If you consider that there are hazardous contacts on the phone’s memory, all you have to do is block them. This will stop any incoming or outgoing interaction between the target phone and a particular contact. If you use mSpy to track your child this could turn out to be a very safe and useful feature!

It is completely invisible

The most important aspect about spy apps of all kinds is their discretion level. You might not want the person you are tracking to know that you are using such a spy software on their phone. And to be completely covered, mSpy can become invisible once you install it. The icon will disappear from the phone’s screen as well and this app has such a small size that no one will notice its presence in any device.


You will be glad to find out that mSpy is compatible with almost any type of device that uses an Android or iOS system. The versions of the app might defer as well as some features of it but you can use it nevertheless.

Jailbroken iOS devices

You can install mSpy on iOS devices that are jailbroken or that are not jailbroken. In the case of jailbroken iPhone or iPad you will need an operating system with an iOS version between 6 – 8.4; 9 – 9.1. Either one of these iOS versions will work just as well so you don't need to update them unless you have to do that. You should also make sure that the target device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Keep in mind that you should have physical access to the device in order to install this spy app successfully.

iOS devices for mSpy without jailbreak

If you use an iOS device without jailbreak, you should also have access to the phone in order to download and install mSpy. You will also need the iCloud credentials if your iPhone or iPad is not jailbroken. The iCloud credentials are the ID and password of your Apple account. Furthermore, you will have to deactivate the two steps authentication for your particular Apple ID and also turn on the iCloud backup feature from the settings of the device. The target iPhone or iPad should also have Wi-Fi networks connection during the installation.

Android devices

You can use mSpy on Android devices as well. This spy app will be compatible with any Android system of 4.0 or higher. You should check the internet connection before trying to use mSpy on any Android device, being it a phone or a tablet. However, this app is not offering the same features for rooted and unrooted devices. Tracking apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp or Gmail will require you to use a rooted device. Also, other instant messages platforms might need a rooted phone to function properly. Just like with iOS devices, you will need to have physical access to the device you install mSpy on.

Windows devices

MSpy used to be available for several versions of Windows and you could install it on any laptop with one of these operating system. However, nowadays, the manufacturer stopped the Windows version of this app, therefore you might not be able to use it on a computer.

MAC devices

Similarly with the Windows version, the MAC version of mSpy is no longer available on the market. But considering that this spy app is compatible with Android and iOS devices you might not feel the need to add it to a MAC device as well.

How much does mSpy cost?

As you most likely expected, mSpy comes at different prices according to the plan you choose as well as the version of this app that you prefer. There are three versions of mSpy: Basic, Premium and No Jailbreak. The Basic version comes at a cost of $29.99 per month and $99.99 per year. At the same time, if you choose the Premium version, you will have to pay around $69.99 for one month and $199.99 for 12 months. Ultimately, the No Jailbreak version of mSpy comes with the same price as the Premium version.

Considering the important features of mSpy, you will find the price of this app rather budget-friendly. Plus, if you choose the annually subscription you will enjoy a significant discount so this app will be that much more worth it.

How to install mSpy?

Installing mSpy is very easy, regardless of the type of target device you use or its operating system. Here are the main steps that you will have to go through in order to start using mSpy!

1. First of all, you will need to get a hold of the target phone you want to use in order to download and install mSpy. This might be easier or harder depending on who the user of this target device is. If you are trying to track your child’s or partner’s phone it might be easier to get a hold of it than if you want to track your coworker’s phone. You will only need to get access to the actual phone when you install mSpy because after this stage, you will be able to control the app remotely by simply using your mSpy login information.

2. Purchase the mSpy version and plan that you are interested in using. You can do that by accessing the mSpy website. You will find there all the plans available as well as all the versions so you can get the one that will be compatible with the operating system or your target phone. When you completed the purchase, you will receive an email with your log in information so you can access your account. This first email you receive from mSpy will also come with all the instructions you need to use the app without any problems.

3. You should confirm the email you receive from your computer or phone. Once you hit the confirmation link, you will get to the control panel of your mSpy account. Here you will find further instructions on how to install this tracking app on the target device of your choice so follow them carefully.

4. The next step will be to download the version of mSpy you want on the target device. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You also have to grant the access mSpy asks during download such as access to photos, contacts or other apps on the phone.

5. When the download phase is done, all you have left to do is install the spy app on the target device. This will also be a rapid step with just a few minutes of time invested in it. After the installation, you can set up the keywords list if you need to use this m Spy feature. When all the settings are complete your mSpy app will start running in the invisible mode on the background of your target phone. The user of the phone you track will not notice that there is mSpy app running on their device.

6. When you decide that you no longer need to use mSpy, you can simply uninstall it remotely from your control panel. You can also change certain settings from your mSpy account. So, you will not have to get a hold of the target device at all once you downloaded and installed the mSpy app on it.

Can mSpy be installed remotely?

No, unfortunately, mSpy is not the type of spy app that can be installed remotely on any target device. As a matter of fact, this is not possible for any type of app. There are some programs that can be installed by sending a random file to the target phone. Once the user opens the file, the installation of a spy app begins. But this is not the case with mSpy.

Keep in mind though that you can always uninstall and control mSpy remotely which is a significant advantage.

Does mSpy really work?

It is normal to be skeptical when it comes to a spy app that you want to try out. After all there are so many options to choose from on the market that you might be confused in finding just the one you need. But the truth is that mSpy is the type of monitoring app that you can definitely rely on. It will offer you impeccable results regardless to whom you want to monitor with this software.

The first thing that you should do when you question the efficiency of a spy app is to check the previous reviews. The fact that mSpy will become invisible as soon as you install it on your target device is a very useful aspect. Plus, the features of this app make it a very efficient investment that will change your life as soon as you start using it. So, mSpy is definitely the type of spy app that you can not only rely on but also use with the entire trust.

How To Use mSpy

Using mSpy is just as easy as installing it. As soon as you get this app going all you have to do is access the control panel. You will use the log in information you established when you set up your mSpy account. Keep in mind that you can use this app from any other device including your personal phone, laptop or tablet.

As soon as you open your control panel, you have access to all the data you might be interested in checking out. You will be able to select the type of information you want to uncover. You can choose to check different conversations from a variety of chatting platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viper, and even Instagram direct messages. You can save these chats in your phone or laptop by downloading copies of these conversations.

Similarly, you can check out other sections of your control panel such as browsing history, social media accounts, text messages, call logs and GPS location. Each section is easy to find and access with a simpler click. You can use the control panel to access any media file you want as well, including pictures, audio files and videos.

Every time you access any type of information you want, the user of the target device will have no idea. This app is completely discreet and entirely safe so you have nothing to worry about.

If by any chance you run into certain issues with your control panel, you can get in touch with the customer support. This spy app has great customer support that you can access via email or phone. You can get in contact with the customer support team at any hour and in any day as they have a 24/7 schedule. But chances are that you will not need there help very often as mSpy tends to be the type of spy app that works smoothly.

How long does it take for mSpy to work?

MSpy will start working almost as soon as you finish installing it. The moment your installation is complete, mSpy will start to run in the invisible mode on the background of the target device. The user of the phone you want to track will not notice the presence of mSpy as it will not take much space in the device’s memory not it will require for any updated approval.

You can get access to the data you want immediately by simply using your control panel. So, it just takes minutes from the moment you download and install mSpy on a device until you can get the data you want on your account.

However, it is important to have realistic expectations at the sa\me time. This means that you should be aware of the fact that mSpy will track the activities on the target device from the moment you install this app on it. It will not track previous messages, files or any other information. You can consider the installation moment the time when your adventure with mSpy starts.

Is mSpy legal?

One of the most common concerns for people who decide to use mSpy is how legal this app actually is. It is essential to understand that the legal aspect of this app depends on the way you use it. If you use it to track your child’s phone activity, you should know that you have nothing to worry about, especially if your kid is underage. In such a situation, the phone your child uses is most likely on your name which makes using mSpy completely legal since you will install this tracking software on your own property.

At the same time, if you use mSpy to track your employees, most likely you will track work phones with this app. Work phones are also your property which eliminates any legal concern as well. So, using mSpy on any type of device that you legally own, shouldn’t give any worries.

However, if you want to use mSpy on a phone that is not your property, you can simply tell the person that owns the phone what are your intentions. This can be tricky because many times, the legal owner of a device is not also the user of that device. Thanks to this aspect it might be easier than you expected to get in the legal path of this.

You can also take the risk of simply installing mSpy on a device you want to track and count on the fact that this app is completely undetectable. Being invisible as mSpy runs in the background of the device, no one will ever be aware of the fact that you used this spy app.

Can mSpy see deleted messages?

If you are interested in monitoring also deleted messages, mSpy will help you do that as well. Since you will get the messages in real time, you will also be aware of the moment they got deleted at. You can check all the messages, from the control panel of this software. This feature applies to text messages as well as online chats and other social media interactions. And truth being told, deleted messages might be the most interesting ones so you don't want to miss them out!

Does mSpy show up on phone?

This app is extremely discreet, which is also one of its best qualities. You will not have to worry about any notifications or updates showing up on the target device. Once you install this software, it will run in stealth mode so that the user will never be aware of it. The only person who will be able to see the data stored on this app as well as control it will be you, as long as you log into your control panel.


Can my child see mSpy on their phone?

No, unless you tell them. MSpy encourages open communication between parents and their children. So, the best way is to tell your child about the presence of mSpy on the device that they use. But if you don’t feel comfortable to tell them about this app, you can count on the fact that mSpy is undetectable. The icon of this app gets hidden automatically after the installation process is complete. You have the option to choose if you want to keep the icon visible as well. But unless you choose this option, mSpy will become completely invisible.

How to get the mSpy software?

In order to get the best version of mSpy you should check the official website of this app. You can find it on Google play as well as the iOS store but it is a lot easier to download it from the official source. Once you got the app and paid the subscription of your choice you will receive all the instructions you needed to install mSpy properly. You will also get a download link that you can use for the target device of your choice.

Do I need any experience in order to use mSpy?

No, everyone can use mSpy as it is easy and relatively accessible. You can make the most out of it even if you are not tech savvy. It will help however to be familiar with a phone and the way apps work. But even if you are not, you can still check the control panel of mSpy and install it with no hassle.


MSpy is the best monitoring software you might want to use if you are interested in tracking a certain device. It is easy and very efficient while no one will be able to detect it at the same time. Make sure to install this app properly by using the right type of version according to the target device you have in mind. This mSpy review should make it easier for you to decide if you can use this software for your situation.