Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy VPN Review - Is Lifetime Subscription Worth It?

If you are looking for a great VPN service and not invest too much in it, Ivacy is one of your best options. In a world that is heavily relying on internet and digital services, your privacy becomes very important. Plus, if you want to access online content that has a geographical block on it, you can always do that by using a VPN service like Ivacy.

But choosing a good VPN is not always as easy as it might seem. There are different services that offer different features and the plans you have to pay for them vary as well. Ivacy is one of the best VPNs you can find if you are on a budget. It has all the features you might be interested in and you can choose from different plans. We put together the most complex Ivacy review online so you know exactly what to expect from this service. So, keep reading to see if this service is the VPN that you need!

Why do you need to use a VPN service

There are subjective and objective reasons why you should consider investing in a VPN service. But by far the best reason to go after is the fact that such a platform will protect your privacy online. You can use a random IP address that doesn’t give away your location and you can access all types of websites from all over the world.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and it allows you to have access to different streaming services online and maintain an anonymous online behavior at all times. Ivacy offers you all these benefits at some of the best costs on the market.

With Ivacy VPN service you can access streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or BBC and you can download any torrent file you are interested in. As a matter of fact, being able to access streaming platforms and download content fast and with no hassle is one of the most common reasons people have for using such a VPN platform. It allows you to get all the entertaining content you want right from the comfort of your house without having to struggle at all.

What is Ivacy?

Ivacy is a VPN service based in Singapore that you can get for as cheap as $1 per month. Among the features of this VPN you will find an IPv6 protection as well as a DDoS protection and many others.

You can use this VPN to access all types of websites from all over the world. It lets you enjoy some of the most popular online contents such as Netflix or Amazon Prime but also Disney+ and Torrent, in various countries as well as less popular sites that you might be interested in. However, the speed will be an average one, yet still optimum for an hassle free online journey. The range when it comes to the speed of this VPN goes from 75 Mbs to 170 Mbs. The variation of the speed will depend a lot on your equipment so it is a rather subjective matter.

We love the fact that Ivacy supports different platforms as well. You can use it on Windows devices, Mac devices, Android as well as iOS and Chrome. It is very efficient on Firefox and even Android tv too. Keep in mind that the efficiency of Ivacy might also differ according to the operating system you have. As a general rule, this VPN service is considered to work best on Windows platforms and come at a more basic set of features for Mac operated devices.

You will find all the support protocols you need as well it comes with OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2 or L2TP and IPSec. It has a kill switch as well as a split tunneling for Windows. This could be considered a downside as the split tunneling doesn’t work for iOS or Mac devices.

The same difference that you will find on Ivacy for Windows and Ivacy for Mac you will find on iOS and Android devices too. The Android version is richer in features compared to the iOS version but ultimately, both of them will offer you the online protection that you need. However, even with those limitations, you will still be able to go from IKEV protocol to the IPSec protocol when you use Ivacy on iOS devices.

Main benefits of Ivacy

Ivacy comes with plenty of benefits that you will enjoy from the first time you use this VPN. Here are the main benefits that will help you decide whether or not this is a good choice for you.

It supports five simultaneous connections

The efficiency of this VPN service is increased by the fact that you can use it on five different connections. This makes your investment worth it that much more. It is easy to add Ivacy on all your devices as well. This platform works just as fine on your desktop or laptop as it does on your smartphone or tablet. And the features are the same so you don’t have to add different settings for each device.

It has a budget-friendly price

The fact that this VPN service comes at a budget-friendly price is most likely one of its best benefits. You will not have to spend a fortune to hide your IP or access services and websites you always wanted to enjoy. And the longer your subscription is, the better the price will get.

Ivacy has unbeatable prices not only for their subscriptions but also for potential extra services you might be interested in purchasing.

Great customer service

You will definitely appreciate the customer service you receive as you use Ivacy. All you have to do is check their website and choose the customer service method you want. You can contact the Ivacy team via a live chat service as well as via email. They also offer plenty of articles to go through in casde you want more information on this VPN service. There are also plenty of reviews that other clients left on the Ivacy website so you can also go through them and find plenty of answers.

It is important to mention that the customer service is available 24/7 so you can find the solutions you need at every hour.

Price of Ivacy

You will discover that Ivacy comes at a very affordable price. The price per month gets cheaper if you choose a longer subscription. The most expensive plan of this service is a $9.95 per month. But you can purchase it for a five year subscription for $60. if you choose to do that you will not pay more than $1 per month.

If you choose a one year subscription, you will have to pay $42 which breaks it down to $3.50 per month. This is still a very budget-friendly option compared to the rest of the VPN platforms on the market.

A great advantage of this platform is that it offers you a money back guarantee policy as well. if you chose a one month subscription you get a seven days time frame to use the money back policy. Also, if you get a year subscription or a five year subscription you have a 30 day window to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with this VPN service.

We have to mention that if you want a special IP address you can get that for only $1.99 monthly. If you want port forwarding too, it will cost you $1 extra each month as well. You will have the chance to add all these extra services if you want them as you purchase the type of subscription you prefer.

As far as payment methods go, you will have plenty of options to choose from as well. You can choose to cover the Ivacy bill with Paypal, your credit card or even Bitpay, Coingate or Perfectmoney. All payment methods are secure and easy to use regardless of the country you are from.

Once you paid for your Ivacy plan all you have to do is download the app and install it on your device. The app is very intuitive and you will not have to be a technology expert to follow the steps indicated on it.

Is Ivacy offering enough privacy?

One of the main aspect clients from all over the world are interested in is the privacy they have by using the Ivacy VPN. You will find a very well detailed privacy policy on the Ivacy website as this is a very transparent platform.

As it is explained in the privacy policy, you will be glad to know that Ivacy doesn’t monitor or log your browsing activities, initial IP addresses or connection logs. Your privacy is respected when it comes to your outgoing traffic as well as browsing history or the data you access and the time you spend on a connection.

While you use Ivacy you will enjoy protection that comes from features such as kill switch, 256-bit encryption, IPv6 Leak Protection but also DNS encryption as well as DDoS protection.

The only shortcoming of this nework is that it doesn’t have a privacy audit. Therefore, all the claims you will find in the privacy policy are a matter of trusting this platform as you can’t verify that they offer these privacy services. Even with no evidence to support this privacy features, you don’t have reasons for concern as no clients complained about any of them and there are plenty of testimonials to prove the quality of the privacy services. There is however hope that Ivacy will develop an audit system so that all the clients can count on the fact that their privacy is as much respected as they see on the VPN policy.

Ivacy on Torrenting and Streaming

One of the most common reasons why people choose to invest in a VPN platform is the accessibility they have to streaming websites such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Ivacy VPN will not give you any difficulties when it comes to accessing such streaming platforms and many others. However, there might be occasions that require you more than one attempt to successfully get into the server. It depends on the type of server you want access to as there are many and the requirements are different.

As for the torrenting feature, Ivacy doesn’t just give you access but it also gives you the possibility to increase the speed. You can add the port forwarding feature for $1 monthly and you will be able to use Torrent features at a much better speed. Ivacy is not going to expose you to bandwidth throttling as it is a P2P friendly platform and runs very smooth. Downloading large torrent files while using Ivacy will most likely not be a problem.

With Ivacy you can watch all the content you want, from any corner of the planet. You will not have to waste hours to get the movie you were so eager to see as this VPN gives you easy access to both different streaming platforms and torrents so you can find all the entertainment you want with just a few clicks.


Considering all the aspects above, it is easy to conclude that Ivacy is one of the best VPN services for the price it comes at. You will not have to worry about efficiency or speed when you use this VPN. We love the fact that it does everything a VPN service should do with no hassle. And the fact that it comes with a great customer service can only be a plus. You can get in touch with an Ivacy representative any time and fix any type of issue you might have with this service. If you never used a VPN, Ivacy is a great first option as it is easy to use and it offers you all the support you need to make the most out of its features.