Why Are Personal Narrative Essays Hard To Write?

Writing in the first person proves to be a challenge for even the most experienced writers. Whenever you plan to publish independently or approach the agents for personal narrative essays, you need to understand the person’s perspective. A personal narrative essay reflects as an interesting type of paper for many writers. Therefore, you must write an essential consideration when it comes to the first-person perspective. But the issue is that it is tough since there are vulnerabilities of using repeated words and framing the story stepwise.

You Must Be Wondering What the Personal Narrative Essay Is?

The personal narrative essay refers to writing about personal experiences, like telling a story from your perspective. Compared to a personal narrative essay, it’s easy to write a simple narrative essay as there’s the opportunity to write fictional stories. But when it comes to personal narrative essays, it is like a short story related completely to you. First, you will have to mention what you have come across at that moment, and then, depending on your experiences, you will have to tell the readers about each phase. San Jose State University suggests that a personal narrative essay uses the components: introduction, plot, characters, setting, and conflict.

Now the question is, what makes it so tough?

Whenever it comes to personal narrative essays, they are tough to write because the word is used “I” too many times than needed. The words like “I” and “me” creep into each of those statements, and the essay starts sounding very monotonous. College essay suggests that choosing the right topic is a must. The personalized subject comes at starts ruining the flow of writing, consequently spoiling the readers’ attention. At times it may also happen that it becomes a bit tough to understand the true plot of the story.

The second issue that you may come across is building the series and sequences in the form of a personal narrative essay. Whenever you are writing the first person, you must create flat characters outside of the main narrator. There are vulnerabilities to involving too many characters that can ruin the entire experience or focus more on the supporting character. A personal essay should hold characteristics like the story is either an invented one or created by the writer. Sometimes, it’s good to talk about an actual event that the writer experienced first-hand.

For example, you may face the challenge of using the word “I” and “me” too many times in a paragraph. Eventually, it makes the paragraph sound monotonous. The truth is that you can’t escape these words at the same time. Let’s take an example: “I had been going to the market when I spotted him. But then I was just about to ask him where he was all the time, but I couldn’t. Before I could ask him, he disappeared!” So, you can see here that already the number of times “I” has been used.

Remember that there are two important elements that you need to consider when it comes to the personal narrative essay that is planning versus pantsing. First of all, whenever it is about the person’s narrative, you will have to plan out the story. Then, write the story by sequentially setting all the points. Besides, you will have to make sure that you are not using the words “I” and “me” too many times because it is enough to kill the vibes.

Final say

The best path you can follow with the personal narrative is to present it in a story, like a reflection about what has happened with you. Then, it will hold value for the essay. Though initially, you may feel it’s tough to combat these issues, it becomes easier to check the recurring flaws and move in the right direction with time and more practice!