smile essay how to make it fresh and interesting to read

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Writing an excellent academic essay remains an essential part of the college admission process in this country and this process requires a lot of research and knowledge during the summer. Every year, the topic, as well as the format of the essay required for this process, continues to change and the students who would like admission in the college need to comply with the process. Currently, one of the requirements for the admission process includes the smile essay. 

Like any other formats in academic essay writing, a smile essay requires comprehensive research on the topic and then start the writing process. But, as it is a new topic, the students face various issues related to content, structure, format, and so on and require some kind of assistance to complete the process, as well as the requirement of the process, and impress the college management. As there are very few sites that offer this assistance, the main focus of this article is to offer some help in form of some tips and tricks that can be used to write a powerful and effective smile essay. 

Tips and Tricks to Write a Successful Smile Essay

While writing an essay about a smile, you can start with a quotation about the smile, describe the smile of various people, or tell any interesting story about the smile you encountered in your personal life. Further, you can also talk about some famous smile in the world such as the smile of Mona Lisa, and so on. 

How to Study the Subject of the Topic?

The next tip for writing an effective essay would be to study the subject of the topic from various perspectives, that is, normal, academic, sociological, physiological, and physical aspects. Further, you can start the essay with its etymological and definitions from an academic point of view. In addition to that, you can also describe them from a cultural and psychological point of view. Further, in a smile essay, you can also describe the physical process that goes in the forming of a smile in a detailed process.

After that, you can offer information about the meaning of smile in different social situations, for example, while the smile conveys, positive emotions in some cases such as pleasure, joy, amusement, sociability, and happiness, it is also evident while expressing some negative emotions such as smirk, sarcasm, embarrassment, confusion, and so on. 

Find the Effect of a Good Smile 

In this smile essay, the next step would be to study the meaning of the smile in various cultural context and how it is used in the various personal and social situations, for example, in some cultures, it is also an essential part of any social transaction. 

Further in this smile essay, you can also explore the effect of a smile on the life of an individual and how it may transform or turn around their life for the better or worse. 


No doubt writing a smile essay is not easy, but it is also an important fact that you should forget the purpose of writing the smile essay, this is to impress the management and get the preference during the admission process. To accomplish this purpose, you need to write a proper introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion to maximize the effect and show your expertise in this area.