What are the key elements in a good thesis topic?

It is very important for someone looking for thesis topic ideas to understand the basic things an examiner may look for in your thesis. Getting an insight about the same will help you more than any tips for selecting thesis topics. 

Examiners may be considering 3 factors- novelty, context and competence. Now let us have a detailed scrutiny of these three.


Some times in certain cases it’s least feasible or even impractical to invent a new idea. If not all, a king part of new theories are reliant on a group of already existing ideas, either organized in a different way or put in on to a new scenario or problem.   

If you are keen to embrace novelty for thesis paper writing, there are three separate approaches that you may follow. First one is to strive for a unique result that was not achieved by anyone before. In such research papers, you have a well-defined goal; this is an advantage. However, there is a risk. May be any other group may supersede you and it could be an unpleasant experience. 

Another approach is selecting a particular subject and studying that to identify a problem that is yet to be addressed. This can be a demography, specific species of birds or any category of materials. 

The second approach is to pick a specific subject you want to study, and identify a question or problem that hasn’t been addressed before in that niche. This could be an explicit group of people, a species of butterfly or a new class of materials.

Third one for writing a thesis paper is a little bit different but it may seem monotonous if not comprehended carefully. Find a subject that is widely researched but is foreign to your methodology. Even if the methodology is not new, it should be novel to the concerned problem that you are planning to deal with through your research. 


Your quest may have landed you successfully with an exciting problem to address but it alone won’t help. You have to place it in the framework with prevailing study. 

This is very important. You should assure that the same was not done by anyone already. You can get inspired by other researcher’s methodologies. There should be a justification explaining the relevance of your research. 

It will also help if you read and get an idea regarding what others are doing in your concerned area of research for thesis paper writing.


Have a self-analysis done. It is not mandatory that everyone has the intellects or writing skills to write all topics for thesis paper writing. So, this has to be taken into consideration. You should gauge your expertise and think of all resources to which you have access.

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