What is an Expository Essay?

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What is an Expository Essay?

The expository essay is a form of essay that calls for one to search for a concept, analyse the evidence, explain the concept and produce an argument that focuses on the concept in a transparent and compact manner. The expository essay can be accomplished through compare and contrast, definitions, examples, analysis of cause and effect and so on. This particular type of essay writing is a common tool for classroom evaluation and can be found in several exam formats. There are mainly five most common types of expository essay writings such as descriptive essays, process essays, comparison essays, cause and effect essays and problem and solution essays.

The general system for writing an expository essay is to include five paragraphs as an expository essay generally contains a total of five paragraphs. The expository essay should be formulated within five paragraphs in a straightforward and concise manner. The essay must consist of an introductory paragraph, three evident body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. The expository essay should be written in the manner mentioned below.

A clear and compact thesis statement in the first paragraph

It is necessary that the thesis statement must be properly composed to gain the ability to ensue the guidelines that will be set forth in the assignment. The student it should have expertise in this portion of the essay as it is quite difficult to write an effective and persuasive essay. One must keep in mind that the thesis statement should be clear and compact enough to begin with as the beginning paragraph of an essay should always be startling which will result in attracting the attention of the reader.

Transparent and logical transition between introduction main body and the conclusion

Transitions are the factor that holds the fundamentals of the essay together to present a well knitted essay. Without a clear logical progression of thought it will be difficult for the reader to follow and understand the argument of the essay and the structure will be collapsed. Therefore in order to be understandable the essay should contain a transparent and sharp transition.

Body paragraph having evidential support

In the main body every paragraph should be narrowed to the commentary of one general concept. Each paragraph should describe and analyse one key idea that will allow clarity and direction throughout the essay. Furthermore the conciseness of a paragraph will make it easy for the reader to to read and understand the main topic of the essay. It is vital to note that each paragraph that is presented in the body paragraph must contain logical connection with the thesis statement that was described in the opening or introductory paragraph.

Evidential support

Speech paragraphs presented in the body should contain factual, logical, statistical or anecdotal evidence to support each sentence presented in the paragraph. An expository essay must be well supported by proper evidence in order to reach to the level of perfection.


To write a good expository essay or essays in general one must use their creative and artful mind. Therefore one must not be stuck in theories and evidence rather should address them with a bit of creativity and artfulness which will give the essay another dimension. Stocking with only e evidence and comparison the reader will lack interest to read the expository essay therefore one must keep in mind that they are not writing a next great novel yet their prime goal is to leave a lasting impression on the readers of the essay. Therefore a little creativity can do wonders.

Conclusion to re address the evidences provided

At this point of the essay where the writer is going to sum up the whole essay, one often struggles to point out the major evidence provided in the exposed history essay. This is the portion of the essay that will be the most impactful one as the concluding essay leaves the most existant impression on the mind of a reader. Therefore the concluding essay must be straightforward and concise describing the key points that were analysed throughout the essay. In the conclusion one must not include any new information rather synthesize the whole essay and come to a conclusion concerning and addressing the information presented in the body of the essay.

Therefore developing these factors efficiently will lead one to write an expository essay with precision. The meaning and writing processes mentioned in this paper will help a student to write the essay properly and help them to get good marks.