How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay?

Ways to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

The five paragraph essays are a very common assignment through the career of a student most commonly in the high school and the college level. As any subject can be included in a five paragraph essay so it is necessary to be excellent at writing them. Students often wonder how to write a five  paragraph essay (5 paragraph essay) but it is really easy if one knows the expected format and it is necessary to give the adequate time that is required in writing it. Here are some smart ways as to how to write five paragraph essays.

• Tips on Draft the Introduction- it is obligatory for the student to capture the attention of the audience hence, it is necessary to introduce the topic in an extremely creative manner. It should begin with a generalized statement which gives a basic idea about the topic. Next, provide one more sentence about the topic which provides more information. The second sentence should be able to provide a greater information. Provide the necessary background information and define the topic adequately. The read should start focusing on the essay as it should take the necessary shape. The introduction should end by setting up the rest of the essay by adding stance and supporting the points. 

Developing Three Body Paragraphs- It is necessary to have three points and the reader should view them as being strong. Begin by stating the strongest point. Show the reader that the stance is correct and end the paragraph with the second strongest point so that it gives a strong support for the thesis. This also means that the weakest point is necessary to be in the middle. Pulling of evidence and examples strongly rest on the type of the essay. Examples are necessary to back up the points. Adding own commentary showcases the reader the manner in which the evidence support the points effectively and connects back to the topic. The examples should be explained in own words. The commentary is of utmost importance in order to make the essay a successful one. Hence, the three paragraphs of the body should include the topic sentence, evidence or examples and adding own commentary or explanation. This is an integral aspect of how to write a five paragraph essay.

Conclusion- The conclusion parts mainly summarizes the points that have been made in the earlier sections. It should connect back to the topic sentences and thesis. Try to show the reader how the points have been expressed and provide necessary support. The conclusion should begin by restating the thesis. The thesis can be rewritten with the weight of the argument behind it. The reader should read all the points and the evidence. Next, summarize the points that will support the thesis and most importantly do not include new information here. 

The above tips enable to understand as to how to write a five paragraph essay. Following these simple steps will not only inculcate the ways to how to write a five paragraph essay (5 paragraph essay) but will also give them a brief understanding of writing academic essays. Use these simple steps to score the highest in class.