Which Question Would Help Improve the Development of Ideas in an Essay?

Which Question Would Help Improve the Development of Ideas in an Essay?

Isn't it challenging that one might feel disoriented or clueless when they're just facing a neat blank paper? However, filling it up with words is easier said than done as the writer need to select a topic and the target for writing the academic essay. After that, he needs to develop the idea as per the given academic instructions to fulfil the target. Although different formats of academic essays at the college level are somewhat similar, there are also many differences. For example, every essay format has an introduction, body, and conclusion. In addition, every academic essay uses credible sources to validate the point.

But, the intention and content of the assignment change in every essay format. For example, the informative essay format offers information about a topic, while the target of an argumentative essay is to take a position about a topic and defend it through arguments and evidence.

The purpose of an essay

The primary purpose of the essay writing assignment stems from the instructor's instructions as it describes the ideal design and content of the essay. There are two elements in the instructions; they include the coverage of the topic and the style. The purpose is to inform, persuade, explain, and entertain the reader. The writer uses logos or logic, ethos or credibility, and pathos or emotions to achieve the purpose. Some examples of how given instructions in an assignment assist in improving the development of ideas in an essay are as follows.

Reflective essay

A writer can write an essay to express their feelings, attitudes, and ideas. This writing style doesn't consider the reader. Instead, the focus is on the writer's experience, needs, and feelings. A reflective essay may be about personal memories, academic knowledge on a topic and its relation to real life, or feelings about the course program. The focus is to relieve and reflect on their experiences and life. The intention is to analyse these experiences, collect the knowledge, and learn from past mistakes.

Persuasive essay

In a persuasive essay, the writer takes a position on the topic. He convinces the audience about the validity of that particular point of view. In this context, the writer uses logos, pathos, and ethos to persuade the readers. The writer can also use a combination of these techniques to enhance the quality of the assignment.

Informative essay

The focus of an informative essay is to educate the reader on a particular topic in an objective manner, The intention is to research and answers questions, such as what, why, where, and how. The essay includes defining a given term, comparing, contrasting, and analysing the topic related to its pros and cons. However, the writer does not offer a personal opinion or try to convince the reader.

There is no doubt that academic essays are an integral part of any course program, regardless of academic level, educational branch, subjects, and topics. The content and development of ideas vary in every assignment as per the given instructions. If a student cannot write a particular essay due to a lack of resources or time, he does not need to get overwhelmed and anxious. As an alternative, he can always hire professional essay writers and essay writing services available in the market. The best option is to select the best possible organization and purchase the required assignment.