Guidelines on writing a best research proposal

In higher education, students often need to present a research proposal to justify the relevance of a topic and explore it. The process of writing a research requires experienced hands, as in-depth knowledge is the driving force behind a successful research. A research proposal briefs up the research methodology in a nutshell, clarifying how the research is to be executed, what evidence is to be provided and how the conclusion is to be drawn. The students often approach the professionals dealing with research proposal writing services to land up in an advantageous position in their respective disciplines. This is always recommended as you can be assured of great quality results.

Here are some guidelines for preparing the format of research proposal that will enable you to craft a better write-up:

Descriptive yet concise title

The title of the research proposal acts as a window, through which one can peep into the research proposal topics at a glance. It should be short, crisp, informative and catchy. It should be framed in lines of a functional relationship.


In the 300-word abstract (Normally, it is the preferred word count; though exceptions can be there) include all the research questions, the hypothesis, methodology and the key findings. You may include a particular design or procedure in it, justifying the context in a smart manner.


Here, you should cite the central problem of the research. You can check out a research proposal sample in order to get a comprehensive idea about the structure. You also need to mention the contemporary contexts, explaining why the research topic is relevant. Highlight on the methodology adopted by you.


In this section, you need to elucidate the ‘so what’ attitude. Discuss the background information with special focus on the research topic. Check out an example of research proposal if required, and make sure that you reason up why your research methodology is likely to yield the likely results.

The actual review

This is the most crucial part of the research proposal, where you need to compare, contrast, criticize and connect between different ideas. Be as interpretative as possible, place the arguments logically and justify the validity of the ideas you support. Include citations from different sources to strengthen your research.

Research methodology

Here, you should explain the process you incorporate to find the results. Justify why these methods are the ideal ones. Focus on the contextual value of the methodology


Specify the assumptions that that research is based on. Include the results that are likely to surface due to the influence of these assumptions.


The conclusion explains the importance of the research and connects it with the results that you obtain from the research. Include two short paragraphs under this head.

Adhering to this format, you will be able to generate a flawless research proposal. Do a systematic planning before you proceed as it is inevitable for obtaining the expected results.