Difference between Thesis Writing and Dissertation Writing

Theses and dissertation are often generalized and considered to be the same; this is a serious misconception which needs rectification. There are in fact striking differences between writing a dissertation and a thesis. The most common technical difference between the two is that a thesis is necessary to obtain a Master’s degree, while the latter is required to obtain a Doctorate degree. When it comes to writing a good thesis, you can seek help form professionals providing thesis writing service. Here are the key areas of difference between a thesis and a dissertation.


A thesis is based on information that has already been obtained. The student needs to capitalize on the existing information and write the thesis based on it. If you want a professional support in writing your thesis, you can seek thesis writing help from the academicians. On the other hand, a dissertation is based on your own research and a person needs to dig out information using his own methodology. It’s more tough and time-consuming. Moreover, exceptional skills are needed. 


It is obvious that a dissertation takes more time to be completed due to extensive amounts of research involved in the process. On the contrary, a thesis is based on information that exists in libraries, online archives and websites, and thus takes a much shorter period of time to be completed. If you are confused about selecting the dissertation topics, you can opt for dissertation writing help from the professionals and they would assist at nominal charges.


In a thesis, students argue in favor of a standpoint to prove it and places the information logically to get across to this goal. However, a dissertation is based on your background work. The data collected in a thesis may not be your original work, but in a dissertation, you need to rest your arguments on your original research. If you want to know how to write a thesis paper, you can consult the professionals having experience in the field.

Contribution to the department

In a dissertation, you add your valuable findings to the department. These are added to the archives and may be useful to others in future; this is something great. If you are worried about how to write my thesis, you can seek help from the academic experts. Well, in a thesis, your contribution to the department remains nil.

While a thesis resembles an academic paper, a dissertation is primarily an academic book which is more comprehensive in all aspects. Professional help is available online for both these research based works. If you want to know how to write a dissertation, you can rely on the experts providing best dissertation writing services and get your work done.

All these aspects, including methodology and extent of research, points out the differences between a thesis and a dissertation. Before proceeding with the type of writing, make sure that you have an idea regarding the basic differences. This will guide you properly to come up with best materials.