What is a Thesis in an Essay?

A thesis or dissertation is not just a document which is submitted for the purpose of getting a best degree or a professional qualification that presents the findings and the research of the author. Quite often the common word ‘thesis’ is used as a part of the bachelor or master’s degree. The dissertation is mainly applied to a doctorate. When it comes to the term graduate thesis then it basically refers to both master’s as well as a doctoral thesis. The complexity or the quality associated with the research of a dissertation or a thesis varies mostly in terms of university, country and program. 

The minimum study time required has a tendency to vary much in time period. The term ‘thesis’ is generally used for referring to the universal use of an essay writing service or a similar work.

The thesis is a Greek term which means ‘something put forth’ and signifies an intellectual proposition. 

Structure and display of a thesis

A thesis can be arranged as one either by publication. It can be done both with and without papers that are appended. There are several graduate programs which allow the submission of a curated assortment of published papers. When it comes to a monograph then it can be stated that it has a title page, an abstract, a table of contents which comprise of the different chapters of the thesis like an introduction, literature review, research methodology, findings and discussion, conclusion and lastly a bibliography. The structure of the thesis changes by the help of study or the subject areas. Science, humanities, IT, arts each of these study areas will have a difference in the structure. 


Institutions that have been awarded degrees mainly outline which is essential for the students to follow while they are preparing the thesis document. Apart from the house style of the several universities, there are several field-specific national as well as international standards by the suggestions for the presentation of the papers. One example is ISO 7144. 

In the context of some old styles of a few institutions, it can be stated that the front page should use a separate sequence of a page number from the chief text using Roman numerals. In context to the relevant international standard and the new style guides, it mainly accepts that the book design practice has a tendency to create confusion it numbers all the pages from the first to the last electronically. The presentation requirements should be checked which includes the pagination, style and color of the paper, layout, use of acid paper, size of the paper, the order of the components, citation style. These should be checked by the tutor or the academic officer before the acceptance of the thesis and issuing of the receipt. 

The above information provides a brief introduction to what a thesis is and the structure of the style which can be followed by the students.