Essay about A Most Wanted Man

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A most wanted man

A most wanted man is an espionage-thriller that is of Britain descent and based on a novel that goes by the same name. In this film, Philip Seymour Hoffman has a resemblance to a hangover Panda, but the performance and power of his actions are the accurate epitaph. The full-encompassing cynicism that the movie adopts induces a reality that is kind of a stark, especially for the audience even if the fictional participants do not display the same. This paper pays an emphasis on how this film relates to the greater historical or social issue (terrorism, ISIS).

Terrorism and the ISIS a new thing as the media has been up in dispensing the compelling reality of the issue. Such is this movie which is evocative of old-school/historical spy thrillers, A most wanted man delivers a humanistic and compelling view of terrorism, bureaucratic play of power and espionage The movie is a slow-burning, tense piece to watch that allows the audience to explore the behind the scenes inside-workings of the government in response to terrorism, especially on the international scale. The best thing about how the movie explores the issue of terrorism is by ensuring that the audience is unsure of whether the characters are good or bad guys. In fact there is no clear line between a good guy and a bad one as demonstrated in the many movies that deal with Islamic terrorism.

My opinion is that at its centrality, A most wanted man presents a modern tale on the issue of terrorism and the complex relationship between the west and Muslim immigrants in the post 9/11 west society. After the movie ends, the audience is left still perplexed whether the terrorists were captured, whether the actions of the government are of any good, and if the safety status of the world has improved (Adam 3).

After watching and re-watching the movie and analyzing the underlying themes, clearly this movie shows the open reality of the war on terrorism by the western powers especially on the ground level, which by a large extend is a trend that stretches through history. In this movie, this war is especially on poor Muslims who are disenfranchised as well as the immigrant communities that are put under arrest whether there is or there isn’t a cause. The Muslim audience are left wondering how different their families’ experiences and life will be if they tried to immigrate in the post 9/11 era, something which I am sure was done intentionally by the director Anton.

By a large extend, A most wanted man illuminates the present day climate and the terrorism war that is faced by not just the US but the whole world, a war that has existed for a long time. As the audience, we are offered a glimpse of the underworld where the government operates, which may exist or not, and it proves to the audience that the threat of the terrorism as a social issue is still at large and that precautions have to be taken into consideration. Audiences are served with this thought, provoking, gritty and cultural masterpiece that incorporates fast, big action spy-related film.

In my conclusion, in the world we live I today, the most significant threat to nations is the rising trend of religious extremism, which has been spurred by the progressive economic and military intervention of the west more especially the US. In correspondence with the rise to stardom of the ISIS which is our most extreme group to come up yet, A Most Wanted Man couldn’t emphasize on a better historical or social issue other than. In the general analysis therefore, my opinion is that this is a movie which stresses the point that 9/11 did not merely shake the US, it had a global impact. As such it narrates “war on terror” but assumes a foreign perspective, whereby the issues are tackled on a global framework. A Most Wanted Man, clearly relates to the greater historical or social issue – terrorism and the ISIS-, as Bachman finds a bigger endgame that could ultimately make a difference on the issue (Adam 5).

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