How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay?

How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay?

Comparing and contrasting essays helps in examining different topics with multiple viewpoints. These essays are often assigned to high schools and middle schools and help in teaching students about the analytical process of writing and also prepare the students for more advanced forms of academic writing. There are simple steps that can be used by the students for writing a compare and contrast essay. Therefore, these essays are considered to be of great importance for high school and middle school students. Hence, the students need to understand the importance in order to follow the simple steps of essay writing that will be highlighted in this section. 

Compare and contrast essays can be defined as essays that are helpful in providing points of comparison between two subjects. In a true sense, these compare and contrast essays help in different ways and one among them is that it shows how the two subjects are different or similar in certain respects. In addition to this, it has been noted that the structure of the essay features different paragraphs of the body. 

Furthermore, dividing the entire essay into different paragraphs helps in describing the two subjects before the essay is brought to the concluding section. Hence, it can be comprehended from the above section's information that compares contrast essays are easy to write as well as easy to understand by the high and the middle school students. 

Writing a Compare and contrast essay helps the writer by allowing him or her in juxtaposing the two subjects in the same write-up. In other words, it can be stated that compare and contrast essays help in keeping topic sentences, thesis statements as well as descriptive details of both the subjects in the same write-up. Therefore, in order to write one compare and contrast essay, the writer must go beyond easy descriptive writing for analyzing and explaining the relationship between the subjects. 

Finally, in conclusion, it can be stated that a compare and contrast essay of good quality is capable of providing information about political candidates, travel destinations, current events, and many more that can be of great help for the students. 

A compare and contrast essay also needs to contain a clear structure, which will provide the most important points of their own body paragraph. A writer needs to know the steps in order to write an effective compare and contrast essay. Some of the steps that can be helpful for the writer to complete a compare and contrast essay are highlighted in the below section. 

Some of the basic steps are brainstorming with a Venn diagram, developing a thesis statement, creating an outline, writing an introduction, writing the first paragraph of the body and repeating the process for the next paragraphs, and finally writing a conclusion and proofreading. 

1. Brainstorming with Venn diagrams

The comparison and contrast essays demonstrating a high level of analysis are considered to be the best. This means the writer has to brainstorm before starting to write the essay. For this process, a Venn diagram can be used as the visual tool for brainstorming an essay. 

2. Developing a thesis statement and creating an outline

Once the similarities and the difference of the topic of the essay is understood by the writer, he orshe will be capable of understanding the relationship between the subjects. This will help in developing the prewriting statements for the essay. Additionally, after the thesis statement of the essay is developed, the writer needs to create the outline of the essay and this will include some paragraphs like introduction, body of the essay, and conclusion. 

3. Writing the first paragraph of the body and repeat the process for the next paragraphs

The writer should begin the essay by explaining one area of comparison and similarities to the topic. In this way, the essay must be continued and some more paragraphs should be written in order to tackle the subject through a variety of angles. Additionally, the body paragraphs should be linked with different transition words. 

4. Writing an effective conclusion

A compare and contrast essay with a great conclusion is considered to be a perfect example of the same. With all the above-mentioned steps done correctly, the writer has already proven how the two subjects are similar or different in various aspects. The concluding section is the last chance for the writer to share his or her final thoughts on the concerned topic. No new information is needed in this section,this section is only needed for summarizing the entire topic. Finally, proofreading should be done for re-checking the entire essay.