How to Start Writing an Essay?

Few Ways of Starting to Write an Essay

Knowing how to start writing an essay is imperative for every school and college student. How to start writing an essay can be available in various areas but it is necessary to look forward to the accurate and accepted ways. A suitable introductory paragraph should both inform and motivate the reader. It should allow the readers to reveal what the essay is about and encouraging them to keep reading. There are innumerable ways to begin an essay effectively. As a start, here are some of the most common strategies that can be accompanied by a wide range of professional writers from best essay writing service online as to how to start writing an essay.

• The topic should be chosen keeping in mind the subject and according to the interest of the student in case, the topic is not assigned to the student by the tutor. It is necessary for the student to think about the paper which he or she is willing to produce. Define the purpose of the essay and when the purpose is determined then it is necessary to carry out some research on topics which are intriguing. 

• Prepare a suitable outline of the ideas which the student has planned. The essay should begin by keeping in mind the outline. All the thoughts should be organized. The outline will serve as a foundation of the paper. 

• The thesis should be stated briefly and directly. One should avoid making any kind of bald announcements like ‘the essay is about….’. The thesis statement should have two parts. The first part of the essay should state the topic and the second topic should highlight the point of the essay.  

• Next, when the student poses a question about the subject and then answers then it is a positive signal for the readers because the student is inviting the readers to answer it. 

• Knowing how to start writing an essay highlights the body of the essay writing which is an integral part of an essay which argues, explain and describes the entire topic and the subject of the essay. All the main ideas that were mentioned in the outline needs to be elaborated adequately in this section. Each of the supporting ideas and information should back with proper examples. When examples and justifications are given then the position of the writer is secured. 

• Describe in brief the place which serves as the primary setting of the essay writing

• All the incidents, ideas and thoughts need to be put forth in order to dramatize the subject. 

• It is necessary to use the narrative strategy of delay. The identification of the subject needs to be put off for long enough to pick the interest of the readers without irritating or frustrating them. 

• Historical present tense can be utilized at its best and relate an incident from the past as if it has taken place now. 

These are some of the ways as to how to start writing an essay. Utilize these tips and make the best out of it.