Testing and Verification of Security Policy



Access control is one of the most fundamental and widely used privacy and security mechanisms at both application and network levels. Given the high importance and delicacy of security policies, ensuring the correctness of security policies is important, and yet difficult. A tiny error in security policies could lead to irreparable, if not tragic, consequences. Therefore, identifying discrepancies between policy specifications and their intended function is a crucial task. To achieve this goal, security policies must undergo systematic, rigorous testing and verification to ensure that they truly represent the intention of their policy authors. This project develops novel techniques and tools for testing and verification of security policies including XACML and firewall policies as well as security models.

We have a subproject on Specification, Testing, and Verification of Risk Adaptable Access Control (RAdAC).



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National Science Foundation Award CNS-0716579, Cyber Trust Program (08/01/2007-07/31/2010)


NIST Supplement to National Science Foundation Award CNS-0716579