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Software Visualization

General (Classic)
- Seesoft-A Tool for Visualizing Line Oriented Software Statistics, Stephen G. Eick, Joseph L. Steffen, and Eric E. Sumner, Jr., TSE 1992.
- Software visualization in the large, Thomas Ball and Eric E. Sumner, Computer, 1996.
A Principled Taxonomy of Software VisualizationPrice, Blaine A, Baecker, R, Small, Ian S, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 1993.

Software Testing
- Visually Encoding Program Test Information to Find Faults in Software, James Eagan, Mary Jean Harrold, James A. Jones, and John Stasko, InfoVis 2001.
- Visualization of Test Information to Assist Fault Localization. James A. Jones, Mary Jean Harrold, John Stasko, ICSE 2002.
- Enhancing Software Testing by Judicious Use of Code Coverage Information, Berner, Stefan, Weber, Roland, Keller, Rudolf K, ICSE 2007.
- Visualizing Testsuites to Aid in Software Understanding, Cornelissen, Bas van Deursen, Arie Moonen, Leon Zaidman, Andy, CSMR 2007.
- WYSIWYT Testing in the spreadsheet Paradigm: An Empirical Evaluation, Rothermel, K, Cook, C, Burnett, M, Schonfeld, J, Green, T, Rothermel, Gregg, ICSE 2000.
- Representing unit test data for large scale software development, Cottam, Joseph A., Hursey, Joshua, Lumsdaine, Andrew, SoftVis 2008.
- How Well Do Professional Developers Test with Code Coverage Visualizations? An Empirical Study, Lawrance, Joseph, Clarke, Steven, Burnett, Margaret, Rothermel, Gregg, VL/HCC 2005. 

Program Understanding (Program Comprehension; Reverse Engineering)
- FEAT: a tool for locating, describing, and analyzing concerns in source code, Martin P. Robillard and Gail C. Murphy, ICSE (Demo) 2003.
- TopicXP: Exploring topics in source code using Latent Dirichlet Allocation, Trevor Savage, Bogdan Dit, Malcom Gethers, Denys Poshyvanyk, ICSM 2010.
- Visualization of exception handling constructs to support program understanding, Hina Shah, Carsten Görg, and Mary Jean Harrold, SoftVis 2008
- Embedding spatial software visualization in the IDE, Adrian Kuhn, David Erni, and Oscar Nierstrasz, SoftVis 2010.
- Polymetric views - a lightweight visual approach to reverse engineering, Michele Lanza and Stephane Ducass, TSE 2003.
- Representing Development History in Software Cities, Frank Steinbruckner and Claus Lewerentz, SoftVis 2010.
- Software Systems as Cities: A Controlled Experiment, Richard Wettel, Michele Lanza, Romain Robbes, ICSE 2011.
- Dependence Cluster Visualization, Islam, Syed, Krinke, Jens, Binkley, David, SoftVis 2010.
- Towards Understanding Programs through Wear-based Filtering, DeLine, Robert, Khella, Amir, Czerwinski, Mary, Robertson, George, SoftVis 2005.
- Heapviz: Interactive Heap Visualization for Program Understanding and Debugging, Aftandilian, Edward E, Ricci, Nathan, Kelley, Sean, Su, Sara L, Gramazio, Connor, Guyer, Samuel Z, SoftVis 2010.
- The SEXTANT Software Exploration Tool, Schafer, T, Eichberg, M, Haupt, M, Mezini, M, TSE 2006.
- The class blueprint: visually supporting the understanding of glasses, Ducasse, Stéphane, Lanza, Michele, TSE 2005.

Maintenance and Evolution
- CVSscan: visualization of code evolution, Lucian Voinea, Alex Telea, and Jarke J. van Wijk, SoftVis 2005.
- CVSgrab: Mining the History of Large Software Projects, Lucian Voinea, Alexandru Telea, EuroVis 2006.
- Visually localizing design problems with disharmony maps, Richard Wettel, Michele Lanza, SoftVis 2008.
- code_swarm: a design study in organic software visualization, Michael Ogawa, Kwan-Liu Ma, TVCG, 2009.
- The Small Project Observatory: Visualizing software ecosystems, Lungu, Mircea, Lanza, Michele, Gîrba, Tudor, Robbes, Romain, SCP 2010.
- Visual software evolution reconstruction, D'Ambros, M, Lanza, M, JSME 2009.
- Software Evolution Storylines, Ogawa Michael, SoftVis 2009.
- Visual assessment of software evolution, Voinea, Lucian, Lukkien, Johan, Telea, Alexandru, SCP 2007.
Gource: visualizing software version control history, Caudwell, Andrew H., SPLASH 2010

Program Execution 
- Execution patterns in object-oriented visualization, Wim De Pauw, David Lorenz, John Vlissides, and Mark Wegman, USENEX/COOTS 1998.
Execution patterns for visualizing web services,  De Pauw, Wim, Krasikov, Sophia, Morar, J., SoftVis 2006.
- Understanding Execution Traces Using Massive Sequence and Circular Bundle Views, Bas Cornelissen, Danny Holten,  Andy Zaidman,  Leon Moonen ,  Jarke J. van Wijk, Arie van Deursen, ICPC 2007.
- Visualization of program-execution data for deployed software. Alessandro Orso, James Jones, and Mary Jean Harrold, SoftVis 2003.
- Visualizing Java in action, Steven P. Reiss, SoftVis 2003.
- JOVE: Java as it happens, Steven P. Reiss and Manos Renieris, SoftVis 2005.
- A survey of trace exploration tools and techniques, Hamou-Lhadj, Abdelwahab Lethbridge, Timothy C, CASCON 2004. 
- Visualizing memory graphs, Zimmermann, Thomas, Zeller, Andreas, Software Visualization, 2002.
- GAMMATELLA: visualizing program-execution data for deployed software, Jones, James A, Orso, Alessandro, Harrold, Mary Jean, InfoVis 2004.
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- Heapviz: Interactive Heap Visualization for Program Understanding and Debugging, Aftandilian, Edward E, Ricci, Nathan, Kelley, Sean, Su, Sara L, Gramazio, Connor, Guyer, Samuel Z, SoftVis 2010.
- Streamsight: a visualization tool for large-scale streaming applications, De Pauw, Wim, Andrade, H, Amini, Lisa, SoftVis 2008.

- An Interactive Ambient Visualization for Code Smells, Murphy-Hill, Emerson, Black, Andrew P., SoftVis 2010.
A catalogue of lightweight visualizations to support code smell inspectionParnin, Chris, Görg, Carsten, Nnadi, O, SoftVis 2008.

API Documentation
Apatite: A New Interface for Exploring APIs, Daniel S. Eisenberg, Jeffery Stylos, Brad A. Myers, CHI 2010.

Visualizing Collaboration and Influence in the Open-Source Software Community, Brandon Heller, Eli Marschner, Evan Rosenfeld, Jeffrey Heer, MSR'11
Detecting implicit collaboration patterns, Arevalo, G.;   Buchli, F.;   Nierstrasz, O., WCRE 2004. 
- Supporting collaborative software development through the visualization of socio-technical dependencies, Cleidson R. B. de Souza, Stephen Quirk, Erik Trainer, David F. Redmiles, GROUP 2007.
Expertise identification and visualization from CVS, Alonso, Omar and Devanbu, Premkumar T. and Gertz, Michael, MSR 08.

Programming Environments (IDE, ...)
- CodePad: Interactive Spaces for Maintaining Concentration in Programming Environments, Chris Parnin, Carsten Görg, and Spencer Rugaber, SoftVis 2010.
Code Thumbnails: Using Spatial Memory to Navigate Source CodeDeLine, Robert, Czerwinski, Mary, Meyers, Brian, Venolia, Gina, Drucker, Steven, Robertson, George, VL/HCC 2006.
- Code Canvas: Zooming towards Better Development Environments, DeLine, Robert, Rowan, K, ICSE (NIER) 2010.
- Code Bubbles: Rethinking the User Interface Paradigm of Integrated Development Environments. Andrew Bragdon, Steven P. Reiss, Robert Zeleznik, Suman Karumuri, William Cheung, Joshua Kaplan, Christopher Coleman, Ferdi Adeputra, and Joseph J. LaViola Jr. ICSE 2010.
- Code Bubbles: A Working Set-based Interface for Code Understanding and Maintanence. Andrew Bragdon, Robert Zeleznik, Steven P. Reiss, Suman Karumuri, William Cheung, Joshua Kaplan, Christopher Coleman, Ferdi Adeputra, and Joseph J. LaViola Jr. CHI 2010.