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The ASE research group is looking for bright, motivated (undergrad or grad) students and other colleagues to work on research projects related to automated software engineering.

    Principal Investigator

    Ph.D. Students

      M.S. Students:

      Visiting Students/Professors:
  • Tianyu Wo (Beihang University) (Sept 16-Sept 17)
  • Mingming Zhang (Beihang University) (Sept 16-Sept 17)
      Undergraduate Students:
  • Oluwatofarati Agbaje
  • Moshood Adeyemo
  • Jeremy Green
  • Faramola Isiaka
  • Eli Jenkins
  • Dashawn Julion
  • Pierre McCauley
  • Brandon Nsiah-Ababio
  • Joshua Reed

 Alumni M.S.
 Alumni NCSU Ph.D.
     Alumni NCSU M.S.
     Alumni Visiting Students
  • Qin Yi (Nanjing University) (Oct 15-Oct 16)
  • Pinjia He (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) (July 16-Sept 16) 
  • Linghao Zhang (Visiting Ph.D. student at Nanjing U., Aug 10-Aug 11)
  • Nuo Li (Visiting Ph.D. student at Beihang U., Sept 07-Aug 09, defended) co-advised with Mao-zhong Jin
    Employment: ABB Corporate Research, China
  • Yuan Yao (Visiting Ph.D. student at Nanjing U., Sept 12-March 13)

      Alumni Undergraduate Students (ASE REU Blog)

High School Students

To get a quick start on research, you can read his advice on getting a start into research, his advice on writing research papers. You can read introductory readings of software testing research.