Automated Software Engineering Lab @ Illinois

The Automated Software Engineering (ASE) Lab @ Illinois, part of the Programming Languages, Formal Methods, and Software Engineering (PL-FM-SE) area at Illinois CS, develops automated techniques and tools for improving software dependability and productivity. The lab director Professor Tao Xie is primarily known for its leading work on automated software engineering. The lab has been very productive in producing high-quality research publications, collaborating with industry (such as Microsoft Research, Redmond and Asia), and producing impact on industry. The lab has a lab blog, which includes thoughts on advising students and conducting research, and an REU blog, which describes undergraduate students' activities. The lab has a Facebook PageThe students in the lab stay in Room 4303 Siebel Center.

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News (older news)

 June 22, 2016: Tao Xie co-presents an ACM SIGSOFT Webinar on "Transferring Software Testing Tools to Practice" with collaborators at Microsoft Research on the high-practice-impact Pex project.

Illinois ASE Publications by research areas: