2019.03.04 - 03.09

Post date: Mar 10, 2019 2:23:7 PM

Downtown Crossing

I took these pictures around Boston’s Downtown Crossing area: My goal was to capture people walking in front of some interesting backgrounds — store windows, posters, street art, etc. One exception is the silhouettes I photographed against the light next to the Park Street T-station. Although I prefer to do street photography while preserving the privacy of people by capturing silhouettes, by relying on blurred motions, by not having the faces in the pictures, etc. I cannot say I was successful in all the pictures I shared during the week. At least, none of these pictures captures people in a “compromising” or “embarrassing” settings. At least, this is my hope.

The cameras I used for these series were FUJIFILM X-100T & X-T2 with prime lenses. The reason of my preference for this fixed or prime lenses is not so much a crisper sharpness, but having an aperture dial on them. This makes the experience of taking pictures so much more pleasant. All these pictures are based on in-camera JPEG files with CLASSIC CHROME film simulation. Only cropping and minor adjustments are applied during the post-processing in the Lightroom.

You can see these pictures in the following albums - FLICKR album also contains my comments on individual pictures:

FLICKR album: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmatV6Ui

GOOGLE photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CYoHS6iQwGatg3Ho7