Boston & Its Past

Boston & Its Past


As I was getting out of the T-Station in Kendall Square, I found this photograph in front of me. The bus must have stopped for a red light and the picture of the monument was painted on it, (or must I say “the monument was attached to it”). I raised the camera to my face and took the picture. As I was looking through the viewfinder, the lady in pink noticed me and smiled. I took a second shot. But I opted for the unnoticed one. I used the out-of-camera JPEG file, which was taken most likely with Fujifilm Classic Chrome simulation. Most people who have seen this photograph thought that it was a Photoshop composite, a digital collage if you like. Hereby I witness that nothing of the kind was the case.


Fujifilm X100T with 23 mm fixed lens

Camera Settings:

23mm f5.6 1/90s ISO 200