About Me

Yes, my obsession with taking pictures is rather belated, it overlaps with my retirement, but my intrigue with photography goes back to my lusting after a Ferrania camera as an elementary school boy and convincing my parents to get me one. Later during my stays in Germany as pre- and post-doc student, I acquired my first 35mm analog gear. Back in Istanbul and later in Ankara, I was lucky to have good mentors to guide me not so much in taking pictures but more so in darkroom techniques. I wanted to document old houses of Istanbul, my favorite theater plays, children of small villages. 

My entry to digital photography has been gradual: started with family pictures, travel documentation and in 2016, it started getting serious. At the time I was using an advanced point-and-shoot; as a next step, I graduated to an entry-level DSLR. But the obsession got intensified with my switch to mirrorless cameras, the various features of which I find very convenient: small size, electronic viewfinder, quietness. 

Currently, I am using almost exclusively Fujifilm Cameras: their old style dials and buttons befit my approach perfectly. I try to complete the photographs in camera with minimal work on the computer. For color rendition, I like the Classic Chrome film simulation for its muted tone; but I also resort to VELVIA for saturated colors at places like Graffiti Alley of the Central Square. 

I may be considered a photographic “flaneur;” my genre can be said to be “street photography” in a generous sense of the term. “Urban Exploration” is a more frequent category I resort to while sharing my pictures.  I try to document some aspects of life as it goes around me. I believe I am attempting to show that despite all craziness that is haunting our world, our fellow humans are managing to stay sane in their daily lives and I aspire to do the same.  

By the way, I am a proud member of "IGBoston" Instagram group.