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A dear sister in Christ from America emailed the following dreams to us for interpretation during April 2005:

First dream

"I was in a room with a bunch of women and there was a baby born, not sure who was the mother, but saw one woman that I thought should be the mother.

This baby was born, full term, actually seemed to be fat and healthy, dark hair, a boy, his umbilical cord was cut, but was not shriveled as of yet but was fat and seemed to be healthy. His skin seemed to be peeling, like a baby who was born overdue.

I asked these women to feed the baby and not one of them would feed him, and then I asked one of the ladies to make his bed so she did, making it with the soft blankets on the bottom right on the bottom and putting a plastic sheet over top of it all and then someone placed this wee baby boy in a plastic bag, face first. I saw it, took the baby out quickly, and put my lips on his and breathed into his mouth to resuscitate him. I held him and he smiled at me. He seemed to recognize me. End of dream"


The baby boy is typical of the prophetic child in the Body of Christ. He needs to be nurtured with the milk i.e. the right type of doctrines. Under your instructions, the women took care of this baby. Women are symbolical of the female ministries in the Body of Christ who take care of and nurture the prophetic child. The female ministers are "pastors and teachers" in the churches. Since the pastors and the teachers do not take care of this prophetic child, his skin started to peel. "These women" did not feed the baby. It is a very dangerous sign. You have a ministry to take care of this young child. You have to breathe life into this dying child. It will be possible if you recognize this prophetic child in the Body of Christ. Of course, you have to tell "one of the ladies" to make his bed. One of the ladies listened to you and did make the bed. There are some pastors and teachers in the Body of Christ who will listen to you. You have to tell them about the need to "make a bed". The prophetic child needs a place in the local churches. You have a major role to perform on this prophetic child because this child is dying. It needs to be resuscitated immediately. This can be done only by an apostle or a prophet.

Second dream

I was sleeping and dreamed that I was in a big restaurant and many people were there who were eating and then there was a long seat where many were sitting, seemingly waiting to eat. I was sitting there holding a boy, a toddler in my lap and all of a sudden I heard this noise, and a black widow spider was coming very fast along a web from the front of the restaurant right towards this toddler on my lap and it bit him. 

I took this injured little boy and laid him on a blanket or something on the floor and was trying to help him and I asked those around me to call 911 to get the paramedics here to help him as this was such a serious injury and would be fatal if not helped quickly. Not one in that place would help at all and the little boy was developing a fever and getting sicker by the second. His little face was so flushed. Then I woke up but when I woke up I was weeping so hard that I had to ask my husband to pray for me right then and there. I wept so hard. It still causes me to weep when I think of that little hurting boy.

End of dream.


There was a big restaurant where the people were eating and there was a long queue of people to eat. Today, the people of God want to eat only and not to give. They covet material blessings in their lives but they do not want to share their blessings with others, especially, the poor saints in the Body of Christ. The boy toddler is symbolical of a growing prophetic toddler in the Body of Christ. The spider is likened to the Antichrist. The Antichrist did attack this toddler. These days, we can find that in many churches and missions, the ministers stifle the voice of dissent that emanates from the people endowed with the prophetic ministry. It is the cunning Antichrist who uses these ministers of God to attack this prophetic toddler. As the prophetic voice is suppressed, the young prophet ultimately succumbs to the pastoral dictates and stops operating the prophetic ministry. This is what happens in the Body of Christ today. The person who saw this dream in fact wept so hard. Today, we have to weep before God for preserving this prophetic toddler in our midst.

Third dream

About a month ago, I dreamed of a big home, lots of windows, no glass in the windows, no curtains in it and I was in the bathroom right beside a sunken tub which had no water in it yet. I saw these grey headed men walking around the house repeatedly past the open windows from left to right. They seemed to me to be of Middle Eastern descent. All of a sudden a boy, maybe 12-13 years of age was in the bathtub and then I woke up.


The grey headed men of "Middle Eastern descent" are a type of the elders or pastors of a local church. The Middle East is known for its continual war for territory and violence. The rulers of the Middle East are thus earthly-minded. Today, we find many pastors are earthly minded. They want their congregations to serve them but they do not serve their congregations through sacrifices and services. The big home with lots of windows, etc. is typical of a pastoral ministry. The bath room has a sunken tub which had no water in it yet. This shows that the believers in this local church are not being filled with the Holy Spirit in their daily lives and do not live a holy life. The bathtub has no water in it. A youth was in the bathtub. There are many young people in this church. They are in a church which has no water in its bathtub. Though there were many windows, there was no glass at all. Windows are without glass. God is sending His messages to this church through many windows. But the thieves can also enter this church through the windows because there is "no glass". It is an open window without any protective glass. This church needs to have "prophetic messages" to protect the sheep from the attack of the Antichrist. The glass is the "apostolic and prophetic covering" for a local church. The windows through which the messages are being given to this church need to come through the scanner of "apostles and prophets". There are no curtains also. The pastors have to cover their sheep with "curtains". Curtains are symbolical of a prayer covering for the sheep. The secrets or the weaknesses of a particular sheep should not be disclosed. The pastor or the elder concerned should cover the private lives of their sheep with "curtains"

Fourth dream

Just a few weeks ago, I lay down on the couch for a little nap as I was getting up so early and I was working hard and just needed a little power nap. We live in a home which we use as a main door the door off our back side of our home, through our laundry room and we have a front door which we never use at all.

I opened the front door and saw a black goat jumping up and down on pure white snow. I felt that my husband was outside and this goat was trying to stop him from coming inside the house (even though in the natural, my husband would never use the front door). I never actually saw my husband out there but that was my feeling. I opened the door and was going to try to kick at the goat but I felt that it was useless for me to so I just shut the door. I suddenly woke up.


The black goat is typical of the Antichrist. The husband here is typical of the male ministries i.e. "apostles, prophets, and evangelists" while the female ministries are "pastors and teachers". While the male ministries go out and perform these ministries, the female ministries nurture and take care of the sheep. The Devil or the Antichrist wants to stop these male ministries from pursuing their respective ministries. You, symbolical of a female ministry i.e. pastoral or teaching, cannot stop this black goat from entering the house. Only the male ministries can expose the false doctrines of Antichrist and stop the destructive work of the Antichrist in the House of God.

Fifth dream

We have also for a long time, had this man, Al, come to our home anytime we have had a bible study or meeting, no matter if we want him there or not. He has not anointing, and just wants favor of man and many who have interceded, felt he was a spy. This man is still attending the last church that we went to, trying to keep the favor of the pastor there and even though in this same church and the last one that we all attended as well, he was forbidden by the pastors from coming to our home, he still comes. He elevates himself and it is so hard to be with him but every now and then he shows up but we know it is not because he likes us at all.

The reason that I mentioned this man is after this dream; his name came to my mind about being the goat. I am not sure if I am right or wrong but I kept saying afterwards, "Al is a goat and not a sheep".


"A1" attends the church. This indicates that he is a churchgoer but is not spiritual. He has "no anointing". He does not have the Holy Spirit in him. He is a religious person. Everyone felt that he was a spy. This shows that he was not a minister of God. There is a category of preachers in our midst who want to visit churches just for giving "sermons" on Sundays. A1 represents a religious preacher with selfish and prideful spirit. A1 wants to be prominent, to be honored and praised by others. Though he was forbidden by the pastors, he still visits the house. There are some true pastors or elders in the local churches who can discern such a category of imposters who visit their churches for giving messages. But these preachers visit the houses of the sheep without the knowledge of the pastors just to mislead the sheep. "A1 is a goat and not a sheep". They look like sheep in our midst but they are not so. "Sheep" represents a spiritual life whereas "goat" represents a religious system. 

- Job Anbalagan