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Our dear sister in Christ, Donna Rodriquez, a co-worker with us in this ministry, emailed me the following dream seen by her during May, 2005, for my interpretation:

"Last night I was restless in my spirit and was awake most of the night mostly in prayer as my husband had to go out to his job at 10:00 -- prevent an acid leak from contaminating fresh water supply. 

While in prayer this is the vision I had. I could see this huge area like the top of a building, maybe like in Roman times when they gave open speeches and there were steps going from this platform. There was a figure sitting on a huge throne-like chair made of concrete or clay. He was wearing a hooded gown but it was not white more of an off-white. As I looked beyond the platform I could see thousands of people down below and it sounded as if they were cheering or chanting. I could see them waving things at the figure on the throne. I was hiding behind what looked like a large pillar somewhat out of the sight of this person. I stood there watching for some time and then suddenly I could tell he knew I was there as he started turning his head my way. Instead of hiding or running which I wanted to do or thought I would do I stood there and as he turned to look at me which I knew he was going to do I saw his face and it was that of a skeleton only he was alive. These people could not see what I was seeing because if they saw this skeleton face they would not be cheering and bowing before him. I remember speaking out scripture as he looked at me and it ended. I stayed up most of the night waiting for my husband but he worked all night. When he got home this afternoon he said everything went well and they stopped the acid leak from contaminating the fresh water supply. Thank You Jesus!!!!" 


The interpretation of the real life incident followed by the dream is as follows: 

Your dear husband was entrusted with the job of preventing an acid leak from contaminating fresh water supply. After your husband had left for his assignment, you saw this vision. An acid contaminating the water is likened to the fresh water being poisoned. The waters are the living Word of God. The acid is likened to the false doctrines. A little poison can contaminate the whole water system. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

Your husband is a prophetic figure of the male ministers in the Body of Christ who are entrusted with the work of safeguarding the fresh water from contamination through false doctrines. In your nation, the waters have already been contaminated.
You find a figure "sitting on a huge throne-like chair made of concrete or clay" in a building of Roman times. The building is likened to the existing church structures made by men which do not allow the children of God to grow in their spiritual lives. The figure is symbolical of the Antichrist.

He has a throne on his own. It is made of concrete or clay. His throne is very strong. It cannot be broken easily. But it can be broken if we use instruments like spades and hammers. Hammers are 'sound doctrines of the Bible'. The Antichrist quotes the Bible from one angle only. Let us rightly interpret the Word from the other side of the two-edged Sword and drive him away. Spades are used for digging the ground. These are likened to intercessory prayers on behalf of the people of God who are being trapped by the Antichrist. Sister Donna also used the word "clay". Yes, to the people of God who get a revelation of the Antichrist, he is seated on a throne made of clay only. They can easily break the "clay" throne. 

He was wearing a hooded gown but it was not white more of an off-white. He wears only a hooded gown just to deceive the people of God. He does not show his face to them. He works very secretly through the servants of God who have been deceived and won over by him to his side. He does not attack the "remnant" directly. Through deception, he will try to win over them. His gown is not "pure white" as snow but more of an off-white. He pretends to be holy by preaching on "holiness" but practices unholiness through the lives of people who are being used by him. Thesedays, we find many ministers of God who preach on repentance and holiness live in abominable sins. They preach on "repentance and revival". But their eyes have been blinded by the Antichrist with the result that they themselves live in sin.

Sister Donna saw thousands of people down below and it sounded as if they were cheering or chanting. She could see them waving things at the figure on the throne. These thousands of people are the people of God in captivity. Their eyes are blind. They are not able to see through their eyes. They simply cheer and wave things at the figure. 

Sister Donna was hiding behind what looked like a large pillar somewhat out of the sight of this person. Sister Donna is a prophetic sign. This large pillar is not a safe place for the people of God to hide. It is not the Rock of Ages. The rock pillar is only a temporary place of safety.

The figure on the throne watched Sister Donna after some time. He was able to see her hiding place. If she had hidden behind the Rock of Ages, he could not have noticed her. A deliverance ministry in Jesus' Name can merely cast out demons and evil spirits and not the Antichrist. If this ministry is not supported by the apostles and prophets, it cannot stand on a firm ground in order to resist the Antichrist who deceives the "remnant" through his doctrines.

The remnant will be fully safe if they stand behind the Rock of Ages. If they (the remnant) abide in the doctrines of Jesus Christ and His apostles, and if they have the fellowship of His saints i.e. apostles and prophets in the Body of Christ, they shall be behind the Rock of Ages. Only the remnant who is represented by Sister Donna is able to see the real face of the Antichrist by a revelation, and not the thousands who are seated before his throne.

The figure on the throne had the face of a skeleton. It is merely a skeleton and not a face with flesh. He is a deceiver. But he cannot deceive those who abide in Christ and who are part of the Body of Christ. His face is just opposite to the glorious face of Christ Jesus as revealed in the Scriptures.

At the end, Sister Donna spoke out scriptures. And the vision ended. Sister Donna defeated him by quoting the Scriptures. Quoting the Scriptures means rightly dividing the word of truth.

- Job Anbalagan