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A dear sister in Christ from America emailed her vision to us for our interpretation:


My son David, who works in the Sheriff's department in the correctional facility had this dream. He is a Sergeant. He is also a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, and loves the Lord very much.

He and a large group of men were heading to the rifle range. He knew some of them but not all. When they got to the place it was not like what he was used to seeing. There was a grassy clearing, bright green with weeds, flowers etc., a normal field. It was surrounded by deep wooded area. In the woods he could see these poles going up with wires (like the kind you see going up a ski slope that rides the people to the top etc.) At the end of the field there were buildings.

They were all brought into one of the buildings to receive instruction. The men were separated into groups. The one that David ended up in had no men he knew. The instructor came out to drill them, but he never saw him. He just knew he was there, and he KNEW it was Satan. This instructor proceeded to tell them he was going to demonstrate how they would kill Jesus. He took one man, but it was a demon who looked like a man. Suddenly this demon took on a beautiful appearance like unto Jesus. This "instructor" began to drive this hand held four-pointed weapon into the head of this demon. He told them all this was the only way to kill Jesus, was to stab him in the head.

Suddenly a small young girl about 15 came in all in white with pretty gold and light brown hair, and walked up to David and said he had a very important call and had to go home right away. As David left to leave the instructor told him to do what he had to, then to get "right back". David left by a side door on the right side of the building and began to run through this field of grass to get home. He ended up at a road that went North and South. He looked only to the right, to the North, and saw on the side of the road a statue of three men. The statue was covered with this white like sheer tarp or cover to protect it from the elements but he could see that the men started off tall, and the middle one was shorter, and the last one shorter still.


This vision shows that the Lord is going to use your son in the prophetic. The name "David" indicates that he is going to deliver the children of God from the captivity of the evil spirits likened to Phillistines, Amalekites, etc. His ministry will expose the false prophets and teachers who trap the children of God in men-made church structures. David and his group were headed for the rifle range. They walked through a greenery area surrounded by a forest but ended up in a building. David and his men went to fight against the Devil. They were in the rifle range. They were led to "lie down in green pastures" by the Great Shepherd (Ps.23:2). In the woods, he saw poles with wires. These poles with wires did not lead them to the rifle range to fight against the Devil. These were set up by the enemy to distract their attention and to lead them away from the battlefield. But, ultimately, they ended up in buildings. Buildings are symbolical of men-made church structures which do not allow the children of God to grow in their spiritual lives.

The instructor seen by him is typical of the Antichrist who imitates Christ and deceives the people of God telling that He had power to kill the Body of Christ. The Antichrst attacks the Body of Christ when the people of God in the Body of Christ are in "a grassy clearing, bright green with weeds, flowers etc. a normal field". When the people of God enjoy the material blessings given by God and do not serve God in His vineyard, the Antichrist attracts them to the buildings in the woods. Buildings are men-made ministries and structures of denominational churches. The Antichrist traps the people of God in his captivity once they enter these buildings. Your son, being a prophet, is a sign.

The Antichrist imitates Christ and puts on the robe of Christ. He pretends to kill the Body of Christ but he cannot destroy the Church, the Body of Christ, which is built on the foundation of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the Chief Corner Stone.

The young girl appearing there is a type of a pastoral ministry that helps the people trapped in the snare of the Antichrist. This young girl is endowed with the gifts of the Spirit. This ministry helps David to come out of the buildings. This role of the pastoral ministry is of the five fold New Testament ministry. A true pastor takes care of his sheep who are being trapped by the Antichrist.

The statues of three men seen by David give a prophetic message to the churches. These statues are covered with "white like sheer tarp or cover to protect it from the elements". The Holy Spirit uncovers these statues and reveals the hidden elements to the fleeing "remnant". One statue-man started to grow tall and the other two were short. The taller statue is symbolical of the ministers of God who promote their own evangelical ministries and who grow taller by way of their global evangelical ministries. The short statue is symbolical of those ministers of God who do not want to grow taller but want to be short. They are just content with their church ministries and are interested in evangelism to some extent. They do not want to indulge in "aggressive evangelism". The third type of statue which becomes still shorter is symbolical of those ministers of God who are just content with their church ministries with no concern for evangelism at all. These three types of ministers were seen as statues in the dream. A statue is a representation of human or animal form. It has no life. But in the dream it was seen growing. The personality of a popular minister is likened to a growing statue. It keeps pace with the growth of his establishment. In fact, the establishment has no life. The popularity of the minister is intertwined with the growth of his establishment. However, the ministry has its life because the Holy Spirit performs signs and wonders through their ministries. All these three types of ministers have no vision for the universal Body of Christ, the Church. They are more interested in the promotion of their own ministries than in the growth of the whole Church.

These statues have a white cover. They appear to be "whited sepulchres", washed on the outside but inside they are full of "dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness" (Matt.23:27). The establishments of these ministers and pastors have become corrupt. They evade taxes payable to governments and ill-treat "their staff". They seek favours from the corrupt politicians and political rulers for running their establishments. They run their establishments on commercial lines.

The fleeing "remnant" should not be attracted towards these statues but should go to the mountains to commune with God and to find out what type of ministry they have to do. They should not fall under any of the above three categories of ministers.

- Job Anbalagan