Jesus in the American Prison : (Part-I)

- Job Anbalagan

(The following is purely a fiction. The names of people, incidents, characters, etc. are imaginary. However, the ministry and life of Rev.Dorsey, John Hyde, the Praying Hyde of India and Graham Staines are real. It is a parable to bring the truth to the people of God).

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Jesus on a donkey 

If Jesus were with us today in flesh, the modern Pharisees and Scribes would not allow him entry into their denominational churches because Jesus would not come to their churches in a limousine but seated on a donkey prophetically. Prophetically, Jesus, the Prophet from Nazareth of Galilee (Matt.21:11) rides on a donkey to tell the Christian world that a messenger of God or a prophet of God has to be humble as a donkey and to expose the corruption in His House which is converted into a den of robbers.

In this episode, Jesus, the Prophet from Nazareth of Galilee, went to a particular church in the city of Houston, America riding on a donkey. I am that donkey carrying my Master to that church prophetically. On seeing Jesus seated on a donkey, Rev. Jesuslover, the chief pastor of the Good Samaritans’ church in the city of Houston instructed the watchmen at the gate not to allow that Man on the donkey. Seeing the company of poor saints who were not dressed in costly attires, the chief pastor asked them to stand outside the church as there was no place in the church. Then the chief pastor informed the CIA that an Asian had come with His followers.

Inside the church, an international evangelist from USA who used to attract thousands to his miracle crusades gave a sermon on the crucifixion of Jesus.

The Jesus of Nazareth who had made an triumphal entry into the city of Houston riding on a donkey went to that particular church (about which the saints in India had praised) just to see how the people of God worship Him was very much disappointed as He had been denied entry into that church. Then He took a whip in His hand and entered the church. He saw the evangelist concerned display all his CDs, books, in the corridor of the church. He then turned the tables on which such merchandise items were sold. Then He drove away all those who had gathered there to worship Him. But He found a poor man kneeling down and weeping with no words coming out of his mouth. Jesus touched him and said, "My son, your prayers are heard. Go in peace. Your daughter is healed" Are you that man today to whom this prophetic word of Jesus comes to you?

In the meantime, the CIA and FBI sleuths made a debut to arrest Jesus. They asked Jesus, "Are you from the East?” When Jesus said, "Yes, I am from the East", then they demanded Him to show His passport. It was an Indian passport. Then they asked Him, "You have an Indian passport without visa". Then Jesus replied, "You are allowing the people of Canada or England to visit your nation only with their passports and without any visa. Why do you ask Me for a visa simply because I hold an Indian passport"? Jesus revealed His identity to them, saying, "I am Jesus of Nazareth. I had gone to India to see how the gospel was preached to the millions there. But I could not find those people from the west whom I had blessed with materialism. Only a few missionaries from the west are still preaching the gospel but the people who are worshipping in this church appear to be hypocrites...."

Then the police officers interrupted Him asking Him how He traveled all the way from India because He could not have come to USA by an airplane without visa. Jesus politely replied, "I came here through My Spirit". Immediately they charged Him with an offence of illegal entry into America. Then they charged Him with an offence of riotous behavior in the church premises. Then He and His followers Who had accompanied Him all the way from India were also detained for interrogation by the police. They also charged Jesus for taking illegal immigrants with Him from India. When Jesus told them, "I have brought these people of Mine with Me in My Spirit from India to have fellowship with My people in this nation. Since they have no money for air travel and could not afford to get me an air ticket, I had to take them in My Spirit", then the police officers told Him, "You are crazy. You are under arrest".

Interrogation of Jesus by police

Jesus and His followers were taken to the interrogation chamber by a joint team of police officers drawn from CIA and FIB. They mocked Him, looking at His long robe as He was not wearing the modern dresses. He was the Jesus of Nazareth wearing the long robe of a Jew of the first century.

They asked Him, "Who are you? Tell us the truth". Jesus replied, "I am Jesus of Nazareth. I was born as a Jew in Bethlehem. But I am the Son of Man". The police officers then asked Him, "If you are a Jew from Israel, how did you go to India? What business you had to make in India? How did you obtain the Indian passport?” Jesus politely replied, "I do not belong to any political state like Israel. As the Son of Man, God our Father has given me authority over all nations. I did go to India to see for Myself the great persecution and sufferings being faced by My people in that nation. I had gone to that nation to see for Myself the tomb of a great servant of God from America who was buried in Delhi after his great ministry in that nation. He is John Dorsey, a great missionary from America. He greatly loved the people of that nation by living like an ordinary Indian after sacrificing a life of comfort in his own nation. He chose to die in India and wished on his deathbed to be buried in a particular cemetery which was meant for the poor saints in Delhi. He died in Delhi during 2002, leaving behind his sick wife in South Carolina, USA.

I just stood beside the grave of My beloved son and wept there. When I was weeping there, the saints who had come to the tomb of My son Dorsey (that day being the death anniversary of Dorsey) saw Me weeping. They could recognize Me. Then they told me, "Oh Master, why do you weep? We are here to do the work left by our elder brother and Pastor Dorsey. There must be some servants of God like Dorsey in America. Why cannot you take us to America, the great nation which had sent many of its missionaries to our land in the past? We are very poor. We cannot afford to go to that nation. Of course, all of us have our passports. Two of us who had the necessary money to visit America had gone to the American Embassy for getting visas. When we told the embassy officials during the interview for visa, "We want to go to America to have fellowship with the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ who are staying in Houston, belonging to the church of Good Samaritans....” The embassy officials asked us, "Do you know the pastor of this church? Did he send you any sponsorship letter?” We politely told the embassy officials, "Sirs, we know about him. He is Jesuslover. He is a great author. We have read his books and love to meet him and the saints in his church. We have heard about his fame and about his very big church congregation. Sirs, we did approach him for the sponsorship letter through email. But he refused to give the same saying, "I do not know you people. I cannot arrange your accommodation here. ..."

Then Jesus told them, "Do not worry about it. You have the passports for going to that nation. I will take you there...." Then these people of God were jubilant. Oh, they were jubilant because they thought they would visit the land of Praying Hyde of India, a great missionary through whom God sent a great revival in India in the early 20th century. They had thought they would meet the servants of God like Praying Hyde of India, Rev. Dorsey, etc. in that particular church where Jesus had taken them sitting on a donkey. But what happened! Jesus and this small group of saints were denied entry into that church. They were humiliated and handed over to the police officers by the senior pastor of that church whom they wanted to have fellowship.

On hearing the testimony of Jesus, the police officers did not believe Him. The police officers suspected that Jesus and His followers had come there illegally just to destroy their nation through terrorism.

"While being transported in the so-called "Spirit", where did you and your disciples land in America?"

"In Blacksburg, South Carolina, there is an old widow i.e. the wife of John Dorsey, who was buried in Delhi after his successful missionary work in India. She had invited all of us to her house. We landed there and stayed with her....."

"From Blacksburg, how did you come here? Who arranged the donkey for your ride?"

"The wife of Dorsey paid for the train tickets for My disciples and Me out of her life savings. She was very ill. But she took care of all of us. She gave us food and shelter in her house. Then she had requested the other saints in her church to accommodate some of us in their houses. On seeing me, the pastor of her church wanted to arrange accommodation for me in a good hotel there. I refused it saying, "I would like to stay with My people in their very houses only, sharing their comforts.......When we reached Houston, we went to the house of a farmer who had a farm house. His name is Steve. He has a house church. He loves Me and My people. When I requested him to lend me a donkey, he arranged it with a great difficulty. He wanted to take Me and My followers in his own shuttle-bus. But I declined the offer as I wanted to go that church sitting on a donkey. ........Steve opened his house for all of us and gave us food and shelter"

"We would now bring Steve and Mrs. Dorsey to our interrogation chamber for interrogation as they harbored a terrorist group in their houses......"

"They are not terrorists. They are saints. They are Mine. They are not of this world. ...."

"We cannot believe your story. We believe the version of Rev.Jesuslover who has handed over all of you to the police. He is a popular pastor in America. He is known to our President and Senators. Do you know any Senator?"

"I know your President and all the Senators. But, none of these Senators except one Senator, namely Peter knows Me. But I will not go to Senator Peter who knows Me seeking his recommendations,”

"No, you need not go to him. We will verify from him your antecedents. ..."

(In the meantime, a team of police officers reach the office of Senator Peter ....The following is the record of conversations between the police officers and the Senator)

"Sir, one person calling himself "Jesus of Nazareth" has come from India along with some Indians without visas, though they had valid passports. That Person tells us that He knows you personally and that you also know Him personally.........."

Senator Peter: "Is it Jesus of Nazareth? .......Has he come from India? I know not Him"

"Sir, He says that you know Him personally......

"No, I do not know this Jesus Who has come from India.......But I know the Jesus who is preached from the pulpits of our churches........"

"Sir, He has come to our nation along with His followers without visas. He was denied entry into the Church of Good Samaritans of which Rev.Jesuslover is the chief pastor. ....."

"If Rev.Jesuslover has denied Him entry, I have no say in the matter. Then He is not the Jesus Whom I know......I do not know Him at all...."

(Then the police officers return back to the interrogation chamber and brief Jesus about their conversation with the Senator Peter who has denied Him thrice.......)

"You do not have any Senator or any government officer to help you. It is clearly proved that all of you are Muslim terrorists who have come to this nation through India. Your followers must have received money and arms from the terrorists.......We are now taking you to our magistrate to remand you all to police custody"

Jesus before a Magistrate 

(Now the police officers take Jesus and His disciples to a magistrate namely Mr. Legal Justice. The following is the record of conversation between the magistrate and Jesus).

Legal Justice - "Who are you? What business you have in America?"

"I am Jesus of Nazareth. I have brought My followers from India to America to have fellowship with My people in this nation".

"The police are charging You with the following offences:

(i) Entering America illegally without a visa

(ii) Bringing illegal immigrants from India for employment in America

(iii) Sitting on a donkey and traveling on a public road causing inconvenience to the public

(iv) Entering the church premises in an unauthorized manner though You and your followers were denied entry

(v) Causing commotion and violence in the church premises

(vi) Beating the worshippers with a whip

There is prima facie evidence to prove all the above charges. Above all, the police are suspecting that all of you are Muslim terrorists who have come to America to destroy this nation. Since the police are charging you for suspected terrorist links under the Anti-terrorist laws, you and your followers will not get bail....."

Jesus replied, "Truly, I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man. Regarding charge No. (i), I state that My followers and I have valid passports. Since we were denied visit visas, I had to bring My people through the Spirit to America for fellowship with the other members of the Universal Church that is My body. Nobody on this earth can prevent a child of God redeemed by My blood to have fellowship with the other members of the same Body of Christ. No law of the land can stand in the way of the fellowship amongst the people of God in this world. They are all one in My Body. They have no distinct nationalities in My Body. They are all saints and priests of the Most High.

Regarding charge No. (ii), My followers are not illegal immigrants who have come here in search of jobs. Though they are poor, yet they are saints burning with the Agape love in their heart for My Body.

Regarding charge No. (iii), I do accept that I had traveled on the back of a donkey to visit the church of Good Samaritans. I wanted to tell the whole Christian world that a servant of God should be humble like this animal and should carry as much burden for the sake of the sheep under his care like this donkey. I do not want to travel in a limousine which is mainly used by the rich people. I prefer a public mode of transport by which the majority of My people travel in this world. For visiting this particular church, I decided to travel on a donkey to teach humility to the chief pastor and the deacons of this church.

Regarding charge No. (iv), My followers and I did not make an illegal entry into the church premises. As the Son of Man, I have every authority to visit any place where My Name is mentioned as I have to be in the midst of those who call upon Me. When two or three people are gathered in My Name, I have to be there. My followers have to be with Me. Where I am, they have to be there.

Regarding charges No. (v) and (vi), I had to perform the duty assigned to Me by My Father. I had to take the whip in My hand to turn the tables of those traders in the holy premises. I had to drive them because they had made My Father's house a den of robbers. The zeal of My Father's house has consumed me.

If we belong to any terrorists' group, you have to prove by evidence. I love all the people including the so-called terrorists because I gave my life for the whole world. See the wounds on My body. I died for all the people including those whom you call terrorists….”

Upon hearing the above defense pleas by Jesus, the magistrate was astonished and told the police, "If He is the Jesus of Nazareth, I do not find these allegations worth pursuing.....I will have to order their release after taking an undertaking from Him that He will not indulge in such activities in other churches and that He will not ride on a donkey again......."

The police officers replied, "Sir, the pastor of the Good Samaritan Church and the deacons in his church have given a written complaint. They have also got those people injured by the whipping of this Man, medically examined. Here is the medical report. It is a criminal act. Further, the police have to investigate their possible links with any terrorist group under the Anti-Terrorist Laws. We cannot let these people go like that......."

Upon hearing the version of the police, Mr. Legal Justice, the magistrate reluctantly permitted the police to remand Jesus and His followers to the judicial custody. However, he did not allow the police to remand Jesus and His followers to police custody.

Jesus in the news

The news concerning the arrest of Jesus and His followers spread like a wild fire. The television channels and the print media carried this news. When the President of America heard this news, he was astonished. The thousands of the saints in the churches of America heard this shocking news and made a beeline to the prison cells where Jesus and His followers were kept.

There was a great traffic jam near the prison cells. Thousands of saints made a beeline to the prison cells to see the One Whom they loved. These saints could recognize the Jesus of Nazareth. On seeing Jesus and His followers, they shed tears. They could not reach out and touch Him because Jesus was behind the bars. They bowed down and worshipped Him. When this news was flashed all over the America, many brought the sick to Him. Jesus asked His disciples to heal the sick. Remaining inside the prison cells, the disciples of the Lord healed the sick in the Name of Jesus Christ. In one word of authority, they healed the sick. Demons and evil spirits came out of the people screaming, “This is the Jesus of Nazareth”. When the sick were healed, there was a great joy in the city of Houston. The multitudes that thronged the city of Houston could not be numbered. They were from all walks of life. Even the gays and homosexuals were there. On seeing Jesus, they repented of their sins.

Rev.Jesuslover and some of his close confidants who were chief pastors and senior pastors in other churches did not believe the Jesus of Nazareth. Rev.Jesuslover spread a message amongst the main-line denominational churches in America that a fake Jesus and His followers from India were in the prisons and that this Jesus and His followers had desecrated their church by entering the same illegally and by beating up the servants of God in that church. They said, “This Jesus and His followers perform signs and wonders. But they could not travel in the Spirit out of the prisons. If the statement of this Jesus is true that He had brought His followers in a mysterious manner from India, then He and His followers could miraculously escape these very prisons. If they do so, we will believe this Jesus.”

Conspiracy against Jesus by the church leaders

These pastors conspired together and wondered that if they allowed this Jesus to stay in America, then their churches would become empty and all their congregations would go to the city of Houston to hear the Jesus who was in the prison. They feared that the multitudes in their churches would hear the true gospel from Jesus and His followers. They feared that if the multitudes heard the true gospel, then every one of them would be equipped to become a minister or a priest for God with the result that there would be no pastors or evangelists in America because every one, right from a child to an old man, would be a pastor-cum-evangelist.

Through their television channels and their pens, they started warning the churches in America against the great deception in the last days. They started telling, "Here is a false Christ in our midst performing signs and miracles. He hates the churches where we worship God. He is the Antichrist because He has desecrated the holy premises as revealed in the Scriptures. He is the Antichrist who was to be revealed in the last days. If we allow Him to go away, He will destroy our churches and our nation. He and His followers did come to our nation without visas through some mysterious way which is under investigation by CIA and FBI. They will also disappear from their prison cells and will destroy us. People are now being deceived through the signs and wonders. In our evangelical crusades also, we perform signs and wonders in the very Name of Jesus Christ. We should ask the multitudes to keep attending our church meetings and our healing/miracle crusades so that they might be delivered from this great deception.

These church leaders and leading evangelists went to the White House to give their representation to their President against this Jesus in the prison. They also met all the Senators and apprised them of what was happening in the city of Houston. When they wanted to meet Senator Peter, he was not there because he had already gone to meet the Jesus of Nazareth in the jail. When Peter saw Jesus in the jail, Jesus looked at him and called him, “My son”. Peter could recognize Him by His voice. He wept, “Oh, this is the Jesus of Nazareth Whom I denied thrice.” “Oh, my Lord, forgive me as I have betrayed thee…..” Jesus comforted Him and Peter was enthralled by the love of Jesus and told Jesus, “Oh, Lord, I will do my best to deliver You and others from these prison cells.

He then went away and started telling the other Senators about His encounter with the Jesus of Nazareth. But they did not believe him. However, Senator Peter summoned the courage and met the President. He told the President about the Jesus of Nazareth in the prison cell. Upon hearing his testimony, the President wanted to meet this Jesus. But the Directors of CIA and FBI resisted the move of the President. Since the President insisted on meeting Him, they could not do anything. However, they tightened the security measures for the President. The President and the Secretary of State, Mrs. Wheat went to the city of Houston to meet the Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus and the American President

When the American President saw the Jesus of Nazareth, he immediately recognized Him because he knew Him personally. The President and the Secretary of State were allowed to meet Jesus in the lounge of the prison where the dignitaries used to meet the prisoners. On seeing the Jesus of Nazareth, the President bowed down and worshipped Him. The Secretary of State was amazed at this. Jesus lifted him up and embraced him, calling him, "My son, peace be unto you". The following is the record of conversation between the President of America and the Jesus of Nazareth.

"Oh, my Lord, you are in this prison!"

"My son, do not bother about it. It is only My people in your nation who have put me in this prison. They do not want the people to know the only true God and His Son. They have "another Jesus" in their churches and have put Me in the prison. They do not want Me and in My place they have chosen “another Jesus” who only heals their bodies and blesses them with the Mammon of unrighteousness; who condones sin, especially the sin of adultery being committed through remarriage by divorcees. Did you also listen to this "another Jesus" while taking important decisions concerning the security of your nation?

"Lord, please enlighten me in this regard. I want to hear You today......."

"Please open your Bible and read the 21st chapter of I Chronicles......."

(The President orders the jail authorities to bring a Bible and he reads this chapter. Then Jesus gave him the following message.)

"You find that Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel. David entrusted the work of census to his faithful commander Joab. Though Joab was reluctant do carry out this commandment of the king, the king’s word prevailed against him. The Word of God says, “God was displeased with this thing; therefore He smote Israel” (Vs.7). The Lord thy God executed His judgment on Israel by sending a plague upon Israel, and 70,000 men of Israel perished. As the angel of God was destroying the people of Israel, the Lord looked and relented of the disaster and said to the angel, “It is enough, say now thine hand…” (Vs.15).

As a Christian ruler, you should not do anything to assess your own strength to fight against your enemies. Rulers of Christian nations should not count on the strength of their own garrisons for destroying the garrisons of their enemies. It does not mean that they should not strengthen their garrisons. What is important is that they should not count on the strength of their garrisons. They should depend upon God in their war against their enemies.

God had to punish the whole nation of Israel for the iniquity of their king David. David was described as a man after God’s own heart. God rejected Saul and chose David as the king of Israel. Even then, God did not condone the action of David in the matter of census but punished the people for the iniquity of David.

David was provoked by Satan to number Israel (Vs.1). Satan convinced David that it was the strength of the garrison that would bring victories to his nation in the war against his enemies.

The intention of David to assess the strength of his own people was not bad in itself. What displeased God was his reliance on the strength of his people by numbering them. God had not punished the people of Israel when their king augmented their armory to fight against their enemies. However, He punished the people when their king numbered them. A decision being taken by a Christian nation’s ruler without taking God into confidence is bound to be disastrous.

God worked through Joab to warn David against this abominable thing. Joab told David, “The Lord make His people an hundred times so many more as they: but, my lord the king, are they not at all my lord’s servants? Why then doth my lord require this thing? Why will he be a cause of trespass to Israel?” (Vs.3). It is the Lord Who makes His people an hundred times or more than that. The king of Israel is only a tool in the hands of God to multiply the peoples. David did not heed to Joab, his trusted commander. Similarly, when a Christian ruler counts on the strength of his garrison, God causes dissention amongst his ministers or his commanders of the defense forces just to send a signal of warning to the erring ruler. ..."

"Oh Lord, I am hearing your message for the first time. None of the Christian leaders in my nation gave me the above message. In fact I thought I was doing your will when I sent the American troops into Iraq. Many of my soldiers have lost their lives and many innocent people including women and children in Iraq lost their lives. Oh Lord, help me to bring my nation out of this mess......."

"Ask the Christian leaders in your nations to seek the face of God by humbling themselves before God by fast and prayers. The fear lurking in your hearts about the 9/11 incident should go away. The waters of Noah will not come again in your nation. Give first place to God and His laws. The marriage institution which is being devastated by divorce and remarriage should be preserved immediately. The Word of God should be given first priority in your nation. You have to follow the footsteps of your predecessors like Abraham Lincoln. ......Love your enemies. Judgment is Mine......"

"Oh, Lord, I will abide by your words of wisdom. But I have no powers on my own. I need Your help in this regard......"

"Ask the people of God in your nation to forsake their sins and to seek My face........."

"Oh, Lord, I want to help You and Your people who are lodged in the prison cells......."

"You cannot help us because you have to do everything according to the law of your land only. I do not want Myself to be released without a trial. Let your courts hear Me and give their judgment. I am concerned about these people of Mine whom I have brought from India just to have fellowship with My people in this nation. If I had a passport made in a nation of the west or EU, then I would have been allowed entry without visa. Since I have an Indian passport, I was discriminated. If I had brought My people from the west or from any of the EU nations like Canada or England, your government would have allowed them entry without visas and your churches would have opened their doors for them. If I bring My people from India or any other nation of the third world to your nation, they will be discriminated like this. ........If I had brought My disciples from any western nation, they could have arranged My passage very easily through an airplane. Since these poor people could not arrange our passage by air travel, I had to bring them to your nation in the Spirit. No law of the land should prevent Me from bringing My people together in My Body for fellowship."

"Oh, Lord, I will plead for You and Your followers in the Senate when the Senators bring up this issue. But, I have to await the verdict of the judge who will try You and Your followers after the completion of investigation by the police....."

"Mr. President, I do not want any favor from your government. As the President, you have to abide by the law of your land. You cannot help Me and My people. ......."

Upon hearing the words of Jesus Christ, the President went away broken-hearted.