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Vineyard dream and its 



A dear sister in Christ saw the following dream which was interpreted by me. Will you please read it prayerfully? After I interpreted this dream, Sherry wrote about this as follows:


"Well, if you read my dream about the Vineyard in that dream a man was waiting for me, that man just so happened to be Brother Job Anbalagan from India and Glory of His Cross ministries is the ministry God has entrusted him with to teach us in the prophetic. A sister in Christ had introduced him to us.  After my dream, I saw his photo on his website and immediately I recognized that he was that man revealed to me by God".



- Job Anbalagan


Part-I of dream 


I am in a white van as a passenger, I am dropped off.

As I get out of the van the driver drives off and leaves me.

I now see an African American man with a staff standing in front of me.


I walk towards him, and he says "I've been waiting for you."

He says "come with me I have something to show you."

As I look at his face, I see great wisdom in his eyes.

He is very soft spoken. 


Interpretation: The person who has seen this dream is now being trained by the Holy Spirit for a prophetic ministry. White van is symbolical of an apostolic or a prophetic ministry. The driver of the van is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leaves the young prophets in the wilderness for being trained.


The African American is typical of an apostle or a prophet who is an elder in the prophetic. The person who has seen this dream has to be under the tutelage of this servant of God in this wilderness. He is neither an African nor an American. He has a ministry to the universal body of Christ. He does not represent any particular nation at all. He has been endowed with God's wisdom. In his speech and behavior, he is very soft spoken. A servant of God "must not strive: but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,

In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves…….." (II Tim.2:24-25). However, he has a staff with him. God has given him the authority to train His people through his ministry. He has been ordained of God to wait for this young prophet in order to train him. He says, "I have been waiting for you". The elder has to serve the younger in the ministry. He is exhorting the younger, ""come with me I have something to show you." The elder has to exhort the younger to come with the former. Both of you have to go together with one mind.



Part-II of dream 


We walk down a dirty road, at the end of the road the man points out to the vineyard. He says "what do you see?"


As I look I see rows and rows of grape vines in front of me.

The vines are all in an early growth stage, I see no fruit.

The vines were not dead, but in my spirit I sensed they were in a dormant stage. 


Interpretation: Both the elder and the young walk down a dirty road. The path of a young minister is not clean at all. It bristles with thorns and dirt. The elder shows the vineyard to the younger. The vineyard is the God's vineyard. The grapevines are the believers in the churches. In the churches, the vines are not growing in the absence of "prophetic word". There are no apostles and prophets to minister to these churches. These churches have since closed their doors for the apostles and prophets. The vines are dying a natural death. 


Part-III of dream 


Down every 20 rows or so I see a wide path.

There are piles and piles of twigs and branches that are dead.

These grape vines had been pruned.

I knew in my spirit the piles were ready to be burned.



Interpretation: A wide path is seen down every 20 rows or so. Though these vines are dying, yet there is a way for ministering life to them. There is a wide path for reaching them. You now find that these grape vines had been pruned. A church or a pastoral ministry needs to be pruned by the apostles and prophets. The piles of twigs are to be burnt during this process. They are not left there just as garbage but to be destroyed through fire. Fire means judgment. An apostle or a prophet gives a message of judgment in a church through which the vines are pruned and figs burnt. 


Part-IV of dream


I looked at the man and he knew all my thoughts, he nodded his head: yes.


The wind began to blow; we both looked towards the east.

A very dark cloud, with lightning and thunder, was quickly coming towards us.


The man said to me "Go into the house," he pointed me towards a white house on the vineyard.


The man said "go now and shut all the windows." 


Interpretation: There is indeed agreement of minds between the elder and the younger. They are of the same mind. Through the Holy Spirit, the elder is able to know all the thoughts of the younger. The wind is coming from the east and not from the west. Both of them are looking towards the east only for the wind. The churches in the west have become corrupt with the prosperity gospel. The wind is symbolical of the judgment of God. During this judgment, God protects those who obey the truth of His word. "Go into the house" is the word of prophecy here. The younger has to go into the hiding. She/he is not to do the ministry through a public forum until and unless the Holy Spirit brings him/her out of the wilderness. In other words, the younger has to remain in the wilderness for a season.

The younger has to shut all the windows of the house. He/she has to remain in fellowship with God and the other apostles and prophets in the Body of Christ. 


Part-V of dream 


I run towards the house, as I enter it the wind is blowing hard through the house; White sheers above the windows are moving from the wind. I head towards the bathroom and I close a window over the bathtub. I notice, as I close the window, the seal around the window is not in very good shape. I felt air coming through the window. 


Interpretation: The young prophet has to do what the elder prophet instructs him/her to do. There is one window opened for the young prophet i.e. in the bathroom where there was a bathtub. During this wilderness experience, she/he receives the word of judgment. She/he has to undergo divine judgment. This divine judgment is for good. The bathroom is an important room in a house because the inmate takes bath and cleans himself/herself. Let the air come through this window of the bathroom. Let the young prophet not close this window. The seal around the window is not in very good shape. The window without the seal allows the air. The air brings revelations from God by way of judgment. The younger faces loneliness and want here. But he/she can cleanse himself/herself through the water here. The Spirit and the Blood of Jesus Christ sanctifies the younger. Only through sufferings, he gets the revelations from the Word. He/she cannot insulate himself/herself from the wind through this window. The wind through this window makes him/her fit for the public ministry. God has not put a seal around this window for training the younger in the wilderness. 


Part-VI of dream 


I run from room to room, closing all the windows within the house.

I enter one room; it looks like an office, a man is sitting at a desk, he would not look at me.


This man is dressed in a black suit, he is signing papers; a pile of papers is in front of him.


As I look around this room, I see people held captive; their mouths are gagged, and their hands are tied behind their backs, and their feet are tied as well. 


Interpretation: The prophet should run from room to room and close all the windows in the house. There is a room for fame. He/she should close the window of this room. There is room for praise by others. He/she should close the window of this room. There is a room for coveting "money" or for promoting his/her own ministry. He/she should close the window of this room. As he/she closes the windows of other rooms, he gets a revelation of a particular room in the house. The younger will never get a revelation of this room unless he/she closes the windows of other rooms, except the window of the bathroom. Here is a man in a black suit. This man represents the Antichrist or the doctrines of the Antichrist. He is in an office at a desk. He has his own establishment and is very busy. He does not look at the young prophet. God has blinded the eyes of this man towards the young prophet. The young prophet gets a revelation of this man in black suit here. This man is signing up the papers. He is giving many assignments to his own people. These people will penetrate the churches of God and will sow the seeds of his doctrines. In his room, the young prophet sees the captivity of many people of God. Today, the mouths of the people of God are gagged so that they do not speak for Christ and His Church. Their hands are tied behind their backs so that they do not minister to the Body of Christ. Their feet are tied so that they do not go in for evangelism. 


Part-VII of dream 


They are looking at me, and I see fear in their eyes. These people were helpless in this state, so I approached this man and asked "What are you doing to these people?!" "Untie them NOW!" I was very upset.


He turned and looked at me, his top lip raised up and he showed me his fangs and he hissed at me. This man had lion's teeth. 


Interpretation: The young prophet is now being brought out of the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to do a public ministry of exposing the false doctrines of the Antichrist. The people of God in captivity are to be delivered from the hands of this wicked man. The young prophet has every right to question the leaders who are the tools of the Antichrist, "What are you doing to these people?" The young prophet has to command these agents of the Antichrist to untie the people of God under the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No doubt, these agents will attack the young prophet. The wicked man has "lion's teeth". He has powers to destroy the vines. He is a nation coming upon the land of the Lord; very strong, "whose teeth are the teeth of a lion"....He has laid "My vine waste, and barked My fig tree; He has made it clean bare, and cast it away...." (Joel 1:6-7).