Abernethy Fruit Trail

In 2013 Abernethy Horticultural Society embarked on a project to plant a fruit tree trail around the village. 

The benefits this will bring to the village include:
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles - people will be able to go out for a walk and collect fruit on their way.
  • Improve biodiversity, providing food & shelter for bees, birds, bugs & hedgehogs.
  • Education- we aim to provide information on where specific varieties are located, information & history about the varieties & when they will be ready for harvest, how they will improve biodiversity and perhaps even recipes.
  • Enhance the local community and build links to the area's fruit growing heritage.

The Fruit Trail Map:

This map is currently under construction, so there is quite a bit to add & and a fair bit of fine tuning. To use click the link below, this will take you to a Flickr Map, click on the pink dots and a photo of the location will come up- if you then click on the photo, information about what is planted at this location will come up.

Finally, only ever eat fruit you are certain you have identified correctly, and be careful where you pick from- preferably away from busy roads and up high along dog walking routes!

The blueberry hedge at the Williamson Hall is coming along nicely
picture taken May 2016