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Does getting back 97 hours of your teacher time while you still improve your student's reading and writing skills interest you?

Forrester Consulting completed research of 90,000 students and 5,000 faculty members to see how using Microsoft products like OneNote with its Immersive Reader is impacting instruction in schools that heavily invest their time and energy into using the tools and creating content that is 100% accessible to all students, not just for those with identified special needs. What the research says is profound!


  • Student reading and writing improved 20-40%, the highest rate of improvement occurring when ALL students accessed the tools ALL of the time, not just those students with identified special needs
  • Teachers each saved an average of 97 hours of annual work that they would have typically spent on "accommodations" tasks
  • IT costs went down significantly

Freshgrade, a digital parent communication tool, is getting more than a facelift - it's getting an entire overhaul.

This means that many features previously unavailable will now be part of the basic app's operation.

The revamp now will include:

  • the ability to send messages to groups, classes, etc., much in the style of Remind
  • the ability to have district-wide scales dispersed to all teachers in the division
  • a meaningful gradebook
  • uploading activities, linked to RCLOs and tagged to specific learning outcomes. Assessed and evidence can be updated over time.

Check out this PDF for more:

FreshGrade Next Updates.pdf