WTT v4 Tech Tidbits

Each week, we have released at least one new training video meant to spark your interest, to show you some possibilities, or in many cases, to train you heavily on a particular tech topic.

Two big releases/reminders this June:

  • Freshgrade has had a total overhaul (Freshgrade NEXT ) - their look and feel will be completely different in fall 2019, plus we will be doing an extensive pilot and training. More info to come, but check out the information below.
  • TTB41 is a short video below, explaining how to find all of our Ed Tech resources, including the 41 training videos we produced for you this past year. We have organized all of our materials by category to make them easier to search for areas that interest you and that keep you informed of all things IT/ET.

Freshgrade Overhaul and Pilot for Fall 2019

Pilot W's.pdf

How do I find the training videos and other resources produced by the Ed Techs in 2019? (TTB41)

Accessing the Ed Tech Training Materials & Info (TTB41).mp4

All Tech Tidbits appear in the Technology pages of the OLC site, and are also sub-categorized. However, there are many other resources, so browse to your heart's content for what's new in the MHPSD Ed Tech/IT Department world. This video explains what we have, and how you can find it!

Be sure to visit the OLC site's Technology page, as it links into all of the Tech Tidbits, What the Tech? volumes, and other resources as they are created by the Ed Tech team!