What is the best invention ever?

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 3:00:59 PM

The best invention ever was a car. A car is the greatest invention because it has given us many advantages like a better economy which created many jobs, many other inventions that were branched off from the original creation of a car. Some examples of jobs that were made from the invention of a car are taxi drivers, pilots, train operators, bus drivers, and many other jobs that involves transport. The creation of a car also did give jobs to many engineers, scientists and factory workers. Some inventions that were branched off from the creation of a car are airplanes, trucks, buses, many farm equipment and basically anything with an engine. Other creations that came to light because of the invention of a car is kevlar. Another benefit from this creation is a quicker way to go places and a safer way to travel. With the many innovations and improvements from the first car, we now have cars in our community that run on renewable resources which create no pollution. From the technology and capabilities that was discover a new innovative path has been created for today's innovators to do things like help with pollution and making our world more green. Therefore I think that the best invention that's been created is the car.