Celebrity Influences on Humans

Post date: May 11, 2016 2:44:51 PM

Celebrities have many different influences on us humans. These influences ranges from body expectations to the influence to purchase products to having a view on things and different opinions. For example, a supermodel like Gigi Hadid would set a social expectation and make people want to look like her and have a body like hers. This has a very big effect on teenage girls nowadays because they would starve themselves and get things like depression because they see themselves as fat and ugly and people would bully them because they don't live up to these celebrity expectations. This doesn't only happen to girls only but also guys. The male expectation would be to have a good jaw line, abs and flawless nice hair. Because of these expectations people no longer become friends with someone because of their personality but because of their looks. Another things is that celebrity influences goes hand in hand with celebrity endorsements. If a new pair of shoes come out and is worth $50, after a month or so a bunch of celebrities are wearing them and post them on social media. Because people see that their idols are wearing this, they go out and get it. And because of the demand of the shoe at this point, the price would be increased to $100+. Therefore, in my opinion celebrity influences are dumb.