81 Homework

March 13

Cells Assignment

Now from Ms. Spurgiasz

Due to the fact that you will have a 3 week break from school, I am assigning this science project today. It will be due when you return. I will talk about it today, but if you are away, the directions should be clear from the attachments. I will share both the powerpoint with the cell organelle descriptions and project description, as well as the rubric.

Powerpoint is called: Cell Comics

Rubric: Comic Requirements and Rubric

Please take time over the break to work on this, and do not leave it until the last minute.

I will send out information about math homework after class today.

March 12

Math page 15 on document and Page 438 1,2 textbook

March 11

Math page 14 on document sent some time ago

History do question 1-6 on page 22 I think

Science do worksheet given

French I don't know

March 9

Math page 11 on document sent

History get pencil crayons

Health test tomorrow

IT Scratch project due tomorrow

March 6

Math do pages 7 on document that was sent

French Do crossword

March 5

History finish body paragraph 1\

Math question 2 and 5 on document that was sent

French the volunteering thing Ask in class chat or email someone to explain.

March 3

Geography - Get pencil crayons

Math - pg 418 #1 and 2, pg 419 #3-8

French - Questions about volunteers (in email)

March 2

History pg.118 1-4

Science the lab thing

Math - Test on patterning tomorrow

Feb 28

French - Create a Venn Diagram comparing the Carnaval de Quebec and Mardi Gras

Math - Finish the booklet

Science - Study for the microscope test if you're redoing it

Feb 27

Math Finish booklet except last 2 pages

Feb 26

History page 111 1-3

Math 3 pages in booklet

French the 4 questions on the word search for yesterday

Feb 25

Math - pages up to 6 in the workbook

French - highlight and define any words you don't know on the Mardi Gras sheet

Health - quiz about the brain next class

IT - geometry exploration due next class

SS/H/G - questions 1 and 2 on page 101 http://k12resources.nelson.com/social_studies/9780176710583/student/attachments/pdf/ch3_sb_topic4.pdf


Feb 24

Math If you didn't do the pages

Science same thing

French Cross word

Feb 20

Math - Textbook pages 426-427 questions #1 ab, #2, #3 ac, #4 ac, #5

Science - Mind maps due Monday

Read pages 92-96 and answer questions 2 and 3

Feb 19

Science - Mind maps are now due Monday

Read pages 92-96 (science textbook) and answer questions 2 and 3

Feb 16

Short story question

Mind map for sci

Math I forgot what the questions were

Feb 12

Math 204 1, 205 2

Pink course selection sheet

Language question 1-9

Feb 5

Math the questions we were shown I don't have them.

Feb 3

History 90-95 1,2

January 30 2020

Math and Sci lots of it

Jan 29 2020

Science homework

Page 189, Question 1-5 and Page 212-213, Question 1,3,, 5


Finish the French crossword if you haven't


the 3 things you have to write about for each type of graph. Which is

1) What is it used for?

2) Real-life example.

3) Compare it with another graph.

Jan 23 2020

Art finish the art

It you know what to do the scratch thing

Jan 22 2020

French Finish the 5 sentences for second slide in the slide show she sent

January 17,2020

Language finish the questions

January 16, 2020

Math - pg 472, #1-8

History - Bring in your essay rubric

Health - Project due today!

January 14, 2020

Math - pg 466: all questions except 6 and 7a

Science - Viscosity sheets, project sketch and procedure, bring in materials for project

French - Finish crossword

History - Essay due Thursday

Health - Project due Thursday

Monday, January 13th, 2019

Math -

Textbook Questions - pg. 459 #2-7

French -

Finish adverbs worksheet

Health -

Health Projects due Thursday

History -

Confederation Essay due Thursday

Jan 2020 10th

French -

Math -

History - Finish the textbook questions

Science - Finish viscosity worksheet

Jan 2020 9th


the worksheet


464 4,6

History Research

January 2020 7th


Worksheet that was given


Start research

January 2020 6th

History pg.84 questions 3-4

Math the slide show

French the sheet that was given

December 10th 2019



4 and 10


page 186 1-5

December 12th 2019


page 186 1-5


Page 56? 1-3 (Someone took my code and used it.)

December 6th,2019


Finish the climax part in the sheet that was given for the Movie "Klaus"

December 5th, 2019

History -

Finish Question 3-4 if you haven't already, and finish the poster/image for Question 2

French -

Print out the vocabulary(sent to your email for tomorrow. Ms. Mayeda will be checking if you printed it.

Finish the personnages, l'intro, and lieux parts of the sheet for the movie (Klaus)

December 4th


Page 278 1-3


Page 52 3,4

December 1st


Review for assignment tomorrow


Finish Activity #5 Monday

November 28th


Finish Math questions from today if not completed yet. pg 274-5 1,2,3,4,5,7


Review the simple machines chart and formals if you haven't already.

November 25


Finish the dialog.

November 22


finish the project


Theses questions on page 45

November 20th 2019


The tables that were given and textbook questions


page 270 questions 1-5


Finish the things

November 18th 2019


Finish worksheet from Monday if not done.


Finish 4 of the questions from worksheet.


Finish Questions Emailed to you.

November 14th 2019

Answer questions

Science page 36-39 do questions.

November 12th 2019

Math 251-255

November 11th, 2019


The page that was given

Also a response on "Why Do We Honour Our Veterans"

Bring in money for remembrance day.

Finish Circles booklet if not done already

Finish 5 questions (SS/H/G)

Pick an image for Art (Optional: Bring canvas)

2019 November 8

Sci finish Questions on page 35

Math finish circle booklet

2019 November 7th

Bring progress report card envelope signed.

2019 November 5th


Questions 1-7 and reflect in the circles booklet

Science Review


Finish specifying what the underlined word are (Plural, Adj, Noun ...)

Nov 4, 2019

***Remember to get your tests signed!

Circumference Quiz tomorrow: review questions 1-7 on pg. 240

Science: Clothes pin write up

Include: purpose, materials and procedure and sketch, as well as the questions below...

5. Was your design successful? (a) If yes, describe two modifications that could improve your design. (b) If no, suggest modifications to your design that might make it work properly.

6. Make a list of the components of your mechanical system and state their purposes in the overall task.

French copy words and definitions from image below

Oct 22, 2019 Homework

Math Integers Test tomorrow

Scientist in School Reflection questions due Thursday (pick 3 to answer)

  1. How can simple machines be used to overcome obstacles? Give specific examples for each
  2. What is friction and what role does it play in the use of machines? Give examples from the workshop
  3. How did your group combine simple machines to create a complex system used in building community and disaster relief?
  4. What is mechanical advantage ? How do you calculate it mathematically? Explain giving example(s) from your workshop experience.
  5. What are the 3 types of levers. Give an example of each

Oct 17, 2019 Homework

Science Method Assignment due Monday



Oct 9, 2019 Homework

All About Me Speech

Finish your All About Me Speech if you haven't completed it yet.

Cawthra Form

Bring in Cawthra form by tomorrow morning if not already done.

Sept 19, 2019 Science Homework

Scientific Law vs. Scientific Theory

Write the definition and give examples of the two. Then make a Venn diagram to identify the similarities and differences between the two and answer the question -What’s the difference between a scientific law and theory? ( hint - don’t forget to use the terms facts and hypothesis in your answer)


Prime Factor Ladder worksheet

Textbook questions pg. 17 # 1-3, 6 and 12

IMPORTANT Math Help And Support Link: https://courseware.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/27