01 Rashid

Best Team

Well, this year the Seahawks won, the year before it was the Ravens.

They had Ray Lewis, the best linebacker in the NFL.

The Seahawks though, the have Marshawn Lynch, he runs through everyone and still makes it.

This year the best team is The Seahawks and the next year, I'm voting for the Broncos.

This year The Ravens didn't even make to the semi-finals, like, HOW? It's they are a whole different team with out Ray Lewis.

Why be a Football Player


Personally I think being a football player have a lot of benefits like paying a lot or just being a star.

The money I would buy everything beginning with a house you also I would buy a car that is really expensive. Also being a football player would I would be inspiration to people how to inspire them to play football I know Ray Lewis inspired me to play football.

If I was a football player one day I would have a house like really cool features and the car the most expensive one and everything in the whole world.

I know some football players, the best ones like Tom Brady, they would get $12 million per season, he is a quarterback


Every year, coaches draft football players from collages. There was a draft yesterday, they get

a call from the coach telling them that they made team.

Now, they are on a NFL team with the best football players in the world.

I'm going to be like that, well I hope anyways.

Legends from long ago come to tell and congratulate them on being on the team.

I will be one of those legends one day

I have some crazy dreams