The Best Invention

Post date: Apr 27, 2016 2:33:44 PM

I think the best invention made is the camera which was invented by a retired french military officer named Joseph.N. He invented his first camera in 1826 in France. He first named the camera ¨Obscura¨. He after invented the Diaphragm, which helps sharpen and make the image clear. There are many more reasons now to use cameras and because of his invention we got more information to improve the cameras that we make now. People use cameras to keep track of the great days they had and the memories they made. In the old days they were not many ways to keep track of memories. We know so much about the past because of this invention, we got to know more about life back then. Now we have many more reasons to take pictures because there are so many things that have been developed /improved and many more things to look forward to taking pictures of.