Celebrity Influence on our Daily Lives

Post date: May 11, 2016 3:02:38 PM

All celebrities from actors to singers to dancers have an influence on us. Think about it, a celebrity is famous because they have fans without fans they wouldn't be famous and fans are people who look up to the celebrities and admire them. Actors are often role playing a fictional character in a movie, play ,TV show etc. but normally the main character is inspiring and interesting. You look up to that character and want to be like them and then whenever you see the actor is reality you connect it to the fictional character they play. Lots of people look up to the actors or any celebrities talent or image which has a major influence on us. So the celebrities start trends which may make them money which we spend money on in our everyday lives to stay on trend. Basically anything celebrities say we will believe because for some reason we trust them even though we don't know them. A lot of the time if a celebrity is promoting a product for a product that isn't theirs they are probably spronser meaning they are paid to endorse the company/products. Money spent is not the only thing that come with admiring celebrities, they also inspire us to work hard to be like them one day. Depending on their talent we might want to be like them. Say if you were a learning singer you would watch a famous singer to learn from them. Celebrities influence us all the time.