Celebrities influence on our daily lives

Post date: May 11, 2016 2:55:45 PM

Everyday we see new posts, vlogs and episodes from our favorite celebrities. We change the way we dress just so we can look like our favorite celebrities and is that how we really want to live, like come on. If you think about it celebrities are normal people, they don't have more or less than anyone else. I mean not everyone can sing like Adele or act like Angelina Jolie but most of us can do all of that and maybe even more but we are not famous like Adele or Angelina Jolie and it's not fair but instead of fixing this we copy their style.

Honestly I don't understand people and how they think , when you hear a song you like and get crazy about it but after a while you forget all about it , then why bother in the first place, when I listen yo music I don't even know the name or the artist I just put on the playlist and move on.

I am not trying to say stop watching T.V or don't listen to music but just don't get too crazy about a celebrity